13 teen error and how to solve them

In this article I'm going to discuss 13 the most common mistakes, the victims of which are teenagers. Each of these errors can be avoided with the help of the solutions I proposed. Find out more.

Author: Alex Stewart

Have you ever heard the expression "youth is spent on young people" or "how would I want to be a teenager again"? Being a teenager and hearing these words, you surely look at your mom or your middle-aged dad, completely not knowing what they are talking about.

For you, teenage association is associated with a lot of restrictions: you can not drive a car, drink alcohol, earn some money on second-rate work, and you have to go to school, which always darkens a good time.

This "old man" standing in front of you, trying to say that at an early age, always make mistakes, and teenagers do not use their energy and the benefits of this time. I firmly believe that experience is the best teacher.

When you experience something, you know that your body will respond to this stimulus either positively or negatively. But sometimes it's better to listen to the words of an older and more experienced person who can explain what should be done and what not. This will save you a lot of time and energy in what you do.

In this article I want to discuss 13 the most common mistakes, the victims of which are teenagers. Each of these errors can be avoided if you find time to listen to them and remember that without committing these misconduct, your achievements and results will be much better.

This is perhaps the first mistake made by teenagers when they begin to practice weightlifting. They take a magazine or comb the site Dailyfit.ru and are immediately taken for reading articles about training, focusing only on what muscles they are going to train with weight. After receiving a few weeks of minor results, they all shower.

I do not expect that a teenager who starts to exercise will immediately start calculating calories and write down all the macronutrients, but it would be nice to read some basic articles on nutrition and learn how to properly structure the diet. Eat healthy and healthy foods for every meal and occasionally spoil yourself with sweets or fast foods.

Remember that training depletes muscle tissue. And without the necessary nutrients at the right time, you can not restore strength and maximize your muscles. Well, sit down and think about what you need to eat regularly.

Have you ever been asked a question in the gym that you are going to rock today, and you answered: "I do not know . Maybe the chest." I constantly watch how the teenagers come into the hall with the desire to train, not having the slightest idea what they are going to download. In most cases, they train the same muscles that their friends shake that day.

This leads to an imbalance in the physical form. I said to the imbalance, because when your friend said last time that he had a day training his feet? Most likely, never. So in most cases you missed leg training. The same thing usually happens with the back, but the good old chest and hands never suffer from lack of attention. Basically, these muscle groups are shaken several times a week.

Take time to compose a split-complex for your workouts and follow it. The Dailyfit.ru site has a myriad of training programs that give excellent results. Once you decide on a split, start executing it. This is the best way to achieve success.

3. Lack of correct technique for doing exercises

I will not criticize only adolescents, because non-vigorous exercise demonstrates all ages and generations, but I must address this issue, as I have seen just crazy stuntmen among teenagers. Their ego pushed to practice, as it happens. They tend to show super strength and will do anything to lift more weight.

Most of the time these youngsters make fast, sharp movements or often connect additional muscle groups to lift heavy weights. Typically, this is done in order to outdo your friend, who also does not own the correct technique of implementation.

The two most common exercises that are performed incorrectly are a bench press and lifting dumbbells. During the bench press, many teenagers hit the barbell against the chest and / or bend the lower back to lift the bar from their chest. Performing hand bending is usually accompanied by unnecessary swings and assisting the front deltas in lifting the weight.

The lifting in this form loads the minimum muscle that needs to be stimulated by using more joints and ligaments. This can only cause pain in the latter and traumatize them in the future.

Be smarter and hire yourself a personal trainer. He will show you the basic technique of performing all the exercises that you are going to include in your split-complex. You can also master it with the help of a huge number of exercises on the site Dailyfit.ru.

A little less weight and the correct technique of doing exercises will help you reach the desired muscle size. I prefer to have a volume of hands in 45 cm and raise 15-kilogram dumbbells using the correct technique than 35 cm, but raise dumbbells to 25 kg. Reduce weight and adhere strictly to the technique of doing exercises.

4. Lack of constancy and regularity

To get results from the classes, you need to strictly follow your training program, diet and give the body time to recover. If you begin to be lazy by doing one or all of the above, you will not be able to achieve the results that you could achieve.

I noticed that teenagers are very addicted to such pleasant moments as the first successes of newcomers. But as soon as muscles slow their growth, they lose interest. This is a critical moment for all coaches. After receiving the first results and the onset of a temporary lull, persistence and regularity are of primary importance.

Muscles will grow and become stronger only if they need it. If you give them time to relax by skipping workouts and meals, the muscles return to their original size. Therefore, strictly adhere to the training and nutrition regime, let them fully recover and enjoy a long journey to a new self, more pumped up and stronger.

