5 exercises for the relief press


Attack the abdominal muscles in all directions! Accept the instability challenge and create a strong press with this workout of 5 exercises!

Author: Cathy Chang Hua

Twisting is good, but for a full training you must attack the abdominal muscles in all directions. My training works out all the muscles of the abdominal press with a series of five exercises that will make your stomach flat or underline the relief of six cubes!

The proposed program is not designed for training abdominal muscles from scratch; I picked up exercises that help keep the abdomen flat, and the muscles of the trunk – strong. A multi-repeat protocol is chosen with relatively short pauses for rest, so get ready to sweat and cut through a window to an impeccable stomach!

1. Pulling the legs to the chest on the fitball

How to: put your feet on the fitball, and palms rest on the floor to be in the starting position for push-ups. Pull your knees to your chest, and then straighten your legs, using the muscles of your abdomen as engines.

Action on the muscles of the press: this exercise has a triple effect. It does not just pump the muscles of the trunk – the need to balance the projectile develops both muscular strength and balance. Especially I like in the fold on the fitball that half of the body is above the ground on the movable ball, and this creates an additional load.

How to: this is not twisting for your grandmothers! I want you to put your hands together and try to reach the ceiling. Concentrate on this feeling of stretching at the top point.

Action on the muscles of the press: support in the form of a brisk ball makes the muscles of the trunk work really and deprives you of the stability typical for ordinary twists. And instability becomes an additional training stimulus!

How to: put your forearms on the fitball, legs extend behind and take the position of the bar. Ostrozhno, do not let the stomach sag, and the buttocks – to bully too high.

Action on the muscles of the press: look for additional incentives? To complicate this exercise, try performing it on one leg, or add a dynamic component to the usual bar, rolling the fitball forward and back.

How to: sit on the gym mat, lean on your elbows and tear your legs off the floor. Then lift the trunk and pull up the knees synchronously, and pull the knees one by one to the left and then to the right side.

Action on the muscles of the press: I like this exercise, because it deprives us of support points and pushes out of the comfort zone. We have to switch from one side to the other and synchronously raise our legs to the right and then to the left. Be sure to make sure that the muscles of the press are tense and not cool during movements.

How to: Lie down on your back, lift one leg up and touch with your fingers, lifting your shoulder blades above the gym mat. Alternate the ascents to the right and left legs.

Action on the muscles of the press: in no case rest between repetitions. I want you to keep your torso muscles tight during the whole approach!

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