4 cardio for fat burning

Cardio training should not turn into a siesta. We recommend to inflate the pace, to adopt a few tips from Jane Selter and breathe new life into cardio training!

Author: Jane Selter

It is worth someone to stutter about cardio, as you immediately remember the phrase "the inevitable evil." But let's not rush to conclusions and hang labels. I think you are not very enthusiastic on the treadmill, thinking that the training will turn into a mortal yearning or will trip the progress, but give the cardio another chance. With competent integration into strength training, a good cardio training plan will lead you into the ideal world of rapid burning of fat and help to carve a magnificent, relief body, in which, of course, there is a place and a tremendous buttocks!

The secret of success is to calculate the exercises that will take you to the set goals in the shortest possible way. Hint: slow walks on the treadmill need to send a farewell kiss. I found four effective exercises that can do wonders. I suggest you get acquainted with my favorites. They will add variety to your training program and give a result that you will definitely love.

Stepper is the first exercise and my favorite choice for a variety of reasons. First of all, it is aimed at the gluteus muscles and thighs, plus it is guaranteed to cause sweat. Judge for yourself, for a long time you saw a man who would not sweat after a ten-minute climb up the steep staircase?

Stepper easily copes with fat reserves in problem areas. Actually, if your mood is aggressive enough, you literally feel how the subcutaneous fat melts and drips down your hips. The key is the intensity. The time spent on the stepper should not resemble either an easy run on a running simulator, or a walk through the park. We speed up the pace and join the work.

Usually, I dedicate a stepper 20-30 minutes two or three times a week. I love the versatility of this exercise. You can choose high-intensity interval training (VIIT) or stop at low-intensity cardio at a constant pace (NICPT). Both options will bring a rich harvest.

Effective approach – alternating styles within a week. So your buttocks and hips, like, however, other parts of the body, will get all the best from both worlds. But get ready for a serious test, no matter which version you choose. Always give all your best. In my NOCPT session, I like to connect flies for the gluteal muscles to thoroughly work the back part. This is the best way to get the most out of cardio training, the result you will definitely like!

2. Jumping legs together, legs apart

From my own experience I know that plyometrics is the opposite of the standard, depressingly boring cardio. Plyometric exercises can not be performed without maximum impact. They force the heart to jump out of the chest and require full mental concentration.

Plyometrics can be easily tailored to suit your needs. If such exercises are new to you, start with relatively simple movements with your own weight like jumping. It is convenient and does not require additional equipment, so excuses can not be found. Right now you can try one of my favorite plyometric exercises – jumping legs together, legs apart.

This is something like my answer to Tabata-training – for 20 seconds you should make the maximum possible number of jumps, and then catch your breath for 20 seconds. And here's your advice: when you return to jumping, increase the work and rest time to 30 seconds, and in the next approach – up to 40 seconds. Repeat this cycle three times, you will get a fast and effective cardio training!

Not the most original variant, but I always liked jogging in the fresh air – even when the winter cold forced me to climb a treadmill. It's clear that running is a key exercise for the cardiovascular system, but for me it's also a great way to get rid of stress. If you live in a high rhythm of a megacity, a good run may be exactly what is lacking for relaxation. Insert the headphones, turn on the suitable music and run towards your personal Zen territory. Do not have time to look back, how to activate the reset button of stress and start charging new energy.

Running is also an excellent tool for burning fat, especially when used in combination with other exercises. On the treadmill I exhibit a positive bias, I perform 15-second jerks with 45-second pauses, and so for 12 rounds. This is a win-win option, which increases the heart rate and accelerates the burning of fats.

I love the rope, because it adds variety to my training. Sometimes I even turn this exercise into an independent cardio session. A great option if the time sucks you, but you need to sweat quickly. You can vary the speed and frequency of jumping, change the rest periods and each time to engage in a unique program. Plus, you can jump with a rope anywhere – there would be a skipping rope.

When I turn jumping rope into cardio training, I schedule the number of jumps or determine the time intervals. For example, I perform 50-100 jumps or jump for 30-60 seconds between exercises. This is a fantastic way to maintain a high pulse rate during the entire training session, and heart palpitations accelerate the metabolism of fats, does not allow you to get bored and raises the results of your efforts.

Can I use the new 4 four times for each change?

One of these exercises can be included in strength training, I mean after training ?.

If you do in the morning cardio 2 times a week and in the evening, strength training ?. One of these exercises can be included in the complex with power training, I mean at the end of training.

Tell me, please, is this all done in one workout?

No, this is 4 different cardioversion options. You can choose the one that you like most and use it.

It is not quite clear about p.3:

"On the treadmill I put a positive bias, I perform 15-second jerks with 45-second pauses, and so for 12 rounds." And immediately below:

"Alternate 45-second sprint and 15-second walk at a slow pace:"

The correct first option, corrected)

Excellent in-F, thanks !!

Thanks for the information, we will take into account when training

Thank you for the useful information. I liked everything I read 🙂

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