Sleep is one of the main forms of recovery that your body needs. During sleep, the body produces the largest amount of growth hormone, IGF-1 and testosterone. All these hormones contribute to the recovery and increase of muscle mass. And a full night's sleep accumulates energy, which you will need for training the next day.

I know that teenagers always have a busy schedule with their schooling and activities in which they participate, but if your goal is to become "bigger" and stronger, then make sure that the dream lasts 8 hours to give time to the maximum recovery and growth.

I do not blame the teenagers for this mistake. Wanting to build muscle and become stronger, teenagers rely too much on natural supplements.

And I do not blame them because whatever magazine you have not opened, everywhere and everywhere there are a myriad of advertising supplements saying that if you drink this supplement, you will look like the man in the picture.

Yes, I myself accept them, but I want to tell you that they will not help you without a worked out complex of training and a proper nutrition program.

Additives supply the body with those nutrients that can not be obtained from the food we eat. There are no permitted or prohibited additives that can replace a nutritional program.

I do not approve of adolescent use of anything other than whey protein, which is taken after a workout or as a snack between basic meals to cover the need for protein. If you are doing more than 3-6 months, you can do some research on the Dailyfit.ru website and find out what else you need to add to your diet.

I myself am a fan of good parties and fun pastime outside the gym, but I see so many teenagers who are destroying their hard work by constant stormy walks on weekends.

I understand that after a long school week, I want to relax with friends, but you also understand that parties before the morning and two nights a week without sleep will adversely affect your results in the gym.

Plus, in most cases, protein drinks are replaced by alcoholic beverages, and chicken with rice – snacks and fast foods. You just deprive yourself of the opportunity to achieve significant results.

If you really want to progress in your studies in the hall, take a cocktail with you to the party, so you do not have to miss taking the protein.

Personally, I do not drink, and all my friends know about it. Yes, it looks wild when you bring a cocktail or a little almond with you, but that does not stop me from having a good time. And when the time comes for competitions or the beach season, I look good and constantly improve.

I'm not saying that you stop resting and have a good time, but remember that by making a minor sacrifice earlier on home to get a full sleep and / or taking some useful food with you, you make the choice in favor of the maximum results from working in the the gym.

I will not again criticize only adolescents for this mistake, because almost all men or little train their legs, or do not train them at all. Legs are the foundation of your body. Whatever sport you are involved in, it is from them that you draw strength.

The muscles of the legs, if properly rocked, are the largest and strongest muscle group. An additional benefit from working on the legs is that you can use the greatest weight, as a result of which your body produces growth hormone, IGF-1 and testosterone, which increase not only the leg muscles, but also other muscle groups.

So why do not people train their legs then? It's very simple: because it's hard. There is nothing more debilitating than the day of training the legs, if you perform it correctly. Training legs brings pain, and this is more of a psychological exercise than physical. You need to have great willpower to force yourself to go through such a hard training. Do not neglect your biggest and strong muscles, swing your legs.

9. Absence of basic complex exercises with free weights

Even doing everything clearly and regularly and avoiding all the above errors associated with training and nutrition, you still can not yet achieve the desired results. Why?

I watched this mistake a million times, coming to the hall. Correctly trained teenagers often do not perform the most important exercises, namely basic complex exercises with free weights.

Below I will list the exercises that you need to include in your training program, if you are serious about building muscle. Why these exercises are more important than others. These exercises involve the greatest number of muscle fibers and allow you to apply the maximum weight for overloading the muscle. When the muscle is loaded more than usual, she has nothing left to do but grow to become stronger and bigger.

There are also other complex exercises besides those that I have voiced, but these are my favorites, thanks to which in the past I achieved a significant increase in the size and strength of the muscles. Add all these exercises to your training program and enjoy the growth of your muscles.

10. Too many distractions in the gym

All teenagers have various new cool accessories and toys that they like to bring to the hall and talk on the phone or write a message to a friend during training.

Definitely do not have to do this if you want to achieve serious results. How can you concentrate on training, if you communicate with your girlfriend or write a message to buddies between sets. Set the phone aside and get to work. After the end of the workout, write and talk as often as you want.

I also often see how teenagers come to companies in a hall. I'm not against one or two training partners, but as a rule, these companies turn into collective gatherings with minimal focus on training. Even if you wanted to practice, it will be difficult for you to do this, because the rest of your friends just came to talk.

I'm trying to say that you need to minimize distractions, leave the phone at home and, if your friends are not serious about training, go to different times. Your time in the gym should be fully spent on working on the muscles with minimal distraction from the case.

