21 day: three-week push-up marathon

A three-week marathon push-ups will be useful to girls who do not press out once, and those who squeeze out perfectly. Down, up and forward to the goals!

Author: Lauren Brooks

Push-ups with perfect technique are one of the most functional exercises. Forget about the desire to "work out one single muscle"; push-ups strengthen the abdominal press, triceps, deltoid, anterior dentate, pectoral, latissimus muscles and many others. In addition, this is an elegant exercise for the upper back and perhaps the safest bench press for the shoulder joints.

Push-ups do not just develop muscles. They help to develop a systematic approach to fitness by correctly formulating long-term goals. In the end, you can press anywhere, anytime! And if some variant of push-ups seems too simple, you can always find a lot of ways to raise your workouts to the next level of complexity.

Learning to do more push-ups with the perfect technique than you can now is a very worthy goal, and I have a ready-made strategy that will help you achieve it. So, mash the muscles and get ready; ahead of you waiting for pushups, more pushups, and so 21 day in a row!

Learn the basics and protect yourself from injury

Before starting a marathon, be sure to know the difference between "wrong" and "right" push-ups. The first will end sooner or later with trauma; the second – an exercise that is worth doing every day. For improper push-ups, the following errors are typical:

If your pushups are somewhat similar to those described above, there is no need to suffer and hope that everything will change for the better. It's like asking for an injury. There are better options!

As with any exercise, the formation of the skill of impeccable push-ups will take time. Time will be needed more if you have recently given birth to a baby, suffer from a diastase of the rectus abdominal muscles or have undergone an operation on the abdominal cavity. To master the ideal push-ups, you have to re-train the brain to properly hold the position of the bar. Remember, bad technique, especially in push-ups from the floor, can lead to damage.

If classic push-ups are too simple for you, there are many ways to raise them to a new level. For example:

21-day marathon of ideal push-ups

Find a position or support that allows you to perform ideal push-ups with your level of preparation. Divide the total number of repetitions by as many approaches as needed. The main thing, keep the ideal – in the truest sense of the word the ideal – the position of the body on one line and impeccable technique. I recommend starting with a relatively small number of repetitions, so that you can safely move to the set goals.

Remember, if the waist sags, and the neck with the trapezius muscles do all the work, it's not considered to be a correct push-up. If you push yourself with this technique, you teach yourself a pattern of movement, from which harm is more than good. Such push-ups are not considered! Find someone who will give an honest assessment of your technique, and do not be afraid to hear the truth.

When you feel yourself strong and can perform push-ups flawlessly, try to lower the pivot point or find a more complex exercise option that will make you tense from several repetitions per approach. You can break repetitions into as many sets as you need.

Week 1. Week of push-ups of the "initial" level

Example: use a high support

Week 2. Week of push-ups of average difficulty

Example: Use low support or more complex advanced options

Week 3. Week of complex push-ups

Example: Press off the floor or choose sophisticated push-ups

Do push-ups carefully, do them correctly. Over time, this approach will become a habit, and you will be wringing out exclusively with the perfect technique.


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