3 intensive weight loss training programs


Primary goal: reduction in fat mass

Level of training: newcomer

Number of workouts per week: 4

Necessary equipment: bar, dumbbells, EZ-neck, other

Audience: men and women

Do you want to burn fat, but are tired of monotonous cardio sessions? Try an intensive training. The article tells about 20, 30 and 40-minute intensive weight-loss trainings, performed 4 times a week.

Author: Brad Borland

To lose weight, you do not need aerobic exercise! At least, aerobic loads in the traditional sense are slow, monotonous and boring. There are many ways to get rid of excess fat and show an impressive muscular physique even faster than you thought.

Tell me, does this look like your regular training day: strength training for an hour, a monotonous aerobic session for 30-45 minutes, a prayer for burning fat and an encore?

Then it risks turning into a slow, endlessly repeated cycle with minimal results or completely inconclusive. Where to find the solution to the problem? Give even more time to cardio? Increase the duration of training?

Let's do the exact opposite. We will shorten the time of training, fill the training process with only effective methods and come to a magnificent, mind-blowing form!

Introduction to Intensive Training

In the principles of intensive training there is nothing new. Many programs with abstruse titles offer similar training strategies, but the key provisions remain unchanged: fill the training with the most effective techniques performed in a short period with minimal loss of time.

All of us have heard about the nutritional value of foods: low caloric content with high nutrient content. Intensive training acts on the same principle: more training impulses in less time.

Below are several programs of different duration, using the most productive and effective from the point of view of time management exercises. With their help, you finally get a physique for which you have worked hard for a long time. They are not for the faint-hearted, but these programs EXACTLY will bring you the result; You only need to be willing to discipline and train with the necessary intensity.

Intensive training: avoiding downtime

You will use supersets, trisets, gigantic sets and drop sets, minimizing the amount of unproductive time. Rest between standard approaches becomes the property of history: specialized complexes require minimal rest between approaches or its complete absence. Performing sets one by one not only guarantees you heart palpitations, but also forces the muscles to work in forced mode.

The number of repetitions will differ not just for the sake of diversity, but for the inclusion in the work of all muscular reserves. We need all the strength, power, mass and endurance of the muscles.

For the most part, we will use compound exercises that will help us achieve the effect of training on the whole body. Multi-articulate basic movements over a shorter period of time work out more muscles, while isolating individual muscles will require considerably more time and will be too unproductive.

Closely follow the time. If a series of supersets requires a certain period of rest, strictly adhere to this period. You should not have time to check messages or talk about the release of the next version of Call of Duty.

Always conscientiously work out and practice the right technique. If you doubt the working weight or have reached the intended number of repetitions, it is better to stop for less weight and work on the technique of doing the exercise. Injury should not remove you from the training process.

Most of these programs are designed taking into account the workload of the gym and the availability of equipment. There is nothing worse than trying to run a superset, running from one end of the hall to the other in the hope that your simulator has not been occupied by anyone yet.

Choose for yourself the most suitable program based on the availability of free time or level of fitness. If you are a beginner, start with one of the short programs. As you master the short programs and gain experience, raise the bar and try your hand at the next level.

Try to stick to these programs for about 4-6 weeks, and then take a short break. Evaluate your progress and if the result is pleasant to you, go back to training.

Intensive training program for 20 minutes

Perform each workout 2 times a week

Intensive training program for 30 minutes

Perform each workout 2 times a week

Intensive training program for 40 minutes

Perform each workout 2 times a week

Will the force decrease?

Tell me, in Trisets written 3 approach. It is necessary to do in a circle, for example, press, pull-up and otdimaniya, and so three times or press three times, pulling three times and push-ups three times?

the first option is correct. three exercises one by one, pause. and so the 3 approach

Good afternoon, did not do it for a long time because of injury, I gained weight, tell me please, can you combine 20 minute program with 8 minute Tabata-training?

plank for 10 minutes . Well, yes, it would not be

Good day to all. I want to express my deep gratitude to this site and to the person who compiled these programs. For 19 I have been doing 4 for years in the sports hall, really began to understand / understand / read books about the "iron" of the last year 2. And I want to say that "we are all" great fellows that are engaged in the sports hall. Every day I get up at 7 in the morning to go to the gym, sweat 40 minutes in full with these training programs, and how cool it is that I have a sauna in the gym, that's a pure buzz when you sit there, then take a shower and go to Univer. With proper intensive training and balanced nutrition for 1-2 months, you can achieve a lot .

skosshov 30 hvilinnu і tilki sertsebitya has come. Ніякої the second.

