Proper diet is a pledge not only of an ideal figure and sports achievements, a proper diet plans are guarantee of beauty. In the human body, everything is interconnected, and a thoughtless diet can lead to very unpleasant problems, not only in your beauty, but also with health.

How to develop your own diet plans for proper nutrition? You should proceed from the goals that are pursued, as well as the lifestyle and needs of the particular organism.

For example, an athlete leads a hyperactive lifestyle, and his body constantly needs calories, minerals, proteins, fats, vitamins and carbohydrates. The diet food list of the athlete should be balanced and provide all the necessary substances to the body, so that he managed to recover after exhausting daily workouts. Therefore, a sports meat plans rarely does without meat, fish, natural juices, glucose (a source of carbohydrates), and so on. In addition, an important role is played by ordinary water – it should be drunk as much as possible to replenish its constant shortage in the body.

In contrast, a weight loss diet plans rarely includes meat, full of protein and calories, and fish – one of the biggest sources of fat. And fatty foods are the first enemy of the eating program for weight loss: its presence leads to problems with the figure and morning jogs. Therefore, fatty foods, so useful in sports, in a diet for weight loss is unacceptable.

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Do not forget about diets for medical purposes.

Therapeutic program is based on data on physiology, biochemistry and hygiene. In particular, the knowledge about the role of individual nutrients and products, the importance of balance meal helps doctors to cure patients. The work on providing therapeutic nutrition is based on ideas about the causes, mechanisms and forms of the course of various diseases, digestive and metabolic features in a healthy and sick person, as well as on a diet food list that can be used by a patient. Of particular importance is the knowledge of therapeutic diets, the technology of cooking dietary dishes and organizational issues of dietetics.

Medical diet plans are an obligatory method of complex therapy. Nutrition of the patient is the main background, on which other therapeutic factors should be applied.

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There are also specific eating programs that are aimed at solving a certain type of problem or which are most popular. For example, these are the diets for blood type. Here we have collected recommendations and specific diet food list that are suitable for people with a particular blood group.

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There is also a diet that is associated with the individual way of life of a person. For example, these are diets for vegetarians. A special feature is the complete or partial exclusion from the eat of meat products. In this case, the usual diet food list is reduced by eliminating meat and is increased by vegetables and fruits.

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In our magazine, we tried to cover as many variants of diet plans as possible. As for each, we provide a diet food list that must be consumed.