4 main causes of training inefficiencies


Want to know why your results are lame on both legs? Begin to develop muscle mass and strength at the maximum rate with the help of 4 training tips.

Let me guess. You go to the gym almost every day in the hope of becoming a hefty and strong guy. In fact, almost every free minute of your life is devoted to selfless work on the development of strength and muscle mass.

You read all the magazines from cover to cover, you get all the best that is in sports nutrition, and build such sophisticated training programs that even the trainings of Jay Cutler and Derek Poundstone seem like a light walk on their background.

But there are no results!

No matter how hard you train, no matter how well you eat, and the things are still there. You feel like a hopeless hardgainer with the worst genetics in the history of bad heredity. The only thing that unites you with Derek Poundstone and Jay Cutler is sweat streams flowing down your back while working with iron.

Where did you miscalculate?

I'll tell you what your mistake is. You will receive 4 recommendations on the training process, which will change the situation for the better.

If you listen to my advice, you will be guaranteed to become bigger and stronger. If you ignore them, you will remain frail and weak. The choice is yours. The recommendations that I'm going to give really work, I know this, because I used them myself to force progress.

The reason 1 – you are fixated on the dice press

If you want to become strong and big as soon as possible, you need to eat, and there is a lot. Trying to keep the relief cubes of the press during the growth of 10 kg of muscle mass, you are wasting precious time, unless, of course, you have a unique genetic talent. Malnutrition is a huge mistake; a mistake that almost every regular in the gym admits. Nothing slows down your progress faster than the desire to eat according to the norms for a seven-year-old schoolgirl.

Believe me, for one night in the wrestler sumo you just do not turn. Yes, you will gain fat mass. The best bodybuilders in the world, naturalists and chemists, in the off-season add at least 10-15 kilogram. They understand that it is impossible to look good without periods when you put on loose clothes, hide the cubes of the press and eat as much as you train.

Are you ready to recruit 5 or even (about horror!) 10 kilogram of fat for those few years that will be devoted to the development of strength and mass? If not, most likely, your results will be very, very modest.

The reason is 2 – you do not do squats or stakes

If you want to remain skinny and weak, continue to ignore squats and become cravings. Do not believe me? Do you think I'm an uneducated idiot with an overestimated self-esteem? Good. I do not need to believe. Study the training programs of natural bodybuilders on authoritative resources. Almost all the best bodybuilders in the planet include squats and become the top three exercises.

For the development of muscle mass and strength indicators, the best exercises do not exist. Dot.

Continue to focus on squats in the Smith, extension of the legs in the machine and light weights in the bench press, and I guarantee that your feet will remain frail and frail. The addition of squats will be similar to the irradiation of your body with gamma radiation. Your legs, and with them other parts of the body, will be forced to respond, adapt and grow.

The same is true of the above and in relation to the police. The deadlift is a rough, primitive exercise in strength and mass, which will turn you into pitching. Stop using traction on the upper block as the main "exercise for the muscles of the back." Start lifting heavy rods off the floor.

4 main causes of training inefficiencies

The reason for 3 is that you train as if you are taking steroids

If you have not understood yet, there is a reason why bodybuilders and powerlifters take steroids. Anabolics not only help athletes to become unnaturally large and powerful, but also allow them to recover much faster. Moreover, athletes who take steroids receive additional benefit from increasing the training volume. The shelling of frequent and intense muscle contractions helps chemists stimulate receptors and spur new growth.

On the other hand, you do not take steroids. You do not have superhuman abilities, and you will not benefit from 5 or 6-day split with an insane number of approaches. You do not need to stimulate the gum (insensitive) receptors, because . your receptors are in order, because you do not take anabolic steroids.

The most outstanding coaches and authors, including John Cristie, Mark Rippeto, Jim Wendler, Stuart McRobert, Casey Butt, Louis Simmons and Dante Trudel (the author of DoggCrapp training) are advised not to train more often than 3-4 once a week. Will you ignore them and continue to insist on your own? Forward, but know that you will waste your time and energy.

If you can not wear out the muscles for 3-4 hours of intensive training per week, you do not have the right to practice more often with an increased training volume.

The reason 4 – you do not increase the working weight

Do you want to know the secret ingredient? Progress, that is, the planned addition of working weights, is the fuel that drives the development of strength and muscle mass. You can use any training program – no matter how badly it is planned or structured, – putting new pancakes on the bar, you will become stronger.

How to progress? Easily. At each workout, try to make more repetitions and add weight as soon as you reach the upper bound of repetitions for one set. Say, if you are doing a bench press with a weight of 90 kilograms in the 5-10 repetition approaches, add weight when you can execute all the 10 repetitions.

Do you remember the long list of trainers and authors that I mentioned in the previous section? Of course, remember. All of them pray for the growth of working scales. Jim Wendler's 5 / 3 / 1 training system is a structured weight gain system that helps to develop strength faster. Training DoggCrapp (DC training) is a training system in the style of bodybuilding, in which each approach needs to work at the limit for the sake of increasing the number of repetitions.

The surest way to stamp on the spot, limiting the development of strength and muscle mass, is to use the same working weight week after week.

But wait, I know what you want to tell me. Somewhere you heard or read the words of a large and muscular bodybuilder that "he does not train with heavy weights." You know that . heavy is a relative concept. When a hefty monster says that he does not lift "heavy weights", he means that instead of squats with 200 kg for 5 repetitions, he does 12 repetitions with a weight of 170 kg.

It does not matter which thread of approaches, scales and repetitions you choose. The main thing is to become more, you must become stronger.

4 main causes of training inefficiencies

4 main causes of training inefficiencies

4 main causes of training inefficiencies

4 main causes of training inefficiencies

4 main causes of training inefficiencies

By the end of the reading of the article, he was heartbroken.

At the end of the reading of the article, he was heartbroken.

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