10-minute intensive training in crossfit style

Skinte those extra pounds and transform your body with an ultra-intensive 10-minute workout in the crossfit style.

Author: Lara McGlashen, a certified personal trainer and fitness consultant

It's time to prepare for the summer season! Are you ready to change yourself for the better? If yes, this training is for you. The ultra-intensive 10-minute program will increase the general anaerobic endurance, and at the same time will drive to the limit your muscles and their energy systems. What about burning fat? You will burn old stocks and turn summer-2016 into the best summer of your life!

After a thorough dynamic workout, turn on the timer. Each minute consists of 30-45 seconds of intensive work and 30-15 seconds of rest, depending on the level of your preparation. For example, the first minute of a beginner sportswoman consists of 30 seconds of a burb and 30 seconds of rest; advanced can perform borings 45 seconds, and then take 15 seconds of respite. Working segments should be extremely intensive – at the level of 85-90% of your maximum capabilities. In the end, you only have 10 minutes – you can do it all!

In the starting position, you stand straight, legs together, hands at the seams. Lean, put your hands on the floor and jump backwards, taking the position of the bar. Bend your hands in the elbows and do push-up. Straighten your arms, leap the feet under yourself and straighten up, jumping up and stretching your arms over your head. This completes one repetition.

In the initial position of the foot on the width of the shoulders, the socks are slightly unfolded, hands on the sides. Take the pelvis back and bend your knees, sitting deep enough, below the parallel line, and then climb up sharply, jump and squeeze the gluteal muscles in the upper phase of the movement.

Exercise is performed sitting on the floor with bent knees. Join hands together opposite chest, elbows bent. Lean back, straining the muscles of the trunk to stop the feet from the floor, and you are balancing on the coccyx. Keep your feet still while you twist the body to the right and left, rotating the body and trying to touch the elbows of the floor on each side. If you feel yourself strong, do this exercise with dumbbells in your hands, as shown in the photo.

Stand in the position for alternate attacks with a wide setting of the feet, the right foot in front. Bend both knees and drop to the floor, then jump, change your legs in the air and gently land with your left foot in front, and the right behind. Without pause, proceed to the next repetition.

Take the position of the bar, hands strictly under the shoulders, head, hips and heels on one line. Breathe smoothly and hold this position.


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