12 ways to improve the result by spending less time in the hall

There are such people in every gym: whenever you come they are in place. It seems that they never leave the room. It's like in the series "Friends", it seems that the inseparable six all day sitting in a coffee house, only these half-lives are held in the gym. Somehow they manage to train one group of muscles for hours, flanniruyut on the hall in search of an interlocutor, chatting at the bar in the bar, taking a break for coffee, after a shower again return to the hall, in a word, do not rush to leave at all. Do not like the described character on you? If not, fine. If you have caught any distant resemblance – read the article further.

I never considered myself a regular at the hall until I calculated how much time I spend in it, counting from the moment I entered and until the minute I left the door. It turned out that I wasted a lot of time. To make the training more intense and effective, I began to encourage myself with three of the following reasons.

First, the peak of the rise in the level of growth hormone and testosterone occurs about 40 minutes after the start of the training and decreases in an hour. This increases the release of cortisol. This means that the action of hormones that promote muscle growth ends, and the hormones-catabolins that oppress their growth come into play. Thus, training, lasting a half or two hours, a classic example of "two steps forward, one back."

Secondly, there is a guarantee that any enthusiasm will fade after spending a lot of time in the hall. Despite your love for training and the desire to get more experience, do not be too zealous, do not you have nowhere to spend precious free time?

Thirdly, you really have nothing to do?

Imagine that your training takes half the time. How many evenings will be free for meetings with friends, dinners with family, for learning something new, achieving some career goals? I concluded that I was too lazy to do really necessary and important things, spending instead a meaningless clock in the hall. Here are the 12 ideas that I used to organize my day in a new way.

Yes, you watched a great movie last night and are eager to share your impressions with friends. Yes, the strip-plastic instructor throws hard looks at you and you do not mind drinking a cup of coffee with her. Yes, another discussion of who is really the best Mr. Olympia, takes a lot of time. Now just try to remember why you are in the hall?

If you really do not have another social outlet, and no one to chat with, maybe that's why you spend so much time in the hall? If you have other things and other pleasant interlocutors, – mouth to lock and swing! At first it will be difficult, then get involved. A simple and completely polite way to get rid of interlocutors will be a pair of headphones during training. If you train with a talkative partner, it's time to politely, but firmly get rid of it, in case you want to increase the effectiveness of your workouts and reduce the time spent in the hall.

"So, what do we have today? Legs? Well, well, I have not been crouched for a couple of weeks. So squats. We do. Or is it better to press your feet? Oh, again to collect the bar . "Do you recognize yourself? You are also waiting for the arrival in the hall, and only then begin to decide what and how to train today?

If so, then you lose a lot of time. Make a clear plan and go into the hall with knowledge of the matter, what you trained last time, and what will be loaded today. There is nothing more fun and useless than finishing the first exercise, contemplate the ceiling in search of inspiration, what to do next.

You lose precious minutes, the pulse decreases, the muscles lose volume, the quality of training worsens. So spend a little time in advance, decide what and in what order you will do. Someone can take the necessary simulator, do not worry, have a replacement exercise.

Remember the old saying: "If you have a failure with planning, then you are planning a failure." Bring some order to the training, and it will become more effective.

How many times do you visit the toilet? If more than once or twice, either you have a bladder like a kitten, or you are deliberately pulling time. Do not also go dozens of times for water to the cooler. Wear a bottle with you.

Reduce the rest time between approaches

Many of us, including me, have borrowed a way of rest between the approaches of the powerlifters. They rest between sets of 3-5 minutes, sometimes longer, to fully recover and rest from serious efforts. Some bodybuilders adopt this tactic, mistakenly believing that a longer rest will allow them to put more effort on the next approach, squeeze more weight or make more repetitions. They forget that there is a big difference between strength training and weight training. Of course, if your main goal is to become strong, then of course, rest on your health.

Another thing is that most of us set a goal to get relief muscles and a beautiful body. In this case, remember that you do more repetitions with less weight and less time for rest. Rest between sets should last a maximum of 90 seconds in order to restore the respiratory rhythm and cleanse the muscles from the release of lactic acid after an intensive approach on 8-12 repetitions.

Rest, lasting more than 2 minutes – wasting time. Start the next approach as quickly as possible.

If you want to relentlessly load muscles in the shortest possible time, use supersets and drop sets. Try a unique technique developed by Bob Kennedy and Arthur Jones, which includes supersets with isolated motion for each part of the body with combined movements (for example, leg extension with the leg press). Or sets for antagonistic (opposite) groups of muscles, for example biceps and triceps, chest or back. Drop-sets are another way to make training more effective, and to introduce your muscle fibers into a state of absolute shock. What is most pleasant, both methods will perform the same work as in a normal workout, but in a much shorter time.

