20 best weight loss products

No single product will save you a magical way from extra pounds, but these 20 products are worthy of becoming a part of your diet. Select a place for them in the refrigerator or in the pantry!

Author: Matthew Cady, Master of Science, Certified Dietitian

While burning calories in training plays a key role in forming an attractive reflection in the mirror, nutrition is equally important, and some even believe that eating habits affect the physique to a much greater extent. So, what should you eat?

The newest science data will help to fill the shopping cart with products that perfectly fit into your plans for the transformation of the body. In short, if your goal for the coming year is to turn folds around the waist into carved cubes, here's a complete shopping list for creating a mind-boggling fitness model body.

In an ideal world, the lima beans are outlawed by the eyes of the child, but in the adults caring for the figure, all kinds of legumes must be given priority. They are a source of megapitric substances, including vegetable protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Recently published in the Journal of Dietetics and Dietetics, the study showed that a diet rich in beans and fiber is as effective in terms of weight loss as a low-carbohydrate approach, but it is much more useful in terms of lowering cholesterol.

Further more. Scientists from the University of Minnesota found that fiber-rich dishes from legumes give the same feeling of satiety as dishes from beef. Of course, in a portion of the beans calories are much less than in a serving of beef: 109 in half a cup of black beans versus 289 in 100 grams of finished beef.

Consider the anti-fat potential as another reason to sit down on the red fish. Why? Because of the omega-3 fatty acids, of course!

The experiment of the American Journal of Clinical Dietetics showed that people daily ingesting supplements with omega-3 and paying cardio loads a little more than two hours a week (you definitely do!) Reduce the percentage of fat tissue, and at the same time reduce the level of heart damage in the blood triglycerides and increase the HDL cholesterol ("useful cholesterol"). Representatives of another group in a similar training regime were given poor omega-3 sunflower oil, and they were not even able to get rid of fat.

Red fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fats and a high-quality nourishing protein. All this makes salmon an ideal product for weight loss at an accelerated pace!

Green tea is an ancient drink with an ultramodern effect on the stomach. A new study of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition showed that an extract of green tea without caffeine at 25% increases the level of fat oxidation during exercise (compared with the placebo group). Also, the participants in the experiment, who received the supplement, achieved a greater reduction in body fat after a month.

Like red fish, this is the case when the natural product is no worse than a food supplement. Green tea is rich in catechins-polyphenols (EGCG), which are partly responsible for its anti-fat properties. So a sip of green tea during the day is a calorie-free way to maintain the water balance and fill fat-burning engines.

A warning. Casein milk can react with antioxidants and tea polyphenols and reduce their potential. Drink tea in its pure form.

4. Cauliflower, broccoli, feces and Brussels sprouts

Yes, these are four different plants, but we combined them together, because they are all very useful. You can use everyone, or you can choose any one from the list.

Scientists at Harvard University studied dietary habits and body weight changes in more than 130 000 men and women for two decades. They came to the conclusion that active consumption of non-starchy vegetables with a low glycemic index, such as color and Brussels sprouts, broccoli and feces, is directly related to the low risk of gaining excess weight.

These vegetables are full of nutrients and often a lot of fiber. This means that you gorge on them with fewer calories and without a negative effect on blood sugar. Vegetables with a high glycemic index, for example, potatoes, corn and canned peas do not have the same saturating effect.

Take full advantage of these fiber-loaded vegetables. Each day, include them in at least two meals. Simply sprinkle cauliflower with olive oil, season with salt and paprika and bake at 200 degrees Celsius 10-15 minutes.

Blueberries are very useful for health, but you may not be aware of the ability of this berry to show cubes of the abdominal press. The experiment of the "Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry" showed that pterostilben, an antioxidant contained in blue nutrient bombs, does not leave a stomach to the chances. It suppresses the activity of enzymes involved in the accumulation of adipose tissue, and at the same time stimulates the oxidation of fats.

Moreover, the above-mentioned Harvard study showed that, as with the cruciferous vegetables, particularly cauliflower, the active use of blueberries correlates with a smaller increase in body weight over many years.

Note: due to the high ratio of peel to pulp, blueberries are especially rich in antioxidants.

Entering into the fight with extra pounds, people often throw out all the dairy products from the refrigerator. Do not do that! The Journal of Clinical Nutrition found out that people with excess weight who daily exercise and follow a diet with a high proportion of protein and dairy products (and carefully monitor the caloric content of the diet), lose more fat and gain more dry weight than those who receive the same number of calories, but less protein and less dairy products.

