20 exercise for losing weight at home


Try these 20 exercises for quick weight loss at home.

Author: Craig Ballantyne, Master of Science, Certified Specialist in Power and General Physical Training

Most people are convinced that for effective training you need to enroll in an expensive room or spend money on clever devices to do at home. With truth, this has nothing to do. Using your own weight to develop strength, increase stamina and accelerate fat burning is one of the most productive and economical approaches to the training process. Your only investment will be time, not money.

These exercises for weight loss work out muscles more efficiently than lifting and lowering shells in the hall. This type of load will accurately increase the strengths and help you pump up muscles, but in a slightly different way. The fact is that traditional strength training is aimed at developing the muscles separately, one exercise is one muscle. Performing bending on the biceps with dumbbells, you train only the biceps. The same thing happens in many other strength training exercises. In the standard bench press, mainly the muscles of the chest are involved, and although the shoulders and triceps also receive a small load, the main load is in the pectoral muscles. And because during the press you are lying on a bench, the lower part of the body is completely excluded from the equation.

Strength training definitely has its advantages, but when it comes to losing weight, it will be more useful to exercise with own weight. It does not matter if it's cardio or strength training, there will be several muscle groups involved in each movement with body weight, which is why they are considered the most effective in terms of fat burning – your whole body is forced to work in unison to perform (correctly) each exercise. There are dozens of exercises with their own weight, but we have chosen the twenty most effective in terms of weight loss.

All these exercises are mainly aimed at the muscles of the arms and torso, but they require the participation of many other muscles, so that you get more than just a strong upper body.

No one likes to push it, but everyone needs it. A popular exercise is included in almost all training programs, and for that there is a reason. It involves not only the entire musculature of the upper body, including the chest, shoulders and triceps, but also the muscles of the trunk, which keep the body in balance. To perform push-ups, rest your hands on the floor on the width of the shoulders. Legs can be together (slightly more complicated) or divorced laterally (so it's easier), the whole body is stretched out into a string – without bulging pelvis or saggy thighs. Slowly bend your arms, lower your chest to the floor, and then straighten your arms completely. This is considered one repetition.

20 exercise for losing weight at home

If you can not perform standard push-ups, you can always take a simplified version. Do not rest on your toes, but on the area just above the kneecap (never lean directly on the knee cap). Make sure that the entire mass of the body is transferred to the hands, and the back is straight. When this exercise seems easy, go to the standard push-ups. First, lean one foot on the knee, the second – on the toes of the foot. As with standard push-ups, remember to stretch your abdominal muscles and keep your back straight.

A little more difficult exercise than standard push-ups, since the amplitude of the movement increases. You start at the same starting position, as with standard push-ups, but now your legs are raised and stand on a bench, chair or ladder. Lower the upper body to the ground, and then push the chest, shoulders and triceps to return to the starting position. Make sure that the muscles of the press are tense, and the back remains straight at all stages of the movement.

Having mastered this exercise, you will feel like a superhero. The muscles of the upper body and abdominal press it loads better than any other push-ups. Take the starting position for the usual push-ups. Lower your chest to the floor and pull the right knee to the right elbow. You need to do this smoothly. Pressing, return the leg to its original position. In the next repetition, change your legs and pull the left knee to the left elbow. Keep your back straight, press tight, and do not rotate your hips.

20 exercise for losing weight at home

This version of push-ups puts all the work on the shoulders. Raise your legs on the bench, as during push-ups with a slope, but put your hands as close to the bench. You will find yourself in a posture resembling an inverted V. The legs can be bent or straightened. Lower your head to the floor, and then use the shoulders, chest and triceps to press up and climb up.

20 exercise for losing weight at home

By pull-ups, you can judge the strength of a person, because in this movement you have to lift the entire mass of the body. Grasp the high crossbar with a straight grip (make sure that the crossbar is strong enough to support your weight) and pull the body up as high as you can. Slowly sink down.

20 exercise for losing weight at home

If the usual version of the exercise is too tough for you, pulling on a low crossbar will help give the back muscles a good load. Grasp the crossbar, located at the waist level, and be placed under it so that the arms and legs are straightened. As a result, you hang on your hands and lean on your heels. Tighten the abdomen, the upper back and the widest muscles to tighten the chest to the crossbar, and then slowly return to the starting position. If you want to complicate, tighten on one hand, instead of two. To pull it was easier, bend your knees and rest on the floor with the whole foot.

In the lower part of the body there are a lot of muscles that you use actively throughout the day. In one only walking involved quadriceps, buttocks, leg muscles and hamstrings. By training the lower part of the body, you will support these muscles in a tone so that they continue to carry out their daily work successfully, and at the same time take a decisive step towards burning fats.

A fundamental exercise, one of the main movements for the lower body. The legs are slightly wider than the shoulders, the abdominal muscles and buttocks are strained, the toes look forward. From this position, squat as deeply as possible, keeping your back straight. Do not let your knees go behind your toes. The best way to remember how to do the exercise correctly is to direct the pelvis down and slightly back, as if you want to lower the fifth point to the edge of the chair that is behind you. The main thing, never round your lower back – always keep it in a neutral position. Push off the buttocks, the muscles of the back of the thigh and the quadriceps to return to the starting position.

This exercise is similar to the usual sit-ups, but instead of letting your hands hang around the sides, you will clasp them behind your head. Thus, you exclude a small impulse that can occur in ordinary squats. You will also increase the load a little by raising your arms above your head. As during normal sit-ups, it is necessary to perform the exercise according to all the rules.

