The 2468 Diet: meal plan and results


What is the 2468 diet

Model appearance has always been a priority, especially in the world of show business. That is why the 2468 diet is so popular. Those who first decided to “sit down” on a diet, and do not suspect what kind of magic numbers in the name. But, there is nothing magical, everything is very simple and understandable. 2468 is a kind of encryption that hides a daily dose of calories for each day of the diet.

The 2468 diet plan and menu

The total duration of the diet is 12 days, which means that:

  • the first, fifth and ninth day your daily diet should not exceed 200 kcal;
  • the second, sixth and tenth day your daily diet should be 400 kcal;
  • the third, seventh and eleventh day of the daily diet should contain a most of 600 kcal;
  • and the fourth, eighth and twelfth days – 800 kcal.

What can you eat on 2468 diet meal plan to weigh lose

You can eat everything!

Fried potatoes, raw vegetables or chocolate – all that you want! The main thing is that the daily calorie did not exceed the allowable norm for a diet.

2468 diet

2468 diet results in weight loss

The 2468 diet results in colossal – minus 5 – 8 kg for 12 days. And it happens because the body is in constant stress, as the diet habitual for it changes every day. At the same time, the body does not get used to incoming calories. It does not have time to adjust to them, which means that the metabolism improves. Due to this, the process of losing weight accelerates.

Quitting the diet

After completing the diet, you should add daily to your diet according to 200 kcal, until you get close to your norm. To maintain the achieved results, you will have to refuse baking, fried foods, and confectionery for a month. You can consume all the usual foods in moderation. Fish and seafood have many useful substances and also contain few calories. So, these foods have a special preference.

The world’s nutritionists are recognizing 2468 diet. It has only positive feedback and results. Experience its miraculous influence!

Reviews about the 2468 diet and success stories “before” and “after”

Quite a peculiar diet. I used it to prepare for the summer season. What I would like to say about the diet of 2468 is a diet not for weaklings! Plus it’s that you can eat anything, minus the amount (Of course, the hardest days that are on 200 calories.) Many problems with calculating the calories. My opinion is that there are simpler diets. How I dropped over 12 days almost 6 kg, I will not sit down again on this diet.
My story, no one is surprised, but still, say. I very much gained weight after childbirth (gave birth late, in 42). This no one expected. In general, the whole pregnancy was good. but I looked like an elephant. 🙂 Before, my weight was always 57- 58, a most of 60! After pregnancy, I have all 80! It’s disgusting to watch the last six months in the mirror. The husband is still happy with his son every day. But I now wanted to return my maiden weight back. I registered at the gym. I started looking for diets, even raw food for a month I tried. But my weight doesn’t want to lose! I guess I would be crazy if it were not for the 2468 diet. ) So I have two weeks on it with little breaks. I threw away 6 kilograms for this time. Now every time I get up on the scales with rapture, I wait for the cherished 58.
I liked the wedding dress very much. I bought it to lose weight and get into it because it was unreal beautiful. There were three weeks left before the wedding, and I was still fine. I have already begun to panic. On the recommendation of the best friend, I decided to go on a diet 2468. And what would you think? In two weeks I lost three sizes. If it had not been for her, I would not even have come to my own wedding!
I managed to lose weight on 8 kilograms for 12 days of the 2468 diet, it’s an excellent result. I rarely stick to diets, but I wanted to lose weight by the summer. Some days (according to 200 Kcal) were given very hard. I tried to stuff my stomach with vegetables, so as not to feel hunger. I think the 2468 diet is an excellent option for rapid weight loss.
Searching the Internet attracted me the “2468” diet, partly by its name. I decided to take a chance. I still do not lose anything. And as a result, with 89 kg, I began to weigh as much as 54 kg for three courses of the diet. Of course, I added sports for the quality of the body.
Before, a diet was feared, in which you must strictly adhere to the coloring, counting calories. For me is hell! But then I learned about this diet and decided to take a chance. The result was not long in coming, the weight began to melt. Here it is possible to count the calories for the sake of such a case. More effective than any mono-kit a hundred times! And the kilograms have not returned yet. Minus 7 kg for 1,5 months, an amazing result, in my opinion!
Once I tried this diet on my own and did not regret it. Days on 200 calories was hard. On the one hand – you can eat everything, but on the other – you can not afford much for these calories. But 800 kcal perceive as a holiday, everything is known in comparison.
Although the 2468 diet is not easy, the result is worth it. I had a lot of weight, but for 12 days to lose 10 kg, you will agree on an impressive result.
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