4-day training program "Maximum mass"


Primary goal: build-up of muscle mass

Level of training: average

Number of workouts per week: 4

Necessary equipment: barbells, dumbbells, exercisers

Audience: men and women

In this mass-gathering program, an excellent combination of basic and isolating exercises is enhanced by intense and very productive 5-minute burnout approaches.

The training program for mass recruitment is designed for mid-level athletes who:

  1. They achieved their first successes and are sure that they know how to increase their musculature.

Overload. To build muscle, the overload factor is of enormous importance. Bring each set to the maximum number of repetitions and complete it at the moment when the technique begins to limp, or when you realize that the muscle failure waits already in the next repetition. Do not exercise to failure. The task is to force the mass gathering, and not exhaustion of the body and the central nervous system.

Increase the working weight in each exercise as often as possible, but when it makes sense. I recommend using the same weight in each approach of an individual exercise, and when you can surely execute the planned number of repetitions in all sets, increase the load.

Range of repetitions. The range of repetitions is just a guide. It's okay if from time to time you go out of range or stop to the bottom of the range. Again, the decisive factor is overload. The range of repetitions is just a tool.

5-minute burnout. 5-minute burns are provided for each part of the body. These approaches are very cruel. Set the working weight, which allows you to do about 12-15 repetitions. For 5 minutes do as many repetitions as you can with this weight, resting as needed. Pauses should be short – they catch their breath, restore strength a little, and continue to wind up the counter of repetitions.

5-minute burnout approaches are not performed until the scheduled number of sets and repetitions. The task is to completely exhaust the tired muscles. Do not worry (you can not even count) about the number of approaches and repetitions. Instead, try to make the maximum possible number of repetitions, resting exactly as much as necessary, so as not to collapse from fatigue.

Day 4: quadriceps, hips and calves

Day 5: shoulders, trapezium and forearms

Not that there is nothing terrible in this program and not for chemists, if you have little experience and there is no initial base and strength, deal with dumbbells. As for the burning out, you do not have to do all 5 minutes as it's written there, you can have less time, gradually add time if required.

How long is the program for the Arctic Fox, two?

Arctic fox is very correct word for this program.

How is the program? Helps to gain weight? And for how much?

Does not help at all.

Well, for the horror, not the program? Where is the twisting on the press ?? Author moron, prog for chemists

The normal program. Guys, what overtraining, there were also more rigid programs. Everything in kind. If you are to 30, then it is even rather weak. Not resting the muscles do not build into the clean. It's you with the chemistry to train, I sit smoking, and the muscles themselves grow.

With chemistry, you work ten times intensively! This chemistry needs to be recycled.

Another govnosplit for chemists. For 90% of straight people on this program is re-guaranteed.

How much do you know about chemists, Oleg! If you are not very interested in the training plan, do not use it. And about chemists and straight people do not start. You really do not know what the difference is, judging by the commentary, and because of such as you, many beginners do not use a plan like this, but could borrow at least the structure of the split construction, by the way very simple and acceptable even for dystrophy.

And it's good that they do not use means that these beginners have much more in their heads than you do.

The program is wonderful, and most importantly effective) But I would like to know during the burnout exercise how many percent to subtract from the working weight?

And what is there to subtract from 50 kg?

Can you explain about the burnout? What exercises do those that are on top or bottom?

Hello. I liked the program a little bit worked out and for two months and scored 10. The main thing about food is not to forget.

And you probably learned to lie before you walked.

Do you need to perform survival exercises that are written under "SURVIVAL", or above?

Days per week 4, and training 5 How to understand this?

There 4 training days, carefully! 3 day is rest

why does the triceps work on the biceps day?

More specifically, in what exercise?

This program should be adhered to only a week or you can continue

Are you serious. Of course, continue, increasing working weights from a week in a week.

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