10 drugs to improve brain function

Who knows, maybe there will come a day when we will be able to develop incredible mental abilities through the biotechnology of the future. While this is far away, but today the most impatient can find a lot of ways to increase the level of intelligence. For example, by using the so-called "nootropics". Of course, you will not become the next Stephen Hawking, but you will definitely notice an increase in the ability to learn, improve memory and clarity of consciousness along with the normalization of the emotional background. So, there are a dozen products, preparations and food supplements that will help you to rise to a new level of intellectual development!

Before we proceed, we consider it our duty to warn you. Consult a doctor before starting any of these nutrients, except for dark chocolate – you can eat it for yourself without limits. Despite the comparative safety of the additives listed in the article, you should make sure that your health status allows you to take them, and you will not become a victim of allergic reactions, side effects and negative drug interactions. Have agreed? Have agreed.

Similarly we do the dosage. Although we give general recommendations regarding the dosage regimen, you should strictly follow the instructions for the use of the product that you plan to take.

Another important point. Do not be reckless and do not start taking all the drugs at the same time. In all the scientific papers mentioned in this material, the influence on cognitive functions of only one nutrient was studied. By combining two or more drugs, you risk getting a combination that will not be effective, moreover, you can even face a deterioration in well-being.

And the last. You will want to track and measure the results that you will achieve by taking these nutrients. Do not forget, however, that each person is individual, and therefore not all will receive the effects described in the article. Keep a diary and see what substances and products suit you best.

At this end with the introduction and proceed to the study of nootropics (in any order):

Caffeine in itself is not a superpowerful booster of cognitive processes. Moreover, experiments have shown that in fact, caffeine does not increase the results in solving problems that require the assimilation and memorization of information. Its stimulating properties can have a positive effect on mental activity and mood from time to time, but the effect of this short-lived, short-lived nervous excitement is quickly replaced by a sharp drop in efficiency.

However, in combination with L-thianin, an amino acid found in ordinary green tea, caffeine gives a longer and more pronounced effect, including increased short-term memory, faster processing of visual information and, in particular, improved attention shifting (i.e., reduced distraction ).

The reason for such a powerful action is the ability of L-tianin to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and neutralize the negative stimulating effect of caffeine, including anxiety and increased blood pressure. The researchers found that this effect is achieved by taking 50 mg of caffeine (this is about one cup of coffee) and 100 mg of L-thianin. Green tea contains about 5-8 mg, so you will need nutritional supplements, although some observe the proportion of 2: 1, drinking two glasses of green tea for each cup of coffee.

Black chocolate – and to be more precise, the cocoa contained in chocolate – is rich in flavanols, phytochemical compounds that increase mental capacity, and at the same time have a beneficial effect on the mood and health of the cardiovascular system. The effect is realized through the interaction of molecules of antioxidants, which stimulate brain perfusion, and the normalization of neurophysiological processes in the centers responsible for learning and memory.

Although not as powerful as some of the drugs listed here, black chocolate is an affordable and very tasty nootropic. Too sweet chocolate leave in the store, otherwise the sugar will negate the use of the product (get used to chocolate with 90% content of cocoa). Eat every day from 35 to 200 grams, stretching pleasure for the whole day.

Perhaps, this pair is the most popular combination among fans of nootropics. Pyracetam, also known as Nootropil or Lucetam, increases the functional activity of neurotransmitters (acetylcholine) and receptors. Although doctors usually prescribe it to patients suffering from depression, Alzheimer's disease and even schizophrenia, Piracetam can safely be taken by healthy people in order to increase the activity of acetylcholine, the most important neurotransmitter.

To fully discover the potential of the nutrient in terms of improving clarity of consciousness, spatial memory and the work of the brain as a whole, Kholin must be added to Piratsetam. Choline, being an indispensable water-soluble substance, interacts with Piracetam and is often used to prevent headaches sometimes provoked by Piracetam. (That's why we recommend that you consult with doctors before starting a course of taking any substance). The effective dosage is 300 mg Piracetam plus 300 mg Choline 3 times a day (approximately every four hours).

Omega-3 fatty acids are well represented in fish oil (which can be obtained in pure form in capsules), walnuts, meat of herbivores, flax seeds and legumes. Recently, omega-3 has been considered almost the main food for the brain and is increasingly used as food supplements to prevent age-related depression of cognitive functions, including in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.

