10-week program for weight

Primary goal: набор мышечной массы

Level of training: medium, high

Number of workouts per week: 4

Necessary equipment: barbells, dumbbells, exercisers

Audience: men and women

Before you, a training program aimed at maximizing the possible increase in muscle mass over 10 weeks.

This is a simple and effective 10-week training program, consisting of an 4-day split and designed to maximize muscle mass. Each group of muscles is studied once a week, mostly complex exercises.

To achieve the optimal effect of the program, it is recommended to take a high-calorie, protein-rich food at least 5 once a day.

In exercises, use the maximum possible weight with which you can perform the specified number of repetitions, but try to avoid muscle failure.

The program works fine! Cut down carbohydrates to dry, and the mass still goes up – super! I have been working on it for the second month already. I recommend

I tried the program. At first, he was skeptical about the number of approaches and exercises. But he tried to do everything according to plan, the only thing that replaced the last number of approaches – to the maximum possible. Indeed, there is a result. It seems that you do a little, but you exhaust yourself properly. The result comes through 2 months already noticeable. The only thing you need to do is to sort the exercises at least once every two weeks. all the same the body being not a fool, gets used.

And the press on Wednesday is light without snowing, and on Friday with twisting with pancakes and prayer

began to engage in this program to eat 3000-3500 colony per day. Plus, the ups and downs gained 64 from 74 per 7 months. Then it began to dry up to 68 kg. Started again after the 4 monthly break for the set only added another separate exercise to Monday pulling dumbbells from behind the head and crossover, Tuesday becoming traction and rope pull to the face in the upper block, Thursday dumbbell press sitting with turns, to Friday bench presses lying in the simulator . For me, everything works out that way. PS: if you say that you will not get anything out of genetics, then you're wasting your time.

What time gap between approaches should there be?

I recruited 5 kg from her. and the relief did not appear much

The program is just tin. A lot of exercises. Training will take an hour 2. If you do all the approaches that are written refuseny, the straight is shaken fuck with such a program. The newcomer can and will pull, while the power is small, but when the weight of the projectile in bashchovyh exercises perozodit for a hundred, then after the first two exercises to failure, the force will remain only for a couple more isolated exercises. On the chest for example, too many pressures. One press on any one needs to be removed. When you create the first bench press with 4-refusing sets, even in the second exercise the power will fall to 10-20%. all the main forces will be left on the previous exercises. On the day of the back, the rod pulls and starts to do it together-to destroy the waist with time. If it is finite dr.it with a bar 70 kg. mtanovoy, then it's okay. In short the prog for chimaarey.

Normal program, I'm not a chemist and quite fit for 45-50 minutes. About becoming here not a word no. and in the end it is generally written: "In exercises, use the maximum possible weight with which you can perform the specified number of repetitions, but try to avoid muscle failure."

What kind of cardia and not Dauphin 2 days of idleness?

After what time can I repeat the program?

And where is the station? And where to push it?

Loud name of course, the training program . After all, the mass does not depend on the exercise, but on a full-fledged and balanced-saturated diet . And the program simply provides a basis for understanding what and when to do, such a wand for a lazy ass like this for example )) still the explanation of "why you need to do this" would be priceless;)

1,5 months of training already on this program. The results, who are interested, are: press from 65 to 80, squat with a bar from 60 to 90 kg, start from 50 to 75 (these are all working weights). Well, the weight from 69,70 to 74,20. If there are more questions – ask) the program, in general, is not bad, but you can correct it and probably need it)

And here is the program and your power, your power at first quickly grow up simply from bonal exercises because you're new.

progress in the torso is?

explain someone, why is there a pullover on the first day, if in it the main load goes to the broadest?

This exercise stretches the muscles of the chest, and stretching is useful for muscles)

cardio can be done on days of rest?

For 10 weeks pumped and otpizdil local gopnikov

So is there a result from this program ?? People, ay . I want to try it out on Monday .

Only I advise you to change your back with your legs, let's say, to someone like.

Paul, yes there is, if you do it correctly, I have a minimum of 2,5 every week with a bench press. From 50 to 70 kg, the working weight was raised in 6 weeks.

How to determine the weight of a bar or dumbbell?

weight of the neck plus the weight of the pancakes)))

And why not a single exercise for the press? Explain, please.

When typing mass they are optional. The press is normally loaded during the execution of the basic exercises. Many experts generally recommend to abandon the press exercises.

Shake your chest and triceps in one trash? Rave.

And nothing that when you do a bench press, (THIS BASE) then the triceps is involved, I think that further it is not necessary to explain anything .

I try, and why so

little exercise on the triceps?

Are there people who are involved in such a program?

I was engaged 3 months on it, but I triceps in the day back, and biceps on the day of the chest. The program gives a good leap of muscle mass. but do not get hung up on the same thing. For example, one week of bench press with a barbell, and another week with dumbbells. Do not let the muscles get used to the load. progress in the scales and eat a lot.

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