4 the best leg exercises for exercisers


Exercises with free weight are important. But you get more benefit from training your feet by adding exercises on the simulators that fit your goals.

Author: Bill Geiger

Training legs can be done without exercises on the simulators, but it's pretty damn hard. Having loaded muscles under the full program, you are so tired that you can barely stand on your feet. Therefore, at the end of leg training it is better to perform a couple of exercises on the simulators; they expose the muscles to additional stress and relieve you of the need to worry about balance and balance.

Here is my version of 4 the best leg exercises for simulators.

4 the best leg exercises for exercisers

On the movement. Few simulators so successfully imitate movement with free weight, as a simulator for squats. Squats are one of the best exercises for the hips and buttocks, and it should be the foundation of every leg training program. If, crouching with the barbell, you tend to round your lower back, sit-ups on the simulator will help you learn the right technique. In short, this is a great way to learn to squat and a good, safe option for completing leg training, when the muscles are already begging you to stop.

Benefits of the exercise. The usual simulator for squats is better than Smith, because the trajectory is not limited to a vertical plane. In the simulator for squats you get additional movement in the horizontal plane. The rollers for the shoulders are also very convenient, because the contact area is more than in the Smith simulator.

The larger the platform at the bottom of the squats simulator, the more options you have for setting your feet, which allows you to easily shift the focus from the quadriceps to the gluteal muscles and the muscles of the hamstrings. The simulator is also good for using high intensity training. For example:

  • Squats with a pause at the bottom point.

4 the best leg exercises for exercisers

On the movement. Gakk-machine allows you to take an intermediate position between sit-ups in the simulator while standing and squats in the lying simulator, but at the same time supports and protects your lower back. EMG (electromyography) analysis shows that, like classical squats, the hack machine actively recruits the lateral wide and intermediate wide muscle. But in gak squats, the short and large leading muscles of the thigh are better worked out. In addition, the exercise allows you to increase the amplitude of motion in the knee joints.

Benefits of the exercise. Like the squat simulator, the large base of the hack machine allows you to use different stop positions, so you can shift the accents from the inner to the external muscles of the thigh, or from the quadriceps to the gluteal muscles and the muscles of the back surface. The depth of squats plays a similar role. In addition to the full-amplitude training, I recommend trying to squat with a working weight of 125% of 1PM. Do partial squats, limited by the upper half of the range of motion. Perform 3 such an approach for 6 repetitions to additionally load quadriceps.

4 the best leg exercises for exercisers

On the movement. The bench press is a simulator for quadriceps. As the bench presses the angle between the trunk and legs almost straight, the movements in the hip joints are limited. Consequently, the load on the muscles of the posterior surface and the buttocks decreases, and on the quadriceps it increases. If you place the stops on the bottom edge of the platform, load the quadriceps muscle of the hip even more.

Benefits of the exercise. Again, a large area of ​​the platform allows you to rearrange stops and redistribute the load between muscle arrays. One of my favorite receptions in bench press is best reserved for the end of training. Your task is to make 4 a drop-set. Start with 10, do 10 repetitions, then remove 20% of the working weight (10% if you are an advanced lifter) and make 10 repetitions. Continue stamping the repetitions until one pancake is left on each side.

As with any exercise, perform bench press strictly according to all the rules of the technique!

4 the best leg exercises for exercisers

On the movement. For some incomprehensible reasons, the foot simulator (Butt Blaster) has earned a reputation as a "female exercise". But the guys who think so, miss an excellent opportunity to accentuate to practice the gluteal muscles. In contrast to the bench press, there is less amplitude of movements in the knee joints, but the hip joints work in the entire range. This helps to shift the focus to the gluteal muscles and the top of the hamstrings.

Benefits of the exercise. It is easy to create a useful overload of the gluteus muscles during the leg's withdrawal, and since you do not have to worry about balance and balance, you can work until you give up completely. Moreover, it is very easy to use techniques in the leg-walking simulator to work beyond the point of failure, in particular, drop-sets. And try to alternate legs without a pause between approaches – this will add intensity and put a fatty point in your leg training!

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