5 training programs to build up the mass of pectoral muscles


How can beginners build a massive chest? Try these 5 excellent training programs to build up the chest muscles and find out for yourself.

Guide to building pectoral muscles for beginners

Does your chest look more like a sheet of plywood than a mountain of muscle that you have always dreamed of? Do you spend endless hours doing a bench press, but the breast size does not increase? Have you already started to think that you simply can not have developed pectoral muscles? Immediately stop, you are wrong.

I can not promise you that you will ever have a breast like the great Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I can promise you that if you listen to me, you will be able to develop your breast to an impressive size.

Further in the article I will tell you about the anatomy of the breast, its function, its location in the body and about some exercises for each of the pectoral muscles. Finally, and this is exactly what you are waiting for, I will share with you five of my favorite training programs that will help you turn your flat chest into hardened muscles.

The breast consists of two muscles, which together provide the work of the chest. These muscles are a large pectoral muscle and a small pectoral muscle. As a rule, a small pectoral muscle is located directly under the large pectoral muscle.

It begins in the inner half of the clavicle, passes through the sternum to the axillary fossa (Shoulder bone).

3 performs various functions:

Press the barbells and the dumbbells with dumbbells

Recommendations for breast augmentation

Although the breast consists of a single muscle mass, it must be trained, as if it consisted of three parts. The upper, middle and lower parts of the chest are better pumped, depending on the angle at which exercises are performed.

The upper part of the chest is best developed when doing exercises on a bench at an angle of 30-45 °. For example, a barbell press and a dumbbell press or mixing-raising of hands with dumbbells on an incline bench are excellent exercises for inflating the upper chest.

The middle part of the breast receives the best stimulation, if the exercises are performed on a horizontal bench. For example: a barbell press and a dumbbell press or mixing-dilution of hands with dumbbells on a horizontal bench perfectly train the middle section of pectoral muscles.

The lower part of the chest is best practiced with exercises performed on a bench with a backward slope (30-45 °). For example: the barbell press and the dumbbell press or the mixing-raising of hands with dumbbells on a bench with a reverse slope are great for increasing the lower part of the pectoral muscles.

I believe that all parts of the pectoral muscles first respond best to low (4-6) or average (8-12) repetitions. I very rarely include a large number of repetitions for beginners, since I believe that heavier weights help lay a solid foundation that beginners need. I'm also sure that at the beginning of training it is better to focus on free weights, especially if the chest is your weak point. In my opinion, free weights develop pectoral muscles much better than simulators.

Now that you understand the muscles that make up the pectoral muscles, and know about their functions, positions and exercises that are necessary for their growth, let's look at some training programs that will help you build up the volume of your breasts.

All exercises should be carried out exactly according to the rules, because incorrect exercise becomes a habit that will haunt you and prevent you from achieving great results, or in the worst case, will lead to injury. Therefore, to begin with, read the section of exercises for the muscles of the chest.

5 my favorite training programs for building pectoral muscles

Day of the upper section of pectoral muscles

Day of the middle section of pectoral muscles

Day of the bar

These 5 training programs I use so far to support the pectoral muscles, which has always been my weak point. Basic exercises with free weights are best suited to get a tight muscle mass, which you have always sought.

I want you to choose one of the above programs and try it for 4-6 weeks, trying to increase weight with each workout (still accurately performing the exercise), then go on to the next training program and repeat this process.

And now the most interesting thing is the time has come to "Increase pectoral muscles." Now you all know the training program is outlined, so just "GO TO KICK".

You will look at the commentators and you understand that most of them are either blind, or stupid, or just vnyaniya want . The person clearly wrote 5 programs, choose one of the 5-tees and train on it for 4-6 weeks, increasing the weight at each workout so that the principle of the progression of the load is observed – where is already clearer?

The first time I encounter such a program, if it's even a matter of pumping only the pectoral muscles, how about small muscles like bizz? While I'm growing up, I usually hide in my trainings all the exercises on the chest, including the upper part of the chest, the middle, and the bottom, and the bicep there, the meaning of swinging one large group of muscles, I do not see, and I do not think this will be reflected in success. .

and what is the break between the approaches?

Your comment. Neznaju, I served razv . and with confidence I can say that for a month to score a breast with a muscle> IT IS POSSIBLE.

just in one workout you can swing both the chest and the press?

Yes well nafig for years . depending on the body . .if eat well and walk three times a week, plus even between the days warm up then a month for three you build yourself a relief and neherovyy))) we are in the army muscle pumped up a month for three and engaged every day)))) not what we wanted . .just in the sport of the company did not work any other way))))) and for years to swing some three muscles of the chest, you probably meant that the figure was like that of Schwartz))

BBB- For a set of muscle mass, it is necessary to give the muscle group over which the rest 72 hours worked. muscles do not grow during worktime during rest, when protein restores a lacerated muscle

I so understood that 1 day on the top on 2 day average and on the third on the bottom it is necessary to do that?

No, it's written in conclusion. "I want you to choose one of the above programs and try it for 4-6 weeks, trying to increase weight with each workout (still accurately performing the exercise), then go on to the next training program and repeat this process. "

I liked the program!

if you need a mass, then 4-6 repetitions is very small, so such a number is only for the development of strength, not mass. optimal think 10 repetitions

These all the programs will not explode at all, 3 on 4-6, this is not about anything, if I take interest with my prog on 15 5-2 approaches day, I mean 50% (from max weight of my own) 5 times 1p, then 60% 4p-2p, 65% 4p-3p, etc etc up to 80% and as well back to 60% then this really blows up, and after bench press I go to squats and also by interest, then on wiring, etc. And this is one of the explosive days, more is more, everything is painted for 3 weeks and for the penultimate day unloading, already taking 70% to 110% and back, this day checks for how much you were able to add in the bench!) That's right, but I finished This prog added in the press 15 kg, from 85 to 100kg on the chest, now I'm looking for something worthwhile, but as I can see nothing I have not found = (

I would write more clearly, it would be very good. And what does the squat and chest have to do with it?

I'm doing 3 a week

those. 1 day I do on the top

3 day on the bottom?

no shit, nothing happens. Very mediocre article, if it's about writing at the top. It seems that the author does not know anything about modern bodybuilding. If his programs work in full, as expected, then overtraining is guaranteed.

Guys tell me whether you can pump up the chest in about a month?

no dude can not! breast build for years. like this

No, it's still possible for a year, but not for a month.

and every day you can do?

I think not worth it .. better one – a maximum of two per week

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