3 the best additive for burning fat

Look, how would I speed up the fat burning? Stop the searches on three supplements. They will accelerate the process of losing weight and help cope with the difficulties of the diet.

Author: Shannon Clarke

So, you chose a training program and developed a suitable meal plan. The next step on the way to a slender figure is the search for food additives that will help to achieve the optimal result.

A quick search on the Internet is likely to confuse you, because because of the mass of suggested variants of questions there will be more than answers. How do all these additives complement each other? Which drug will be the best choice for your goals? What is the most important, how to integrate all these supplements into your weight loss program?

Before you stop on some new, fashionable and exotic ingredient in the hope that it will untwist your engine's flywheel and cause them to burn more fat, pause and systematize your approach! When it comes to fighting fat stocks, the simplest choice is often the best.

Each of the three proposed types of food supplements will help you reduce the percentage of body fat, but they all do it in various ways. If you want to become slimmer, they can make an excellent team in your corner of the ring!

Speed ​​up the metabolism? Control appetite? Get a charge of vivacity and strength? If all this seems to be necessary, a traditional fat burner will surely come in handy.

Fat burners simplify the process of burning calories by your body, in addition, they help to easily transfer restrictive diet for weight loss, neutralizing their negative side effects.

Many fat burners contain ingredients such as cayenne, caffeine or green tea extract that help increase metabolic rate. Taking such ingredients, you can eventually increase the total consumption of calories, even if the effect is not so significant.

However, since weight reduction is reduced to a simple change in the balance between consumption and consumption of calories, anything that helps to tip the scales towards energy consumption helps you lose weight.

Moreover, some of the ingredients in fat burners, such as acetyl-L-carnitine and green tea, can help your body make better use of fats as a fuel. This simplifies the process of burning those fats for the sake of getting rid of which you are working so hard.

The second effect of fat burners is that they improve overall health and reduce fatigue, which often piles up during a diet. Reducing the energy value of the diet for the sake of shifting the balance of "consumption and consumption of calories" in your favor often leads to the fact that your body literally lacks energy, because of what you feel squeezed like a lemon.

It is for this reason that many fat burners contain stimulants of the central nervous system, which provide a sensation of a surge of energy and energy. Typically, stimulant fat burners give you a dose of caffeine, which gives the necessary boost.

Do not want to take caffeine? No problems. There are fat burners without stimulants, which contain large doses of vitamins and antioxidants. These substances help to increase the intensity of energy metabolism naturally, without the side effects of stimulants.

Remember that any fatlighter based on stimulants should be taken by courses, not months on end. Be sure to take breaks. This will help avoid getting used to the stimulating effect. You will continue to see the results without having to exceed the recommended dose.

Amino acids with branched chains (BCAA)

Another great candidate for inclusion in your protocols is the burning of fat and the preservation of lean muscle mass – an amino acid with branched chains (BCAA). BCAA are specific amino acids that stimulate the synthesis of muscle protein and protect the muscles from catabolism.

During low-calorie diets, you naturally go into a state of catabolism, which can lead to unwanted loss of muscle mass. Reducing muscle mass can lead to a slowing of metabolism, which in turn can prevent fat burning. In addition, during training you can feel just awful. Remember: muscles are your allies, even when the goal is fat burning!

In an authoritative study of 2009, athletes who took BCAA for eight weeks burned almost twice as much fat tissue as participants who simply took whey protein without BCAA. In another study, the effect of BCAA on competing wrestlers was studied, which were hard trained against a backdrop of deficient diets. It turned out that BCAA amino acids helped them burn more fat tissue – especially in the abdomen – compared to the wrestlers who took the placebo. Most people discover that the use of BCAA against a background of a low-carb or low-calorie diet helps to ward off the arrival of fatigue and hunger.

Preventing catabolism and providing an additional source of energy without additional calories, BCAA is a great addition to your arsenal of additives with a fat burning effect.

No nutrition plan will not be complete without protein, and when you want to get rid of excess fat, there is nothing to compare with whey isolate. Isolate is the most qualitative and lean type of whey protein. Most whey isolates contain zero grams of carbohydrates and zero grams of milk fat, so you get 100% pure protein – exactly what you need to reduce the caloric content of the menu and strengthen muscle protection.

Whey isolate is the fastest and most easily digestible of all types of protein, so that the amino acids from your post-training protein shake will almost instantly appear in the muscle tissue. Experiments also show that whey protein powder can accelerate the reduction in fat mass while protecting dry muscle tissue. Scientists believe that the high content of leucine in whey protein can be a key condition for maintaining muscle mass during periods of low-calorie diets.


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