Encouraging and the results of a recently published study, which showed that the same improvement in mental activity is observed in absolutely healthy people. The beneficial effect of omega-3 acids (eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and docosahexaenoic (DHA)) extends to increasing concentration and improving the emotional background. As for the dosage, it is enough from 1200 to 2400 mg per day (approximately 1-2 fish oil capsules).

Creatine, a nitrogen-containing organic acid present in the body of animals, quickly became a popular nutritional supplement – and not only because of the ability to increase muscle strength by increasing the influx of energy to cells and actively promoting muscle growth. These physiological properties of the nutrient we leave today alone, and all attention will be paid to the ability of creatine to improve memory and concentration of attention. Scientists have found that creatine plays a key role in maintaining energy balance in the brain and acts as a buffer of intracellular energy reserves in the cytosol and mitochondria. Start taking 5 grams per day, or better, follow the instructions for using the drug that you hold in your hands.

L-tyrosine improves mood and increases mental focus. In addition, he perfectly copes with the prevention of pathology of the endocrine system, in particular, pituitary and thyroid gland diseases.

Caution: if you are taking medicine for the thyroid gland, be sure to consult a doctor before starting to take the nutrient, because the risk of unwanted interaction of pharmacological drugs is high.

Ginkgo Biloba extract is obtained from the tree of Ginkgo, a very unique plant native to China. Ginkgo has no related species and is considered a living fossil. The extract of Ginkgo Biloba contains flavonoid glycosides and terpenoids (ginkgolides, bilobalides), which are famous for their pharmacological properties, extending to increasing memory and improving concentration.

Recently, Ginkgo Biloba extract has been used to treat patients with dementia, although its ability to withstand Alzheimer's disease is being questioned. The newest studies have shown that the extract significantly increases the rate of fixation of attention in healthy people, and the maximum effect is achieved in 2,5 hours after administration.

Beneficial effect on cognitive functions also extends to increasing concentration, accelerating the memorization of information and improving the quality of memory. However, the data of some experiments make us doubt the stimulating effect of the Ginkgo extract on mental activity. Dosage is of key importance. Studies have shown that 120 mg per day is too small, and it is advisable to raise the dose to 240 mg or 360 mg per day. In addition, Ginkgo Biloba is often combined with Indian fungus (Bacopa Monier), although the presence of a synergistic effect in these nutrients is not proven.

For thousands of years, Asian ginseng has been used by Chinese medicine. This is a truly amazing product, which acts on virtually all processes of brain activity. It can be taken to develop short-term memory, improve attention, gain peace, improve mood and even reduce fatigue. In addition, this slowly growing perennial plant with fleshy roots can reduce blood sugar levels on an empty stomach and improve cognitive performance in absolutely healthy people. Take the nutrient according to 500 mg twice daily.

Undoubtedly, rhodiola rosea can be used to improve memory and thinking processes, but its true power lies in the ability to reduce feelings of anxiety and fatigue, and it definitely will raise your overall performance. A plant growing in a cold climate, including in arctic regions, is rich in fantastically useful phytochemical compounds, the medicinal properties of which the northern peoples of Russia and Scandinavia have been using for centuries.

Rhodiola affects the concentration of serotonin and dopamine in the central nervous system by inhibiting the enzyme monoamine oxidase. Studies have shown that rhodiola rosea can increase the threshold of mental fatigue and fatigue caused by stress, and also has a beneficial effect on perception processes and thinking abilities (in particular, on associative thinking, short-term memory, computation, the ability to concentrate and the speed of visual-auditory perception ). Regarding the dosage, you will need from 100 mg to 1000 mg per day, divided into two equal portions.

This amino acid takes a direct part in the regulation of the formation of intracellular energy. In addition, Acetyl-L-carnitine has an effect on carbohydrate metabolism.

Acetyl-L-carnitine promotes the preservation of high energy levels, has cardioprotective effect and improves overall brain activity. Three in one – a win-win option for firefighters!

The study, published in the Bulletin of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, showed that people taking Acetyl-L-carnitine achieve better results in solving problems requiring the memorization of information. The action of the nutrient is associated with an improvement in the function of mitochondria in the cells of the brain.

