5 Errors Undermining Your Metabolism

Hasty attempts to lose weight and another extreme diet can have negative consequences. Learn to lose weight properly and learn how to get around 5 errors preventing normal metabolism!

Author: Shannon Clarke

You want to shine a slender and muscular body, but time flies, and you are still suffering with excess kilos left after a long phase of mass gain. There is nowhere to put it off, and you begin to scramble for an ideal food program! You only have a few weeks before your vacation, and you realize that you need something really powerful. And here you must be discreet.

Choose an extreme diet that promises an instant effect, and instead of moving to the coveted goal get a diametrically opposite result. Do you think this will not happen to you? Do not be so self-assured. Many people daily undermine their metabolism and do not even know about it. Then they shake their heads and wonder why they do not see the results?

It is the metabolism with jewelry accuracy that determines the amount of calories that you will burn on a daily basis. If the metabolism is slowed down, the fat burning engine also has to work idly. Go around these five errors that violate metabolic processes, and include the metabolism to the maximum transmission for many weeks in advance!

1 error. You drink a little protein

Sitting on a diet, many dramatically reduce protein intake. Common sense seems to suggest that once the amount of calories went down, then the consumption of protein should be reduced proportionally. However, this is fundamentally wrong.

When you reduce the energy value of the diet, you need not to reduce, but significantly increase the consumption of foods with a high protein content. This will help prevent loss of muscle mass, which will rapidly undermine your metabolism, since muscle tissue is a metabolically active structure.

While you are cutting calories and burning fats, take for a rule to get 2-3 grams of protein per day per kilogram of body weight. This amount will seem to someone great, but it will help you maintain muscle mass and will ensure that the body does not waste amino acids for fuel needs.

2 error. You are early on a diet

The second fundamental error threatening your metabolism is hidden in the untimely beginning of the diet. Do not expect anything good if you begin to fast before you gain a solid muscle mass, especially if you are already relatively slim.

If you have a lot of fatty tissue, from which it's time to get rid, it will be appropriate to think first of the development of the muscles. However, if you want to go from "slender" to "muscular", you also need to start with the phase of pure set of mass.

Increasing muscles, you will get more metabolic tools, and when the time comes to lose weight, the process will go much faster and easier. Well, if you sit on a diet to show the world a relief physique, you all the more need to accumulate a decent supply of dry weight, then there was something to show!

3 error. You are abusing cardio loads

Do you consider yourself king or queen of cardio loads?

The term you do not quite understand? He describes someone who devotes a lot of time every day to low-intensity cardio training. It starts all innocently enough: you spend 30 minutes a day on a treadmill, stepper, ellipsoid simulator or on your own cannon from a cardio arsenal. In the beginning, you see moderate results. Then you come to the conclusion that by doubling the proportion of cardio, you will double your result.

Your love for cardio training grows exponentially! You get a slightly better result, and therefore decide to add even more aerobic loads. And what if you train twice every day? Imagine this fat burning potential! The problem is that in the end you will inevitably rest against the wall.

"You can not constantly increase the intensity and duration of cardio loads, only to improve results or to get something else for what you are going to the gym," explains Jane Jewell, who often became a witness of such mistakes. – "It's a vicious circle".

Having reached the point in which only to maintain a stable body weight will require hours of cardio training, you will be trapped. Your body will adapt to all these aerobic loads, and eventually you will not get the result that once so pleased the eye. Never forget this.

So, what should you do? Throw aside the cardio training at a snail's pace and add a solid dose of high-intensity interval training to your training program! Also, focus on food again. Remember, the lion's share of the results we get is due to the correct changes in the diet, and not at the expense of hours spent in the company of cardiovascular equipment.

I understand if you are ready to break into a cake, just to not miss a workout. And that your battle with extra pounds became even more fierce, you are even ready to go to the gym twice a day, the first time for cardio, the second for iron. All this is good, but only if it is given to you not at the cost of a full night's sleep.

When you are overworked, you have to sacrifice something. And if this victim is the time of sleep, you commit a serious crime. Night sleep is vital for burning fats. It not only maintains metabolism at maximum speed, but also helps you maintain optimal sensitivity to insulin.

Deficiency of sleep deprives you of energy, and it will be extremely difficult for you to find the strength for a really intense training that explodes fat stores. Try to sleep for 8 hours every night, if you want to optimize your metabolism.

5 error. You often change your diet

So, you have achieved the desired body weight and good figure, and decided to return to one of the prohibited products, which was previously sent to the blacklist. And before you realize this, your diet will be filled with exactly the products that were recently the cause of the rapid increase in body weight!

In a moment of self-loathing because of the lost results, you decide to grab for another extreme diet in order to throw off the newly gained weight. A similar process, known as a yo-yo diet, harms the body and eventually can lead to serious metabolic disorders.

Each time your body will find it harder to get away from a yo-yo diet, and ultimately it will not be able to recover at all. "Life by principle from the extreme to the extreme can not be called useful either for the body or for the mind," explains Jan Zevell.

To avoid such excesses, find a diet for yourself, which you can adhere to for a very long period. Even if your goal is to maintain weight, you should not have problems with the fidelity of the nutritional concept that you previously used to reduce body weight.

Similarly, you need to avoid the "hangover syndrome", caused by the sense of the achieved goal. "One forbidden dish after a competition or a successful diet is one thing," explains IFBB professional Craig Kapurso. – "But the drunken gluttony within a week after the diet is a sure step towards the physiological, hormonal and metabolic disorders, the correction of which can take months."


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