Good afternoon! Tell me please! I started training with dumbbells every other day, according to the program from your site, to my program, can I add an intensive one of those programs?

Good afternoon! I started to study for 20 minute program + proper nutrition, I must say, the result is visible, for 4 weeks minus 5kg. But I have a question: how I did not try, I can not fit into 20 minutes, which is included in these 20min. – program time + rest time between approaches or is it program time without taking into account rest between approaches?

And here they do not answer questions very often, I look .

Good afternoon! I started to study for 20 minute program + proper nutrition, I must say, the result is visible, for 4 weeks minus 5kg. But I have a question: how I did not try, I can not fit into 20 minutes, which is included in these 20min. – program time + rest time between approaches or is it program time without taking into account rest between approaches?

Correctly I understand that for example if I chose 30 minute training then Monday practice A, Tuesday training B, Wednesday rest, Thursday and Friday respectively training A and B?

the main thing is not to confuse the intensity and, therefore, the weight of the projectile with a smaller number of repetitions to 15 and the amount in the set of repetitions say 20, 30 and more, and the weight should be such that the muscles grow, should not be easy, and when muscle growth takes energy, fat and it's on.

And with all this you can still run everyday?

I do not understand training and would do in one day chtoli?

It is written that training 2 times a week. So training is one day, B another

Good day! I did not quite understand how to use this program. For example, in a set for 20 minutes of just 8 exercises, do they need to do everything in one workout or 2 exercise for training? or it is necessary to somehow combine one exercise from one set, the second from another, but no more than 2.?

Training 30 min just tin. Today from the audience crawled out simply . ))) I will continue to study and describe the results. By the way, in the first after the hall I had to go to the shower. Usually did not sweat. By the way can tell a good fat burner and protein. And then rubbish drink is not hunting, but lkarnitin something that does not help.

Training for 20 minutes option And for me it is quite suitable. Thank you so much!

Good evening. Can I replace some exercises with others that work for the same muscle group?

Yes, the program can and even needs to be adjusted for itself.

Will the power indicators decrease?

I started doing an 20-minute program. Very much I would like to include in it a pullover (the exercise proved in the past its effectiveness). Tell me, where can I "wedge"? Thank you

Farmer's walk – "3 approach on 10 m.". 10 m – is it minutes or meters?

Please remove one of my comments . .. and then it seemed to me that the first one did not go and I wrote the second one the same way.) Sorry.

The program really works! It leaves really fat. In general, I was engaged 6 weeks on 30 minute intensive program. 4 weeks I was engaged without interruptions clearly 4 times a week and adhered to proper nutrition (in the morning slow carbohydrates and proteins, in the afternoon mostly proteins), did not take any fat burners. Of the sport, only protein, bcaa and vitamins. Then with the family we left to rest in Spain, where I, I confess honestly sinned a Swedish table :). On arrival, 2 weeks of intensive training and as a result – 2 kg of fat! This is not looking at a zealous vacation =)))))) Now I plan to go to 40 minute training. I think the result will not be long in coming. Although of course these exercises are not sugar. You exhaust yourself completely and sweat with hail. But, as for me, it is much more interesting than a monotonous training.

And is it possible to replace "Bench barbell lying on a bench with a positive slope" by another exercise on the same muscle group? I am at home, where there is nothing to replace the bench.

You can replace the push-ups with your legs raised, at home it will be fine.

Good evening. At me a question-weight in approaches we use different or the same? And what weight do we use in the approaches – maximum, average or minimum?

I advise the average, most important !, as always, to observe the intensity of training and technique.

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