Bonus! Guys who want to increase the endogenous synthesis of testosterone can count on the added benefit of taking Acetyl-L-carnitine.

I was constantly distracted, could not get together at work. I decided not to seek a solution to my problem in the Internet. I went to the doctor. She gave me Pantokaltsin. She drank the whole course, she did not miss a day. Memory became many times better. I liked that he did not give me any breakdowns. I used to drink Piracetam, but after that I did not feel good. And this drug acts gently.

Coffee is generally a bad thing ..

I take the omega 3 all year round and just love coffee) but the session is on the nose, and the memory fails, I bought the chewing gum from the equalizer, it helps me and adds strength)

Forgetful, just horror. And I decided to help the brain with a preparation with a plant extract of ginkgo biloba – its useful properties are well known. But it turned out that not all preparations with ginkgo are equally useful. Has bought or purchased ginkome from. A month waited for the effect, but to no avail. I went to the doctor. He also wrote me a bilobyl intens. This is a medicine, not a dietary supplement, as an equalizer. In addition, it really has a lot of leaves extract of ginkgo biloba, as many as 120 mg, dietary supplements are 20-30 mg at best, that's not working. Bilobil intensive helps and does not cause problems from pobochek, they are not. The organism perceives it perfectly and soon you notice how you become less forgetful and distracted. The result was impressive.

I was looking for a drug to improve blood circulation, but I needed a natural composition. bilobil forte was the best option. And the price is good for the dosage of 80 mg ginkgo in a capsule, and raw materials from Europe, and the composition is natural. And this is the minimum burden on the body. And effectiveness? It turned out even better than expected. I feel cheerful, memory is better, weather dependence is gone.

Memory is now very easy to restore, there are preparations worthy of attention. Now I use Bilobil Intensive. it's capsules containing ginkgo biloba 120 mg, restores all cognitive functions, plus the peripheral circulatory system in order leads, my feet are frozen to freeze as it began to regularly look for. And I only drank a course two months, I continue. And already such results. Especially with memory, remembering everything important for the week, the situation has improved. I am very pleased. No side effects. For the price is very profitable.

chocolate is useful, but not all of course))) coffee is also a twofold opinion. here are nuts, fish oil, fish are very useful. I really still still add to the brain glycinchik (only D3 glycine, the usual general nonsense)

All these drugs – dead poultice

Well, what can you advise

I recommend taking: choline, creatine, fish oil, lecithin and piracetam. Piracetam should be taken in courses: three weeks are taken, and two without a drug. A day is not recommended to take more than 6 grams of this drug. And yes, it's all my recommendations, follow them or not your business))

Bilobyl intensively I began to take at a time when I had a complete blockage at my work – the bosses continually "bent" about and without, I went crazy, I could not concentrate on anything. Has addressed for consultation to the doctor, and he has recommended bilobil intens. Already from the first week I began to notice the effect – the tasks of the management were resolved more quickly, and stresses could not drive me to a standstill, I just kept the maximum concentration and concentration in any situation. And although the course bilobil I have already finished, it provides a lasting effect. And I really like it.

Hello! I'm called Yuri 36 years I suffer from diabetes 2 type + suffered a micro stroke! Began to notice a strong memory impairment fatigue panic panic fear, irritability!

Pyracetam, side effects: Mental excitement, motor disinhibition, irritability, imbalance, decreased ability to concentrate, anxiety, sleep disorders, etc.

Biloba will say a thing! Saw a nootrop with her, she felt right as the convolutions move faster!

At the grandfather when the stroke happened, to him for improvement of work of a brain have written out Biotredin, he has helped or assisted very well. Grandfather immediately somehow began to think better and the memory improved noticeably, it got confused. Very well, this drug affected his brain activity.

I do not drink, he nourishes the brain with oxygen, so it works very well. After the course of reception, my memory began to work better and my concentration increased, I became much more energetic, even in the evening, my strength was left on my husband and children, or earlier I was crawling with fir-trees.

1. Improvement of abilities is temporary (during drug use) or on an ongoing basis?

2. What can I use with at the same time?

3. How long should I take each drug?

Cocoa soluble or cocoa powder as rich in flavanols, phytochemical compounds, they can replace black chocolate as a source of flavanol


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