5 major mistakes of female fitness

Beware! Rough mistakes often prevent women from achieving their goals. Find out what these errors are, and how to avoid them!

Knowledge is power. Let it be a stamp, but it's true. The more you know about health and fitness, the higher your chances of success.

The converse is also true. During the research it was found out that more often than not women can not get the desired result, because they do not represent what and how to do. There are a lot of options for solving the tasks, but the traps and dead-end branches along this path are no less, and, perhaps, even more. These fraudulent trails will lead you to trauma, a fall in results and a complete loss of any motivation.

Do not start the training program without first collecting information. Since the quest for health promotion is going to take place throughout life, it is extremely important at the first level to learn the fundamental principles of the training process and proper nutrition. Five errors, which will be discussed, are often found among beginners, who make the first steps and fill the first bumps in training. Avoid mistakes, and you will become an intelligent, happy and successful fitness fan.

Many women piously believe in mantle-muffled spells that cardio makes them slimmer, and strength training is more muscular. Most women tend to be low in fat and want to be in great shape, right? So, to get rid of the fat layer and create a beautiful body, you simply have to include in the training program at least some strength exercises!

As you gain muscle mass, your body can burn four times more calories per unit of time than before – even while you sleep! Needless to say, the lion's share of women is useful such an increase in the intensity of basic metabolism.

Do not completely abandon the cardio. If you really want to rip off a layer of fat covering the new muscles, be sure to use cardio-loads. Just do not get hung up on one cardio training.

Tip how to avoid this error

2 error. The Draconian Low-Calorie Diet

A common opinion: if you train a lot and do not eat much, you lose weight.

Although at a short distance this approach can work, in the future it will almost certainly lead to catastrophic consequences. Without gasoline, your car will not last long, just as your body can work at full speed only if there is an adequate amount of fuel.

An extreme low-calorie diet can lead to:

Numerous low-calorie diets promise magical results. Science, however, says the opposite: if you reduce the energy value of the diet below 800 calories, you seriously risk your health.

Instead of starving yourself, adjust your lifestyle and create a healthy balance between calorie intake and physical activity.

Tips on how to avoid this error

  • Find a trainer, nutritionist or doctor who will determine your energy needs or choose diets that give at least 1 200 calories per day.

3 error. Endless repetition of the same exercises

Beginners are often cautious and choose more or less familiar exercises, which they can accurately perform without unnecessary risk. Here and there such tactics roll, but certainly not in fitness and not in a healthy way of life.

Repetition of the same exercises day by day will lead to boredom and emotional burnout, and very soon you will find yourself on the training plateau. Constant variation of exercises ensures that your body is subjected to a real test for strength!

Tips on how to avoid this error

  • Try to constantly change the number of repetitions, approaches, pace and amplitude of movements in the exercises.

Before you follow the advice on this error, make sure that your health allows you to train with high intensity.

Most people do not strain too much in the gym, and therefore do not achieve the desired results. Simply cross the threshold of the gym and raise the 5-kg dumbbells – this is not enough. To radically change your body, you need to put it under stress.

Scientists from the University of New Mexico found that training at a deadly pace is more useful than working in a measured rhythm. The list of benefits includes accelerating fat metabolism and reducing the risk of cardiovascular pathology.

Tips on how to avoid this error

  • Get a pulse meter that tells you how actively you burn calories. Do not rely too much on the sensors of cardio machines, they are not always accurate.

5 error. Unrealistic expectations

If from the whole article you can only make one thought, let it be the fifth mistake: put impossible tasks, and your results (more precisely, their absence) will make the continuation of training almost impossible. Your goals should be adequate, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

For example, instead of expecting to lose weight by 5 kg per month, change the goal to: "For one month, I want to reset 3-5 kg, charge energy and reduce the thickness of the fat layer." Having determined for yourself several tasks and evaluation criteria, you raise your opportunities to the skies.

Women often do themselves a disservice and try to be equal to the successes and achievements of others. But the fact that your best friend has dropped 7 kg in the last month does not at all mean that you are bound to lose as much, moreover, you should not even try to do so.

Your path to health is your path, and you do not need to be guided by anyone. Others can be a source of inspiration and additional motivation, but they will not do your work for you.

Tips on how to avoid this error

  • Define qualitative and quantitative goals and write them down on paper.


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