4 evening meal errors

Errors in evening meals limit your progress in fitness. Let's talk about 4 main nutrition problems before going to bed and look for ways to solve them.

Author: Paul Salter, Master of Science, Certified Nutritionist

Nutrition before going to bed is a dead end to many fitness enthusiasts. Once the hypothesis prevailed, according to which dinner after six is ​​laid on the stomach, especially if you are leaning on carbohydrates. Although science has long broken these theories to the nines, the confusion about evening meals remains today.

In some cases, eating before bedtime is not harmful, but very useful. For example, snack closer to midnight raskochegarit anabolic power plants, especially if you bite with the right goodies. If you want to realize 100% fitness capacity, in your life there should be no hint of the following evening meal errors!

1 error. Forget about a portion of protein before bedtime

Problem. In order for the protein to be of real benefit, it must be delivered in 25-30 grams every 2-4 hours. If you have supped about six, and did not go to ten to bed, throw in the furnace of protein firewood, otherwise you will find yourself in the power of catabolism (destruction of muscles). Catabolism interferes with maintaining muscle mass in the phase of weight loss and drying, and during the mass-assembly also puts a stick in the wheel.

Decision. Be sure to include more protein in the last meal, which, as we just found, may be an additional "snack" before going to bed. The results of the experiments, published in the Journal of Dietetics, showed that protein-rich food accelerates muscle growth, even if you fall asleep immediately after eating!

To use this snack in the full program, combine fast and slow proteins. Dairy products are an excellent source of casein with excellent taste, especially if mixed with whey protein, but it would be nice to add to the cocktail and casein powder. Such an alloy will quickly switch the switches to anabolism, and then ensure continuity of protein muscle financing throughout the night.

2 error. Afraid of evening carbohydrates

Problem. Many people think that in the evenings you can not eat carbohydrates, because all this will result in weight gain. Nothing of the sort – only the total daily balance of calories and carbohydrates that is relevant to your goals is important.

Changes in body weight depend on the ratio of consumption / consumption of calories per 24-hour period, and not on the evening snack. If most calories – in our case carbohydrates – you get in the evening, so be it, still only their deficit or surplus matters. And yes, good luck to those who train in the evenings and expect a full recovery without a portion of carbohydrates before bedtime!

Decision. Do not be afraid to eat carbohydrates before going to bed. There is a lot of research proving that people successfully lose weight, even if they eat the lion's share of the carbohydrates due to them for dinner. Moreover, such a diet improves the indicators associated with obesity, and during the day there is a feeling of satiety and satisfaction. Is it worth it to give up carbohydrates for the day? No. But experiments prove that to control body weight, surplus or caloric deficit is much more important than the time of carbohydrate intake.

The daily routine often dictates how much carbohydrates to eat at night looking. If you go to the gym in the evenings, or like carbohydrate food for dinner, go ahead. While the general arrival of carbohydrates on the 24-hour interval meets your fitness goals, there is nothing to worry about.

3 error. Drink stimulants in the evening hours

Problem. Taking stimulants shortly before going to bed, as a rule, makes it difficult to fall asleep and quite accurately worsens the quality of sleep. Even if you literally cut yourself down after a cup of coffee, caffeine will still affect your sleep – especially the deep REM phase.

Sleep is the ideal time for rest and recovery after exhausting workouts, because most of the anabolic hormones are secreted precisely during sleep. Taking stimulants before you go to bed, you not only lose as a dream, but also make it difficult to gain muscle mass.

Decision. Stop drinking stimulants (caffeine, high-caffeine tea, energy, pre-exercise complexes) for 6 and less hours before bedtime. The body will have enough time to destroy all the caffeine before you go to the kingdom of Morpheus.

Do you train in the evenings? Try the additives with teacrin – a derivative of caffeine, which has its advantages without overexciting the nervous system. In tandem with small doses of caffeine (50-100 mg), theacarin stimulates cognitive functions in the same way as caffeine. The difference is that the effect lasts up to six hours, not 1-2 hours, as after one caffeine, and there is no overexcitement inherent in caffeine. Drink less coffee, and sleep better at night.

4 error. Use alcohol as a sleeping pill

Problem. Alcohol impairs the quality of sleep: it increases the duration of the first stage and shortens the phase of the BDG. Of the four stages of slow sleep, the first is the most "superficial" and most vulnerable to various sleep disorders. REM, or BDG-phase (the phase of rapid eye movement), differs maximum depth. It is in this phase that the body rests and restores itself best.

The second. Alcohol inhibits the secretion of growth hormone (GH). Growth hormone is the key player in the anabolic team. The peak of its secretion falls on the first 90 minutes of sleep, and then the level remains elevated somewhere else 3,5 hours. Alcohol reduces the secretion of GH, and the effect depends on the dose: the more you drink, the less growth hormone you get.

Decision. Alcohol is a bad solution to problems with sleep and a bad companion if you want to lose weight. The development of an evening ritual in combination with a balanced diet and regular exercise in the gym will make your sleep stronger. If this is not enough, special additives, for example, magnesium and melatonin, will help improve the quality of sleep and its duration. Relying on alcohol, you only exacerbate the problem, not to mention the negative impact of alcohol on the figure, health and muscle growth.


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