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Dumbbells and bars rule, but if you want to draw relief and improve physical training, these simulators can give the answer that you were looking for!

Author: Roger Lockridge

In recent years, simulators have received a fair amount of undeserved criticism, but they have something to offer. I'm far from thinking that you need to turn away from your favorite free weights; I'm just saying that if you have other tools at hand, you, at least, should seriously consider the possibility of their use. Do you want to dry and show relief? Prepare for the competition? Are you working on general functional training? A strategic step towards simulators can help in achieving each of the stated goals.

Here are three simulators that should be rehabilitated and returned to the training program, if you want to create a relief and see the results as soon as possible.

The largest and strongest muscles of our body are legs, and the basic movements are great for the development of these muscles. Yes, squats and deadlifts will help you create powerful quadriceps and enviable muscles of the hamstrings, but even these exercises are paled against the background of what you are prepared to offer with your feet.

Foot press is a great basic movement, built into the simulator, which allows you to train your legs more effectively and safely after performing squats, stanovaya, or both. Since the spine remains in a stable position throughout the exercise (regardless of technique, but it is still not worth neglecting), using this universal simulator, you can safely raise a lot of weight and even exercise during the recovery from injury. It can even help you increase the numbers in exercises with free weights.

If you think that press with your feet – only for quadriceps, you are very wrong. Putting the feet in the center of the platform on the width of the shoulders, you will aim at the front surface of the thigh. But put them together on the upper edge, and you engage the hamstrings, which will have to do a good deal of the work. Slide the stacks down to the base, so that the heels hang from the edge of the platform, and – bang! – Now you can turn your calves into fleshy hams.

Advice of the expert: in the bench press, make an 3-4 triset on 15 repetitions, using all three stop positions. It's a killer ending for any leg training.

Upper body: Gravitron (pull-up and push-up simulator)

Pulling up and push-ups are two exercises that you can not talk about for a long time. This is the most powerful tandem for the top of the body that you can find. The only problem is that many rest on the ceiling from a certain number of repetitions for weeks, months and even years. When this happens, you have options besides repeatedly crashing into muscle failure!

The auxiliary simulator will help you increase the amount of work in pull-ups and push-ups, and this will increase the flow of blood to the muscles and help burn more calories in training. What's a bonus? If you are not strong enough to perform a clean approach without jerking and deteriorating technique, Gravitron is able to act as an observer / tutor, which will help you master the basics of correct biomechanics. Perhaps there will not be one Gravitron here, but it will definitely prove useful!

When you finally outgrow these training helps, just pull the hairpin out of the cargo block and lower the movable platform to get a strong stand for pull-ups and push-ups that you can use as much as you like. Can not you like it?

Advice of the expert: tighten as many times as possible, until failure. Increase the weight in the load block for the counterbalance to tighten a few more times. In fact, it is a drop-set for enhancing pumping and muscle burning. Now, without rest, switch to push-ups and do exactly the same. Three circles with a minute of rest between them – and you made a cool superset for the top of the body.

Many athletes criticize Smith's simulator, although he deserves a much higher rating. Smith is universal, because you can perform in it almost any exercise with the bar, using a fixed trajectory, which creates the guides of this simulator. All this is especially useful if you grind the form or recover from injury.

Replace the analogues in Smith with various exercises with a barbell in which you have a problem with the technique, or use it in exercises that exacerbate your injuries. This is literally an all-in-one trainer, which can be used in exercises for the top of the body, for example, in press and tilt in the slope, and in exercises for the lower part – squats, stanovaya on straight legs or lunges. If you can not reach up to some muscle, try a fixed Smith trajectory to slow down the movement and establish such an important link between the brain and muscles. It can do wonders with your basic pressures and pulls.

Another advantage of the simulator is that you do not always need an insurer – although sometimes it is even better to enlist the support of a partner. When you are rested against refusal, you just need to turn the bar so that the hooks lie on the supports and you are safe. It follows that you can conduct a safe and hard training, even if you are doing alone.

Advice of the expert: Scroll a week – perhaps after a hard week on which you have beaten a personal record or reached peak loads – and replace the exercises with the bar in your training plan with the analogs in Smith. Focus on muscle contraction and repetition rate. Really slow down the negative phase! This will bring some relief to your joints, worn while working with loose weights, and will provide valuable information about what you can improve on your technique.


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