Delicious and thick Greek yogurt has one more advantage. It has a much more protein-friendly figure than in ordinary yogurt. Scientists came to interesting conclusions. Having a bite of a rich protein yogurt, you will satisfy the hunger and will be satisfied longer than after a non-dairy product with the same calorie content. For maximum effect, do not buy yoghurt with a sweet taste, take a simple one!

One apple per day will not only help you forget the way to the hospital, but also keep the fat deposits at a distance of a cannon shot. Scientists from Japan came to the conclusion that the polyphenols contained in apples (mainly in the skin) can reduce the circumference of the body due to the effect on enzymes involved in the metabolism of fats.

These polyphenols increase the level of adiponectin, a protein that plays a key role in regulating energy metabolism, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, and insulin sensitivity. The low level of adiponectin, which is typical for obese individuals, is associated with insulin resistance, a predisposition to inflammatory processes, atherosclerosis and hypertension.

It remains to be seen how many apples need to be eaten to see the effect, but it is also clear that one or two in the daily norm of fruit will not exactly hurt. By the way, scientists from Harvard found that the increased use of apples and pears accelerates weight reduction. Of all the fruits studied in this plan, only berries are more effective.

If you are looking for the ideal option for inaccuracy in the diet, stop on chocolate. Scientists from the authoritative journal "Archives of Internal Medicine" studied chocolate and habits of more than 1000 people. It turned out that despite the extra calories and saturated fats in the composition, chocolate lovers on average have a smaller BMI than people who do not spoil Willy Wonka, who lives inside them.

How is this possible? The authors of the study suggested that antioxidants from the flavonoid group can influence metabolism and slow down the accumulation of fats. In rats it is proved that epicatechin from cocoa boosts fat burning and stimulates weight loss, which means that it can have the same effect on people.

As always, you need to know the measure. Instead of a daily chocolate bar (or five), limit 25-50 to a gram of chocolate, which contains at least 60% cocoa.

In the context of the fight against fat traps, bread from sprouted grain will give odds to any rival. The study of the Journal of Dietetics and Metabolism showed that the glycemic index of such bread is lower than that of a loaf of wholemeal, which guarantees a slow release of carbohydrate energy. More good news: in many grades of bread from sprouted grain there are useful additives in the form of seeds and nuts.

If you plan to win in a battle with the stomach, be sure to stock up on nuts. A recent study by the University of California showed that including in the diet of tree-growing nuts – and this is pistachios, pecans, hazelnuts and walnuts – significantly reduces the risk of obesity.

How is this possible, when nuts are full of calories? It turns out that nuts like pistachios contain an explosive mixture of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. They help you stay away from mega-calorie foods with a less impressive portfolio of nutritional properties. Plus, the calories in pistachios are less than in any other nuts!

Note: if you can not stop at a reasonable portion of nuts, buy pistachios in the peel. The need to clean the nuts will force you to lower the rate of absorption and help control the size of the portion.

How to enjoy your favorite hamburger, taco or meat roll, without feeling guilty? Start them with low-calorie mushrooms!

An intriguing study of the Journal of Food Science showed that replacing up to 80% of minced meat with mushrooms not only enhances the intensity of taste in comparison with purely meat dishes, but also makes food less caloric. In addition, it increases the proportion of nutrients, including vitamin D, potassium and B vitamins.

Amazing news if you are looking for a way to cut calorie intake in the hope of a slender waistline. When the next time you'll cook choppies, pasta with meat, stuffing for tacos or a sandwich with ground beef, try replacing some of the meat with finely chopped and lightly fried mushrooms.

A modest serving of ¼ cup pea cereals contains monstrous 13 grams of fiber! Why is it important? Fiber changes the course of battle with fats by reducing the feeling of hunger, improving the control of blood sugar and beneficial effect on the population of beneficial bacteria of the digestive tract. As a bonus, pea croquet offers an impressive list of essential vitamins and minerals for the vital needs of the body.

You could also notice that the pea protein powder coexists on the shelves with the whey protein. All because this vegetable protein, which is often made from yellow pea, contains impressive amounts of anabolic amino acids and, at the same time, is an excellent source of protein for vegetarians.

Raise the degree of your dishes, and you can count on the rapid melting of fats. Capsaicin, a burning substance that gives chili peppers and spicy sauces their fire taste, is considered one of the worst enemies of adipose tissue, because it fires the furnace of metabolic processes and accelerates the burning of fat. And also capsaicin promotes saturation, which simplifies the control of the calorie counter. Pour it into the protein, eggs, vegetables and even rice!

Stir frozen bananas in a protein cocktail. They will immediately make the drink deliciously thick and creamy, and at the same time increase the volume of the portion and refuel with carbohydrates for recovery after a grueling workout.

