4 reasons why you do not gain weight

Want to know why your results are worthless? Turn on the rapid growth of mass and power levels with these 4 training tips.

Let me guess. Every day, go to the gym to become bigger and stronger. And speaking directly, every free minute of your life is devoted to a desperate pursuit of strength and muscle mass.

You read all the magazines from cover to cover, buy the best supplements and make such a sophisticated training program, against which Jay Cutler and Derek Poundstone appear to be babies who do not know what they are doing.

But your results are no good!

And no matter how hard you try, whatever you eat, you can not get off the ground. You feel like a hardgainer with bad genes, an absolute champion in the category of bad heredity! And the only thing that unites you with Derek Poundstone and Jay Cutler, is that by raising the iron, you all end up sweat.

So what's wrong with you?

I'm going to tell you what exactly you are doing wrong, and I'll give you 4 practical recommendations that will fix the situation. If you listen to my tips, you will EXACTLY become bigger and stronger. If you ignore my advice, stay small and weak. The choice is yours.

All these recommendations work. I know this, because I myself used them to force rapid progress.

Reason # 1 // You are obsessed with dice abdominals

If you want to become bigger and stronger as fast as possible, you need to eat, and there are a lot you need. Attempts to keep the relief press and simultaneously gain 10-15 kg of muscle mass are initially doomed to failure. You will only waste your time if, of course, nature does not endow you with fantastic abilities. Malnutrition is a big mistake, which almost all regulars of gyms make. Nothing will slow down your progress as much as the diet of a seven-year-old schoolgirl.

I assure you, for one night in the wrestler sumo you do not exactly turn. But it is necessary to reconcile with a set of some amount of fat mass. The best bodybuilders of the planet, naturals and their colleagues in the shop, gain at least 10-15 kg during the off-season. They understand that every athlete should have a period when he puts on loose clothes, hides his press cubes and eats as much as he trains.

Are you ready to gain from 5 to 10 kg of fat over the next few years, during which time you will grow bigger and stronger? If you are not ready, you will not see any noticeable progress.

Reason No. 2 // You ignore the camp and sit-ups

If you are satisfied that you are small and weak, you can forget about the camp and squats. Do not believe me? Do you think that I throw words to the wind, but I do not understand anything in force training? Perfectly. You can not believe me, just study the profiles of bodybuilders of straight people on authoritative resources. The greatest people (naturals) of the planet include camp and squats in the top three exercises. There is no other equally effective pair of exercises for developing strength and recruiting mass. Dot!

Continue crouching in the Smith simulator, doing leg extensions and bench presses with insignificant weight, and I guarantee that your legs will remain frail and weak. Add squats to the rotation and you get the effect of an anabolic bomb! Your legs, and with them other parts of your body, will be forced to respond to aggression with rapid growth.

This is also true of the deadlift. Stanovaya is a rough, primitive exercise for strength and mass, which will turn you into a monster. Enough to use the traction of the upper block as the main "exercise for the back", start to tear off from the ground a really heavy bar.

Reason No. 3 // You train like you are on steroids

If you have not understood yet, bodybuilders and powerlifters have a good reason to take steroids. Steroids not only make lifters unnaturally large and strong, but also help them recover much faster. In addition, athletes taking steroids derive maximum benefit from the additional load volume. Series of frequent and intensive contractions help them stimulate receptors and force new muscle growth.

On the other hand, you do not take steroids. You do not have superhuman abilities to recover, and 5-6-day split with an insane number of approaches will not bring the expected result. You are not trying to restore the activity of insensitive receptors, because . wait . your receptors are normal, because you do not take steroids.

Outstanding coaches and authors of monographs, John Christie, Mark Rippeto, Jim Wendler, Stuart McRobert, Casey Butt, Louis Simmons and Dante Trudel (Doggkrapp training) tell you that you should train no more than 3-4 times a week. Will you ignore their advice and pretend that you are playing your own game? Forward, but time and effort will be wasted.

If you can not bring your body to exhaustion with 3-4 hours of heavy workouts a week, you do not have to train more often with a large amount of training load.

Reason number 4 // You pay too little attention to progress

Do you know what is the main secret? Moving forward, or systematically increasing the working weight, is the fuel that feeds muscle growth and develops strength indicators. You can use any training program – no matter how badly it is made up, but if you increase the weight of the bar, you will become stronger and muscular.

How should you progress? It's simple. At each workout, try to increase the number of repetitions, and after reaching the upper threshold for a particular set taken, increase the weight. For example, if in bench press you take 90 kg and do 5-10 repetitions in the approach, add weight when you can execute all 10 repetitions.

Do you remember the list of authors and trainers that I mentioned in the previous section? I'm sure, remember. All of them strictly adhere to the commandment of increasing the working weight. Jim Wendler's training system 5 / 3 / 1 is a system of well-planned progress that contributes to the rapid growth of power indicators. Training Doggkrappa (DC training) is an example of another bodybuilding program, which requires you to maximize the impact and increase the number of repetitions in each set. And the best way to limit and stop the growth of strength and muscle mass is to use the same working weight week after week.

But wait, I know what you're thinking. Once upon a time, large and muscular bodybuilders told you that "they do not work with large weights." You know what . big – the concept is stretchable. When a muscular giant claims that he does not lift "big" weights, it means that instead of squatting 5 times with 200 kg, he squats 12 times with 175 kg. You have the right to cut this weight along and across, but in order to become muscular, you, above all, should become stronger.

The article has nothing to do at all, but where the diet, proper nutrition, everything depends not only on exercises. Exercise is just half the job, you need to follow proper diet, and it's good to get enough sleep, not to sit whole days at the computer and phone.

DoggKrapp is certainly a natural)))

and if the scalyosis is like doing and squats?

If the scoliosis is small, 1 degree, then do not be scared. 2 the degree of scoliosis is treated with LCT, but with 3 it is necessary to train in a more gentle program.

Forget then about large volumes

And can musculature, muscle mass, be lost if you practice endurance training (Crossfit, circular training) ??

Your physical form will be dried, fat will go away, endurance will increase. But together with the fat can leave a little muscle, just a little bit. But in general it is worth noting that the volumes grow from a large weight and a small number of repetitions and light weight and a large number of repetitions. It is necessary to change programs, today on mass, tomorrow on explosion, endurance of muscles and everything will be fine


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