One of the advantages of young years is a huge amount of energy. You like to work constantly at full power and, it seems, never get tired. But in some cases, an endless flow of energy can interfere with your accomplishments if you misuse it.

I often see in the hall how teenagers work for hours on the same group of muscles. They believe that they will develop it so much and make a huge number of approaches in the hope of building up muscle mass. The problem is that when your body reaches a certain point, it starts to overload, and you will not see a bigger result. And in the event of a serious overload, regression and loss of acquired sizes are possible.

12. Insufficient interval between training sessions

As I mentioned earlier, muscle overload in the hall can lead to lack of results or atrophy (decrease in muscle size). But it is also possible to overload the muscle, not giving it enough time to recover between training.

I firmly believe that the muscle needs to give 72 hours to rest before it is loaded again. This is provided proper nutrition and rest outside the gym walls. If you are hard at work, you may need one or two additional days to recover.

Also remember that some muscle groups can indirectly work during the training of another muscle. For example, triceps strain when performing any chest press or shoulder exercises.

If you have any questions about your training split, ask them in the Comments section and you will receive recommendations based on the frequency of your workouts.

Although I note this mistake last, I consider it to be important. More often it is done by frightened young athletes.

These are the guys who have been training for more than a year and have gone through almost everything, or even everything, described above and which are seriously aimed at building muscle mass. Perhaps they are keen on competitions. These guys, trying to increase muscle volumes, believe that cardio-loading simply eats calories and believes that this is a waste of energy. Well, I want to say that they are very mistaken.

3-4 cardio training of low intensity per week lasting for 30 minutes will change for them all when muscle volumes begin to increase. This amount of cardio loads will increase metabolism and appetite, but, most importantly, will strengthen the cardiovascular system.

The last thing you need to do is to remove the set of intensive squats, because they are not strong enough. Perform cardiovascular exercises throughout the year and your results will improve significantly.

Well, we looked at the 13 most common mistakes that I see in the gym and are committed by all the young men. If you decide to seriously take up your workouts and wish to continue to see the results, then listen to the advice of those who have gone through and gone through all of the above.

Do not make these mistakes and, perhaps, someday I will compete with you on stage. Good luck to you and, as always, if you have any questions, send them to me by e-mail.

Dear specialist, tell me, please, how to increase the gastrocnemius muscle. I will be very grateful. Thank you.

Is it possible for a teenager (15 years) to work with free weights with a barbell, heavy dumbbells ?! I was told that the spine can not be loaded and said to deal only with its own weight without burdening .

I thought that the problems of adolescents are not only among men. I thought it was a psychological article, but it's only about fitness.

Hello, I 16 years, the weight of 60, the growth of 174. I occupy myself at home 1.5 of the year. I practiced, proprobotyvaya whole body. Now I decided to switch to a split-training. What would you advise?

What can I do with the weight of 60? Dial 100 and go ahead. Cutting on the bone krch.

Yes, while I was a teenager during my teenage years. Only then stretched out. I think that my diet was absolutely wrong. As a child, I was given a lot of fatty foods, because of this, after a while, was found a chronic gastritis. And I did not like physical education. Therefore, I agree with the fact that, first of all, young athletes need to find their own and useful diet, you may need to introduce some special diet. And only then start training, which, by the way, must take place under the supervision of the coach (to adjust the load).

and if I'm going to practice in the simulator Tue, Thu, and boxing Mon, Wed, Fri how can boxing affect my results in the set of mass.

Hello everybody! me 15, the weight of 80, growth nepomnyu somewhere 165-175. Prompt please me every day, every morning I run for half an hour. This is enough for me to lose 3-10 kg for 15 month ?? or increase to an hour? Thanks in advance for the answers, I hope you will respond during this day.)

It depends how much you run, during this time. I'm over 30-40 minutes, I'm running 8km, this is enough to throw 15kg. But of course the diet should be strictly observed.

My record is 17 in one month. A day later ran + diet + exercise base (horizontal push-up push).

Hello! I started going to workout at the Fitness Club, but I do not know where to start. Growth 1.80, weight 65kg, 21year. I bought a whey protein (Pure WPI-firm Bioplex Nutrition) for weight gain! Help me choose a training program. Also I do not know how many times a week it is recommended to train. Thank you in advance.

About rest between training. I made for myself such a training program:

* Sunday-rest Is my program right? Or should I increase the rest days between training sessions?

And to me 17, growth 167, weight 58

I go in for sports actively, I eat differently, I do not get to eat regularly because of lack of time .. I try to lose weight and create a relief, but often my hands go down, so that I have nothing to lose weight .. I'm tired of this .. the expert's advice is necessary 🙂

Good afternoon! You in your article write about three to four cardio workouts per week for 30 minutes. And how do you feel about the three training sessions of ITVI for 10-15 minutes in terms of benefits for the heart and muscles?

