10 commandments of sports nutrition for a set of muscle mass


Here are the 10 rules that you must adhere to if you intend to gain muscle mass seriously. Not observing these ten commandments, you sharply limit your potential.

Author: Max Riley

Sports nutrition for a set of muscle mass – this is not Newton's binomial and nuclear physics; enough superficial knowledge, discipline and constancy. To see the desired result, you should eat a normal, healthy diet every day. The importance of nutrition is often underestimated by the representatives of the power disciplines, although everyone understands that without a proper diet aimed at muscle growth, we really sharply limit our potential and reduce the effectiveness of the training process. Therefore, we have put together these 10 commandments of sports nutrition for a set of muscle mass. Before you are ten clear rules, and in an effort to develop the muscles you must follow them rigorously.

During the day, you must have at least six quality meals. Increasing the frequency of nutrition speeds up metabolism, provides muscles with a continuous inflow of energy and reduces the likelihood that your body will begin to store excess fuel in the form of adipose tissue. Get rid of the stereotype of "three meals a day" – it's no longer true, but do not try to stuff your stomach all the time. You just need to regularly nourish your muscles with nutrients, which they need.

In each meal include proteins and complex carbohydrates. Do not eat up to the heap, but at least 30 gram of protein and some quality carbohydrates should be in every meal. You can easily get carbohydrates at the expense of bread, rice, potatoes and many other products. Try to eat whole grains, choose unpolished rice and bread from a meal of coarse grinding – these products contain high-quality carbohydrates. Excellent sources of protein are chicken, eggs, tuna, red meat and fish.

Use sports nutrition. Preparations for bodybuilding are a wonderful way to quickly supply the body with the necessary nutrients. At the very least, I recommend that you use protein-based drugs. Depending on your tasks and level of preparation, you can think about creatine and glutamine. The ideal time for taking sports nutrition is in the morning immediately after awakening, before / after training and before bedtime.

Avoid simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are "sweet" carbohydrates, which are found in sugar, honey and carbonated beverages. Simple carbohydrates provide an instant burst of energy, but after a few minutes they throw you back. Excessive consumption of sugar leads to chaotic secretion of insulin, which leads to increased fatigue and the accumulation of fats. Stay away from sugar!

And stay away from fats and excessive intake of salt. Some fats are an integral part of a balanced diet; Useful fats are found in olive oil, peanut butter and fish. Bad fats are fats of vegetable origin, animal fats and butter. This is sufficient reason to throw out of the refrigerator useless synthetic products and carbonated drinks.

Refuel before training. Eat a small dish containing a good portion of complex carbohydrates and protein about 30-60 minutes before the start of the workout. Complex carbohydrates will provide you with a continuous supply of fuel, which is enough for a long and exhausting workout. And the protein will support your muscles, the forces of which will begin to melt by the end of the session.

10 commandments of sports nutrition for a set of muscle mass

Eating or drinking a cocktail after a workout is the most important part of the nutrition program, covering a significant proportion of the body's needs. Immediately after the training session, your muscles are in a deplorable state and are in dire need of an inflow of nutrients. An impressive portion of the protein (40-50 grams) is needed for them as air, and carbohydrates will take on all the rough work – they will provide the muscles with fuel and provoke an insulin spike, which in turn accelerates the release of growth hormone. Protein-carbohydrate cocktail is the best way to give these nutrients to the body, and approximately in 60 minutes after training, it's time for a thorough meal.

Drink water, a lot of water! The most important nutrient in your body is water. The condition of your tissues, their functional activity and resistance to the action of stress factors is largely determined by the amount of water you drink. Constantly sip water throughout the day and be sure to drink plenty of water (even more than you want) during exercise.

Plan your diet and avoid snacks. Let's not dissemble, almost all the goodies that we intercept during the day are harmful and to the brim filled with carbohydrates, salt and other refined ingredients. If you plan in advance each meal the next day, you will realize that there is no need for snacks, because you are full all the time.

Finally, if you want to gain weight and build up muscle mountains, you should receive more calories each day than burn, and if you do not get enough calories, you will not have muscle growth. Never wait for a feeling of hunger, and just when you feel hunger, eat food rich in protein and carbohydrates. And be sure to fill with a good portion of proteins and carbohydrates before bed, because even during sleep, the body uses these nutrients to restore muscle tissue.

10 commandments of sports nutrition for a set of muscle mass

10 commandments of sports nutrition for a set of muscle mass

10 commandments of sports nutrition for a set of muscle mass

10 commandments of sports nutrition for a set of muscle mass

10 commandments of sports nutrition for a set of muscle mass

Well, you at least decide, but it turns out schizophrenia some.

In this article, the rule is 1. "Increasing the frequency of nutrition speeds up metabolism."

In the article "How many times a day should I eat?". «1-th myth. Frequent nutrition accelerates metabolism »

Well, who to listen to?

I took the creatine I drink the second day I'll wait for the result in the set of mass ..

6 times to eat . what a fucking thing

In principle, everything is correct. It's a pity that nothing is said about the use of dairy products, especially cottage cheese! it is very necessary, especially at night! casein will drive out the bloody catabolism from us!)

Damn, if there are six times a day, then when to sleep? If you sleep 8 hours (and sleep is also important for mass gain) that is, you need every 3 hours .

too, I do not understand how it is possible, it is necessary not to work and for days to just swing and eat

No, actually it only seems complicated, in fact everything is very simple and vice versa more convenient! It is difficult if without sports nutrition, since it is very difficult to get 4000 calories a day without a geyner!

super will start

Thanks for the useful information.

Guys, thanks for the resource! Always excellent and on the case of the article!

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