Scientists at Purdue University compared drinks with the same caloric content and volume, but with varying degrees of viscosity. It turned out that thick drinks better satisfy hunger than their lean counterparts. Probably, a thick cocktail stretches the stomach like dense food and does not leave the stomach as quickly as a drink with a watery texture.

Bananas are very easy to freeze. Simply slice them with slices, place on a baking tray or a kitchen board and send it to the freezer. Once the pieces have hardened, put them in a bag and keep them in the freezer until the time comes to mix the post-training cocktail in the blender.

An endless rumbling stomach is the worst nightmare of any diet. Instead of the usual bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, fill the stomach with real oats.

At the Medical Center of Columbia University in New York in 2015 year, an experiment was conducted and found that breakfast of oatmeal for a long time satisfies hunger and reduces the caloric value of subsequent meals by 31%. We compared oat porridge with a portion of corn flakes with a similar energy value.

Oats are a generous shelter of the satisfying hunger of soluble fiber, which helps you avoid the temptation of sweets with their pernicious influence on the waist. And what about the ready-made oat flakes? They are not so good. The only downside is that it's not always possible to find time to make porridge from whole oats. To speed up the process, soak oats overnight. This can shorten the cooking time by half.

Spaghetti squash is the low-carbohydrate response of Mother Nature to ordinary pasta. After cooking, the pulp of this pumpkin breaks up into thin strips of light nutty taste. They look like spaghetti, but without the extra starchy carbohydrates and calories.

Use a microwave to quickly make spaghetti squash. Remove the semolina with a spoon, cut into halves and in half. Halves of lobules lay on a plate for microwave, pulp down, and loosely cover with a paper towel. Put in the oven for 8-12 minutes, or until the pulp becomes tender. Allow five minutes to cool, and then scrape the pumpkin pulp with a fork.

When the fashion was all low-carbohydrate, the potato was recognized as the number one enemy of society. But it turned out that the potato has a secret weapon against fat traps: resistant starch. Resistant starch is a unique large-sized form of fiber that takes up a lot of space in the digestive tract and gives a good sense of satiety. And since such a starch is resistant to digestion, it passes through the intestines in transit and does not enter the bloodstream. In a word, it is unlikely that he will land in adipose tissue; this is more likely in the case of other carbohydrates.

But there is a nuance. In boiled starchy vegetables like potatoes, resistant starch is formed during cooling. All because cooking starts in the starch mechanism of attracting water, but it works only at low temperatures. To take advantage of the ability of potatoes (as well as beans, corn, lentils, brown rice and macaroni from durum wheat) to fill your diet with stable starch, eat it cold or in chilled soups puree.

Along with yoghurt and red fish, meat is an excellent source of protein, which, as already proved, contributes to fat burning.

In addition to increasing dry body weight, the protein can protect against the growth of the waist volume due to the thermal effect, which is more pronounced than that of fats and carbohydrates. The thermal effect of food can be represented in the form of energy necessary for chewing, digesting, sucking, transporting and storing everything that you eat.

The thermal effect of the protein is in the range of 20 to 35%. This means that up to 35% of calories of protein food is wasted in the process of digestion and assimilation. For comparison, only 5-15% of the energy of carbohydrates or fats is burned during their assimilation. So, although in a gram of protein and carbohydrates approximately the same number of calories, the protein from the protein to the human body gets less energy.

If in 2016 year you want to say "saionara" folds at the waist, it is important to make food fats work for you. And if your hands are drawn to a jar of cookies, make olive oil the key fat of your diet.

Recently, Italian doctors conducted a study and found that oleic acid, the main monounsaturated fat of olive oil, promotes an increase in the level of oleoylethanolamide (OEA) in the blood. This chemical suppresses the feeling of hunger. One simple ingredient leads to a decrease in caloric intake during the following 24 hours. There is an opinion that thin people are more sensitive to the action of oleic acid than people with obesity.

For frying, you can use cheap refined butter of the category "light" or "pure", as it has a neutral flavor and a higher smoke temperature, but for dressing in salads, sauces and dipov, choose the extra-virgin oil. As a bonus, you will get a high content of useful antioxidants.

Chia seeds are suitable not only for feathered pets, they will help you to crush hunger and cravings for sweets. The secret of their strength is in high soluble fiber content. Mixed with liquids, it swells and creates a feeling of a full stomach. This will help you curb cravings for delicacies and not run into appetizing mines that can take your diet off the drain.

That's why chia seeds have become a popular ingredient in useful puddings and drinks; mixing with water, they make the product thicker. Some people even prepare chia jelly from seeds and add it to baking instead of eggs as a binder. In the supermarket you can get white or black chia seeds; both varieties contain a large amount of fiber.

Heard a lot about the useful property of grapefruit, why is it not mentioned?


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