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If you are ready to lose some fat, fulbody training will be an excellent starting point. Here are three cool programs, from which you can choose! Go!

Author: Shannon Clarke

Ready to remove excess fat and dry it? Fulbody training will be an excellent starting point. Here are three cool programs, from which you can choose!

Training Fulbodi – the best bet for those who want to intense fat burning. They allow you to train more often, and you still have enough time to recover.

Since during weight loss you have to cut caloric intake, internal reserves for recovery will also be limited. For this reason, it is extremely important to monitor the total amount of training load. If your workouts are built on a large number of approaches, it will be more difficult for you to recover before the next session.

It is difficult for many to make a good fulbodi slimming exercise, especially if there are other types of exercise in the training cycle, such as cardio and outdoor activities. Since every fuldie training works out all muscle groups at once, you have to consider what type of training is planned for the next day, so as not to deprive yourself of the 48-hour recovery period.

We offer three variants of fulbodi training for drying, from which you can choose.

1. Low volume training, basic exercises

Training with a reduced amount of exercise, aimed at maintaining muscle mass without significant depletion of glycogen stores.

If you observe a ketogenic diet for weight loss, this is the best option, because you do not have to deplete the energy reserves of muscles. Please note that during drying it is important to consider all the nuances of the diet and adjust its training for it. As a result, the diet has a significant effect on the entire training program.

In the first type of training, the main goal is to maintain the working weights that you used earlier, so as not to lose in the strengths. Note that after training you will not see an impressive "muscle pumping", because it is built on fewer approaches and repetitions. Moreover, on a low-carbohydrate diet, do not be surprised at weak pumping and the fact that as a result of the action of all factors, the muscles will lose a little in volume.

There are physiological reasons for such changes, but they do not affect the effectiveness of the program, so you may not worry about it.

Alternate these exercises, doing them two or three times a week (use the order ABC, ABC, ABA, and so on). Since you study each muscle group every five days, the frequency of training should be enough to achieve good results while maintaining dry muscle mass.

2. Devastating Fulbodi Training

The second type of fatigue training for weight loss is aimed at the complete devastation of muscle glycogen stores. With a reasonable episodic application, they are effective, as they truly boost the activity of lipolytic enzymes and accelerate progress.

Typically, such fat-burning exercises are used together with carbohydrate alternation to completely remove carbohydrate stores from the body. Then, when you eat a carbohydrate-rich diet immediately after a debilitating exercise, your muscles are greedily sucking these carbohydrates. This approach is more useful than simple refids or chetmiles without exhausting training.

In most cases, one exhausting workout per week is enough, or even less. Its main goal is to accelerate progress in the training course for drying.

When you do this program, do not forget to reduce the working weights, because the number of repetitions will increase. And try to shorten rest periods in order to get the maximum metabolic response.

Still pay attention to the fact that with certain features of the diet and the degree of deficiency of calories and carbohydrates may need a third approach. As a rule, it is better to perform exercises in the style of circular training, that is, to make the first approach to one and immediately proceed to the next. Completely complete the first round, go back to the beginning and proceed to the second approach, and if necessary – and to the third.

And for the snack, the last version of fulvodi training for drying is ideal for those who are pressed by time, and who needs to finish the training as soon as possible and go about their business.

Short, but intense training during weight loss give a good effect, because they do not deplete the muscles in full and allow you to quickly recover on a low-calorie diet. In addition, because we often spend a lot of time on cardio on drying, compressed workouts help to fit into a busy schedule, especially if you can only do it three or four times a week.

On drying, short, but intense training gives a good effect.

If you are doing the following program at least 2 times a week, you will have time to take another look at the gym and do cardio training.

Keep in mind that on this fulbodi training you will not spend a ton of calories, and in terms of energy consumption in one exercise, it is not the most effective. Those who use this type of training, you need to carefully monitor the diet and create a sufficient calorie deficit, which triggers fat burning mechanisms.

So, you have three different types of fat burning workouts. Do one of these 3 times a week, when you want to dry again. In combination with a good diet, they will help you achieve outstanding results!

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