20 exercise for losing weight at home

Y-sit-ups are like prisoner squats, but hands are not linked behind the head, but are raised high up, so that the whole body looks like the letter Y. Tighten the upper back and shoulders, feed the pelvis back and sink into a deep squat. Make sure that the knees do not cross the plane of the toes, and that there is no rounding of the lower back. Push the buttocks, quadriceps and hamstrings to return to the starting position.

The muscles of the back of the thigh are one of the most important muscles in your legs. The fact that you do not see them does not mean that you do not need to train them. Lifting the pelvis is a popular and effective exercise for developing the strength of these muscles. Lay down on your back, bend your knees, rest on the floor. Tighten the buttocks and lift the pelvis above the surface. Hold in this position for a couple of seconds, and then lower the pelvis, but do not touch the floor. You can complicate the exercise by stretching one leg and lifting it up while lifting the pelvis.

20 exercise for losing weight at home

The falls are a great exercise, and very effective, if done right. To begin with, stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart. Take a wide step forward with your right foot and bend your leg, leaning on the toes of your left foot. At the same time, bend the left leg in the knee and lower it down. Your goal is to make the right thigh parallel to the floor, without bending the knee and not allowing it to go beyond the conditional plane at the level of the fingers of the right foot. Do not tilt your body. Keep the chest straight, the abdominal muscles should be strained. To return to the starting position, push off the heel of your right foot and climb back. Change your legs after doing the approach on one side, or alternating the attacks with your left and right foot. The main thing, take a step forward and down, and not forward and forward.

Having mastered the usual attacks, you can add movement to them. Instead of standing still and returning the front leg to its original position, move forward and pull the other leg forward, as if making a giant step.

Who said that you can not make attacks back? From the initial position, you take a step back, and then go down, as in normal attacks. The only difference is that you take a step back, not forward. The rest of the rules do not change – follow the front knee, bend the knee of the back leg in the direction of the floor and keep your back straight.

20 exercise for losing weight at home

No training for weight loss will not be complete without cardio-loading. It is she who raises the pulse rate and forces the body to give all the power.

The old good exercise "jumping Jack" is perfect for both warm-up and for the main part of the workout. Stand upright, legs together, hands on each side of the body. Jump and spread your legs apart, at the same time raise your hands above your head. Second jump back to the starting position. Take care to push off the pads of your toes.

It does not matter whether you love them or hate them, if you need a good cardio exercise, the burrs will never let you down. Start in standing position, then go down, bending your knees, and put your hands on the floor. Straighten your legs behind you so that you are in the starting position for push-up, then jump them to your chest and rise. To add a load to the cardiovascular system, you can bounce back to its original position.

20 exercise for losing weight at home

Before you cardio exercise, disguised as a leg exercise, although your heart is involved in it no less actively than the lower body. Find a stand or bench with a height of about 20 cm and stand facing it. Raise your right foot and put it on the stand, your left foot still stands on the floor. Now tighten the gluteal muscles and push the right foot to pull the left up. Hold for a second and go down. Do the approach with the right foot, and then switch to the left one. When the exercise becomes easier, go to a higher stand or bench.

20 exercise for losing weight at home

This exercise involves all the muscles – the press, the upper and lower parts of the body and even the heart. Take the starting position for push-ups from the floor, hands on the width of the shoulders. Tighten the abdominal muscles and pull the right knee to the chest, not allowing the pelvic area to bend up or fall down. Do not touch the floor with your toes when pulling the knee. Return the right leg to its original position and do the same with the other leg. Continue to alternate the movement of the left and right foot. The faster you perform the exercise, the higher the heart rate. Feel the load and the muscles of the abdomen.

20 exercise for losing weight at home

You do not want to lose weight and stay with a big belly, right? Therefore, a good workout for weight loss includes exercises for abdominal muscles.

Lie down on the floor face down, then climb to the forearms and place the shoulders and elbows on the same line. The back and the whole body should be stretched out into a string, the emphasis is on the toes. Strain the abdominal muscles, hold this position for as long as you can. In a simplified version, you can lean on your knees, not on your toes.

20 exercise for losing weight at home

It looks like an ordinary bar, but instead of leaning on both forearms, you transfer the weight of the body to one hand and turn the body away. Raise your hips above the floor, strain the press and oblique abdominal muscles. Change the side. Again, you can ask the exercise to rest on the knee of the lower leg.

And now your abdominal muscles will feel the burning sensation. Hang on the crossbar using the upper grip. Slowly lift your knees in the direction of the chest. Make sure that the muscles involved in the movement of the belly, and not the hips. Slowly lower your knees down, you do not have to swing back and forth.

20 exercise for losing weight at home

The best way to get the most out of all these weight loss exercises is to perform them in a circular or interval training. You can combine them as you like. For example, you can perform one movement for the upper body, one for the bottom, one for the press and one cardio exercise without pauses between them. After you finish the circle, catch your breath for a few seconds and try again. Try to do six to eight laps. The beauty is that you have a lot of exercises for different combinations, and each workout can be unique. This will help to maintain motivation and save you from boredom, because of which many drop out training.

Do not forget to keep track of the correct technique for performing each exercise and use simplified options if you can not execute it according to all the rules. It is better to perform a simple option than to suffer with an exercise that is too tough for you. Not to mention the fact that you run the risk of injury due to improper performance of the exercise.

You should also not forget about proper nutrition. Eating healthy food and approaching a diet with the mind is an important part of any weight loss program. This approach will help to see the result of training much faster. Do not forget that the body needs energy for training. Fill it with quality fuel so you can work hard, and with these exercises of your own weight you will win the battle with fat folds in no time!

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