50 excuses, not to go to workout

Why train, if it's much easier to stay at home, eat sweets, drink a soda can and play on the Xbox? If you are looking for a good reason to skip training, you have come to the right place.

No mood to raise iron? Without a shadow of doubt, use these excuses and enjoy complete freedom!

  1. My dog ​​ate a training diary, and I can not remember what I did at the last training session.

Only one worked

Why write an article on this topic, you need to reverse the people to train.

Duc publication date 1 April)

No one will not believe

And we do not have training ahahahh in our kalhozny region only physical education and then just run there

#39 just about me

none has worked (

If I am overcome by laziness, undress and get in front of a mirror :)) a woman will always find something to cling to in her appearance, and this usually helps :))

Haha, No. 4 just about me))

About Walkers correctly noted)) but they usually show in the evening


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