3 circular training programs to increase muscle mass


There are several ways to create a circular training program for the entire body. Determine which of the three options suits you best.

Author: Shannon Clarke

If your goal is a significant increase in muscle mass, then one of the best ways to achieve this goal is circular training. Circulars are called such training, in which for one lesson all the basic muscle groups are worked out. Many of those who seek to increase muscle mass, soon come to the conclusion that three workouts per week is not enough to effectively gain weight, but this is not so.

Often, especially when the goal is to increase muscle volume, circular training gives better results than separate upper and lower body workouts or training on separate muscle groups.

There are several ways to create a circular training program that is aimed at increasing muscle volume, so check out the three different options below to choose the one that best suits you.

1. Alternating workouts for the upper and lower body parts

The first variant of the circular training program is that with each training the emphasis is either on the upper or lower part of the body. So, for example, the day of training the muscles of the upper body, you perform several sets for the muscles of the legs, but the focus is on working on the muscles of the hands.

During the second workout, during the week, you on the contrary make the main emphasis on leg exercises. Next, you continue to alternate these workouts: one week two workouts for the muscles of the legs, on the other two exercises for the upper body.

The advantage of this program is that you can add a couple of extra exercises specifically aimed at developing the upper or lower body. With a classic circular training, this is a little more difficult, because you try to load all the muscles equally.

In general, the muscle groups, which are not accented in this workout, can perform the 2-3 approach of basic exercises as support.

Here is an example of what a training program for the upper body might look like.

On other days, the following program can be used for the lower body.

You can add some own exercises to this complex, but it is necessary to feel the general direction of this program.

The second type of training program for muscle mass gaining is hypertrophy training. The goal of this program is to increase the muscular volume more than the strength, so the emphasis is on a slightly larger volume and the number of repetitions.

While executing this program, the increase in strength will also occur, but it will not be as significant as with a smaller number of repetitions (for example, in the following program, which is given below).

It should be noted that this program is not recommended for a long time. It gives a big load to the central nervous system and can later lead to overtraining.

This program also assumes a standard pattern of training: three circular training sessions per week and at least one day of rest between training sessions.

3. The training program for increasing strength

Finally, the last type of training that should be considered is training with an emphasis on increasing strength. This program provides for a smaller number of repetitions, which will allow you to raise more weight in order to increase strength, and simultaneously increase muscle volume.

It should be borne in mind that in order to increase muscle volume with this program or, properly speaking, any other program, you need an excess of calories. In some cases, you can become stronger without consuming more calories than you expend, but the muscle mass will not increase.

This training program also involves longer rest periods, which are necessary for recovery when lifting heavy weights. The total number of approaches and repetitions will be less for the same reason.

Below is an example of a training program corresponding to these principles. Typically, the best option – the implementation of this training program completely, three days a week, and then every three to four weeks should change the exercises that are included in this complex.

Take note of these three power programs. The choice of programs for increasing muscle mass is quite extensive. Choose for yourself such a program that you will perform with pleasure, and which is suitable for your body type. This is the best guarantee that you will achieve excellent results.

and what weight should I take for each exercise?

I have a question, according to 2 method. But can I run the program, 2 times a day?

Is this program for girls?

Now I'm doing the base, three days a week (legs, shoulders . chest, biceps . back triceps) . the fat does not go away (endomorph), I want to go to a circular training (all groups of muscles in one day) with medium weights, a large number of repetitions (15,20) plus cardio, I hope to throw a couple of kg . but I can not pick up the complex yet! base in one day (squat, raise barbell on biceps, bars, bench press, stand, bench press narrow) will be the result? do not bend?)

I think this is the best scheme of training

I do a little differently, i.e. I do not pay so much attention to my legs. I use circular exercises in the first stage ie. 2 month hikes in the hall after a complete freebie))) I can responsibly say – They are really better than all other programs for beginners or for those who fall out of the training cycle. in all other cases, such programs of circular training. can only be maintained, for example during illness, or after it. with such programs go to two-day and three-day-old split

I did not understand something, for example, the program number 2 she needs to do Monday monday Friday, or every day?

Tell me please, using this program you can actually gain muscle mass

Which one? There are three programs.

The second. It is interesting to hear the opinions of those who worked on this program. Since, as for me, this program is more suitable for "supporting" the results achieved than for weight gain, especially in the hands. I, for example, have always associated such training with the athlete's desire to lose weight and undercut. Maybe I'm wrong. I want to hear the opinion of the pros. Thankful in advance for the answer.

guys, this really works! and steeper than normal programs. all experienced on myself. You will be pleasantly surprised by trying.

No circular training is the best option for pumping muscle strength and endurance

Pursuing the month of the second program, I achieved the following results: 1. Has thrown off weight on 3 kg for a month;

2. The volume in the muscles did not decrease, but did not increase;

3. Force indicators have not increased.

Conclusion: for me it's a great program for drying, requiring great effort. In addition, I ate for the mass set (ate a lot).

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