Any high intensity training exercises exert a heavy load on the heart muscle. To such occupations it is necessary to be treated with care as at frequent performance they can lead to a hypertrophy of a myocardium (increase in the sizes of heart). Useful exercises on the heart are exercises performed at a moderate pace, such as jogging.

Whether advise it is necessary to add in a diet geyner? Age: 19 years, Height: 165sm., Weight: 47kg .; cardio is every Tuesday and Friday, running on 2,5km. I think adding exercises with dumbbells, they weigh up to 18kg. and what I do not know. alternating can be as above written. And so far, only squeezing squats and 5 exercises on the press. Help to remove standard exercises and go to dumbbells. Thank you in advance)

If you ask about the geener, then probably you want to gain weight. The exercises that you are doing now will not help you in this absolutely. With such dumbbells you can squat, do bench press, press standing, hands can be well shaken, but focus on legs, back, chest, that is, larger muscle groups. Eat a lot of protein foods, you can add a geyner, if you want, it will not be superfluous

I'm 16 years old. Veshu 65 kg., Growth-175 see.

I press the bar with the weight of 85 kg. Is it harmful to my spine?

No, if you keep the right technique. In general, any exercise, if done correctly, will not harm the spine.

Hello, I want to show you my training system, maybe something you advise, maybe even something is not right.)))

I work three times a week, one system.

1. The average pace with acceleration at the end.

It was a warm-up.)))

3. Pushups, according to 5 approaches, every week I increase the repetition.

5. Shoulders, dumbbells on shoulders.

6.Spin, a boat, and I do not know what it's called, an exercise with a barbell on the back.)))

7. The bar on the bicep.

8.The bar press standing.

9. Brushes and biceps again, dumbbells.

10. AND THE TOUR. just for stretching the spine after class.))) I hope you will help me improve my program for me.)))

I drizh and I can not recover in any way for the beginning of trainings chyo to do .15 years-50 kg

You will recover in the process of training. Choose to start a sparing program 2-3 once a week for an hour. Then gradually increase the intensity and duration of training. If it is normal to eat – the result will not keep you waiting.

The duration of training is not necessary. In general, recommend the duration of training for a mass of not more than 45 minutes.

Hello, I would like to consult you, I perform the basic exercises specified by you + additional, but the problem is that up (chest, shoulders, hands) lag behind the bottom (legs, press) I go almost like a board. I read about the fact that there is a category of people who do not have a chest at all on their bench press, something like the fact that the whole load is on the front deltas and now I do not know what to do, I was advised to swing the chest every workout (Mon Wed Fri .) Is this right, and what exercises could you advise me. Thank you.

The bench press may not act on the chest due to the peculiarities of the structure of the shoulder joint, but this happens more often due to a weak neuromuscular connection, that is, you simply do not feel what muscle you are shoving. Try to do a press with dumbbells or change the angle of the bench. On the bill of swinging my chest three times a week, in my opinion, the idea is bad, because too often. If I'm wrong, I will be corrected, I hope)

To me 16. Tendonitis of the elbow tendon of the triceps, the elbows hurt. What can be done?

Rest with training

With whom can I be asked for advice?

how to find the one who wrote it?

Why do I lose weight? In a month 1-2 kg. Adding the food was not used because it affects the load on the liver. I drink well. Can I trim my workouts? In addition to the gym I go to volleyball and table tennis. Advise pozhalissta.Atletizm not want to throw.

Load on the liver goes, if you drink alcohol or take a lot of alkylated by 17-alpha AAS. If you drink one 30 per day a portion of protein, nothing bad will happen, on the contrary it will help!

What is your height and weight? Note that when practicing athleticism, you must use 3000-4000 kcal per day.

Hello, I 15 years, a year engaged in athleticism. I do not give much training to my feet, as they say that young men should not be stressed up by the spine.

Please advise the exercises for the legs, while not heavily burdened pozvonochny pole.Spasibo

The spine is loaded with training with the bar (squats, deadlifts). In your case, you can practice on simulators.

Hello, I began to lose in my own weight, with classes three times a week in the gym. I perform 15-18 repetitions, according to the "circular" training system.

Is it possible, at 15-year-old age, to switch to a separate system? And what about protein supplements? (Age 15 years) Thank you.

As with the separate system of training, and with protein supplements, there are no restrictions associated with age.

Exercises for the legs performed in the simulators do not load the spine, you can safely use them.

Please recommend a separate system, with three one-off classes per week.

The system of alternation of top / bottom in a day has very well proved itself.

With three classes per week, it will look like this:


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