Some athletes do a barbell bench press on a horizontal bench, then a dumbbell bench press on a horizontal bench and a dessert bench press on the horizontal bench. And all this during one workout. One of two things: either they very much like to train their breasts or they do not understand that they perform the same exercise three times in a row. Analyze your own workout.

Is your training effective, or do you often do many exercises for the same muscle group? Take a little time to learn the basics of anatomy and kinesiology, and you will get a better idea of ​​how to build the workout as effectively as possible.

Each gym is packed to the eyeballs around 6 pm on weekdays. It is difficult to train in the conditions of a live turn to the simulator, is not it? If you have the opportunity, train in the morning, at lunch or in the evening, after the rush hour. If you are not a fan of extras, you will be pleasantly surprised and inspired by the half-empty hall, which will be completely at your disposal.

You will save time without standing in line or making your way to the simulator with your fists.

Another way to shorten training time is to use simulators instead of free weights. I do not agitate to use only simulators, free weights are extremely important in building muscle. But when you really need to reduce training, the time that will be spent on picking-paring the bar and delivering dumbbells there and back, with success and result can be used on the simulator. Insert the pin into the block with the correct weight, it takes only one second.

Minimize the use of bandages and straps

Many athletes use the straps unconsciously, without even thinking whether they really are needed. Sometimes they help to hold more weight, but is it because they replace the right grip and well-developed forearms? Many use straps not only for deadlift, but for pull-ups, bends, leads, in general, where they are not needed.

Worst of all, this is the time it takes to fasten the straps for each approach. It would seem that some 30 seconds. Multiply the five exercises by 3 or the 4 approach, and you will see that there is not much time wasted. Stop using straps where they are not needed and you will be pleasantly surprised by the growth of the forearms in a month.

Bandages are needed only for those athletes who have problems with knee joints. Until you have acquired such problems, you do not need to bandage your knees before squats or press feet. Dorian Yates, six-time Mr. Olympia, was asked once why he did not use bandages to sit down with even more weight. He replied: "Well, I could also put a giant spring under the backside. And the meaning? "

Exercise on an almost empty stomach

It may sound strange, but I try to give you any suitable idea in order to leave the room as quickly as possible. If you are full and satisfied, most likely you will not have any reason to rush to finish training. The feeling of hunger will call you not to be distracted by trifles, and faster to drink post-training protein. The last meal for 2 hours before the workout should give you enough energy and stimulate to keep up with the training in an hour or less.

Concentrate and focus once more

The gym is a place that can really distract and distract. A large number of girls in tight T-shirts and short shorts, athletes who look like a real mountain of muscles and it's hard to resist not to peek undercover, wondering when you can achieve such perfection. This is another reason that keeps you in the hall.

Concentrate on your workout and try to avoid distractions. It is difficult to fight against attraction and envy, but if you try, you can, because you are stronger than you think. Flirt with the girls – outside the hall.

Divide the muscle groups into more days

It may seem that this division will lead to the fact that you will spend more time in the hall than now. It's not like that, think about what happens when you train two muscle groups, such as the chest and triceps.

Do you agree that by the time the turn reaches the triceps, are you so tired that you are moving in slow motion mode? But if you allocated a single day for triceps, for example, along with biceps or calves, you would have triturated in 20 minutes.

Training all muscle groups or even training, when you work only on the top or just above the lower part of the body, will lead to the fact that you will spend about two hours in the hall. Leaving the room in this case will be very hard for you.

We have offered you whole 12 ways to speed up your workouts and make them more effective. We hope you noticed that we did not offer to save time on the warm-up. Warm-up is mandatory and is an integral part of the training process. In total 5-10 minutes of cardio loads or warming up with light weight will prepare you for heavy loads and help avoid injuries that can exclude you from the training schedule for several months.

Damn it. it turns out I'm a regular at the hall, I had to read to the end (((

Wow, I would be such heroes on the street, if I met (at any time of the day) I would be scared and would go faster in the other direction. Impressive in their appearance, and their forms are impressive. This is how much it was necessary to train, how much to sweat in the gyms, how many preparations for muscle mass should have been eaten to achieve such results? Shocked, of course. But still, everyone goes to their goal. As is often said, motivation is important. If it is, then you can achieve everything.


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