3 argument in favor of a ketogenic diet

The diet of bacon, avocado and eggs looks tempting, but is it worth to give up sugar, spaghetti and bread? Find out why the ketogenic diet can benefit almost everyone.

Author: Jeremy Partle, Master of Science, Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist

As the popularity of the ketogenic diet grows in the fitness community, you involuntarily begin to try it on yourself and ask yourself how real the promised benefits are. But then you say to yourself: "Do you want to refuse cookies and bread? Thank you, but I did pass. " I advise you to think carefully and give a ketogenic diet a chance. With proper use it energizes, helps lose weight and promotes longevity. And this is not saying that you have to eat very tasty food.

We all faced the ill-fated energy sugar crisis. Without even noticing, you are devouring a whole bag of favorite sweets while watching the movie. First comes a sense of euphoria and a surge of energy, and you are ready to run a marathon. But after only half an hour there is a feeling that the forces have left you completely, and the recovery will take at least five days of sound sleep.

Eating wrong carbohydrates in large quantities can cause you to ride the energy roller coaster every day. Such carbohydrates instantly provoke peak blood sugar rise, causing insulin to clean up after you and lower the glucose level to normal levels. Given that glucose is the main source of energy for the brain, such changes in its concentration in the blood lead to loss of strength and decreased attention. But what if you do not have to rely on a continuous intake of carbohydrates to maintain a stable level of energy?

In a fat-rich ketogenic diet, the energy level will not be so unstable, as there will not be sudden jumps of blood sugar. There is no place for white rice or chocolate bars, which cause sudden rise and subsequent collapse of glucose concentration, and there is only an endless flow of energy in the form of fats (ketone bodies and fatty acids).

When thinking about reducing weight on the mind, as a rule, diets with a low fat content come. Why, it is asked, is there more fat, if from fat you so want to get rid of? In fact, it turned out that a fat-rich ketogenic diet gives excellent results in losing weight and can become a much more successful choice for weight loss than the traditional low-fat menu.

The journal "Nutrition and Metabolism" published a curious study. The participants in the experiment were divided into two groups. The deficit of 500 calories was in everyone, but the first group sat on a keto diet with an extremely low carbohydrate content, and the second group adhered to a low-fat (25% of the total caloric intake) diet.

Despite the identical caloric deficit, the group members on the keto diet eventually achieved greater weight loss, a percentage of adipose tissue and a specific visceral fat than the group on the low fat diet.

3. Duration and quality of life

Ketogenic diet strengthens health, because it reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a combination of risk factors for cardiovascular disease, which, as you know, is confidently leading the list of causes of death in the world. These risk factors include abdominal obesity (excess adipose tissue in the abdomen), high blood pressure, high blood triglycerides, increased fasting glucose and a decrease in HDL cholesterol ("useful cholesterol").

Each of these factors increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, not to mention diabetes and stroke. Fortunately, the ketogenic diet increases the strength of the heart and blood vessels and significantly reduces the chance of encountering one of the above-mentioned risk factors.

First you need to know all the subtleties of the ketogenic diet. There are many questions and the smallest details. You will have to endure a very difficult phase of adaptation, but once the difficulties are left behind, you will be on the right path to success and set goals. And then get ready to fully experience the benefits that the ketogenic diet offers!


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