50 steps to accelerated fat burning

Simple recommendations will help you to remove the extra pounds and get in shape even after a long set of weight!

Author: Shannon Clarke

Strive for new victories on the battlefield with extra pounds? In this case, even if during the holidays the flagship of your fat burning fleet has received a perceptible hole, do not let it finally run aground! Reset extra fatty ballast is easier than you think. In order to make the annoying simple on the spot turn into a swift movement towards a high goal, most people lack only a few key tools of the fat burning arsenal.

Use fifty tips, start moving in the right direction and make a powerful leap to the transformation of the body 2014!

1. Use the rotation of carbohydrates

To lose weight, you do not have to completely exclude from the menu pasta and bread. All that you need is a competent approach to choosing the time for taking carbohydrate food. Take on the arms of the rotation of carbohydrates. The principle is simple: on training days, the proportion of carbohydrates in the menu is increased, and on rest days – sharply limit.

Rotation of carbohydrate food is a more balanced approach compared to a strict low-carbohydrate diet. Rotation will allow you to maintain metabolism at a stable high speed and at the same time ensure the filling of fuel tanks with muscle glycogen, which is necessary for intensive training.

In the menu must prevail rich in protein sources of complex carbohydrates, such as beans and kinoa, actively include in the diet vegetables and some fruits.

2. Increase protein consumption by 15%

Protein has a more pronounced thermodynamic action than carbohydrates or edible fats. This means that your body will get less calories, because a lot of energy will be spent on digesting and assimilating the protein. Approximately 20-35% of calories produced as protein are burned during digestion. For comparison, the assimilation of carbohydrates consumes about 5-15% of calories, and energy consumption for fat absorption does not exceed 5%. In addition, protein effectively suppresses appetite and helps you successfully repel all attacks of hunger.

Boost fat burning with interval training! Refuse monotonous cardio loads, alternate high-intensity intervals with recovery periods on a small stroke. This type of cardio will cause you to burn calories at the speed of light for many hours after the completion of the training session.

Does this strategy provide additional benefits? Definitely! High-intensity segments "for all money" will shorten the time of your communication with the treadmill, and you can pay more attention to family and close friends.

Integrate the interval training into your training program and try to return to it 1-2 times a week. Start with 30 seconds of maximum activity followed by an 60 second recovery and stick to this scheme for 15-20 minutes.

4. Drop-sets with isolated movements

Most often use drop sets with clean insulating movements. Enough to hold on to the same weight with which you steadily master three approaches to the biceps with eight repetitions. In the first approaches, use a really heavy load, and when you get to the point of failure, reset 20% of the working weight and continue training until it stops.

Then, if you set yourself really high goals, you can once again reduce the weight and continue the exercise. Drop-sets burn more calories than traditional approaches, and at the same time help you build muscle.

5. Priority training for the whole body

Isolating exercises have the right to exist, but full body workouts are more suitable for devastating fat stores. They help to include the maximum number of muscle groups in the work and force an unprecedented expenditure of energy, both during and after the training session.

Training for the whole body hits all the major muscle groups and is accompanied by a large expenditure of energy in comparison with the split-training. This strategy is ideal for reducing fat mass, because it allows you to work out each muscle group several times a week and does not require a long recovery period.

6. Start your day off with an abundant and balanced breakfast

To remove excess weight, eat! In a study published by the American Society of Clinical Nutrition the study says that people who eat a generous breakfast are much easier to control the amount of diets than people who neglect morning meals.

In addition, a full breakfast helps to reduce the daily caloric intake of the diet, and, therefore, helps to reduce body weight. If your attempts to lose weight stumbled upon an invisible wall, this simple advice in the spirit of the "old school" will help you overcome the obstacle and continue the impetuous advance!

7. Actively move at least once an hour

Say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle! Long sitting in one place will easily slow down any metabolism, so try to break away from the chair and actively move every hour.

A simple solution can be a reminder in the form of an alarm clock or a timer in a mobile phone. Take a short jog around the house or just get to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee, and this small step will lead to big changes.

People who do not get enough sleep suffer not only from a sharp drop in the body's energy reserves, but also face slow metabolism and a decrease in the sensitivity of cells to insulin. All these factors become a serious obstacle to the goals set.

Still in doubt about the benefits of good sleep? According to a study by the Mayo Clinic (Minnesota, USA), in a group of adults who sleep approximately 7 hours per night, a lower mortality rate is recorded than among people who sleep less or much more.

9. Look for ways to relieve stress

Stress is not only sleepless nights and nervous nibbling of nails. Stress increases the secretion of cortisol, also called stress hormone. Chronic increase in the level of cortisol can lead to a weakening of immunity, hypertension, increased cholesterol concentration in the blood, cardiac pathology and weight gain.

If there is too much stress in your life, you are more prone to overeating and accumulation of additional fat mass. Do not worry about trifles, increase physical activity and change your life for the better. Scientists have proved that laughing and listening to your favorite music reduces the level of cortisol.

10. Jump through the rope between the power approaches

Wake the child inside. Jumping rope is a form of intense physical activity, which is easy to include in pauses between power approaches. Jump through the rope during the rest, and you repeatedly raise the energy consumption at each training session.

11. Learn new simulators for cardio workouts

Your training program should not stand still! For the forward movement of the body need a variety of workloads, and therefore abandon your favorite cardiovascular training scheme and study all available options. So you not only work out new muscle groups, but you can avoid emotional fatigue from monotonous repetitive actions.

In training, many make one big mistake and try to finish all the exercises faster. I can assure you, this approach is guaranteed to lead to a drop in results. The correct technique for performing each exercise is the universal key to success. In the gym, do not run ahead of the locomotive, concentrate on every muscle contraction and relaxation, and very soon it will lead to an exponential increase in the productivity of the training sessions.

13. During the workout, set the timer

Short rest periods during exercise are one of the best ways to start an internal combustion engine of calories. Set the timer to 30-45 seconds and make sure that you do not allow pauses to stretch indefinitely.

Do not constantly deny yourself the pleasures. An endless diet slows down metabolism, and this becomes a serious hindrance on the way to weight loss. To accelerate the movement towards the goal, you need to make short breaks in the diet. Just a week, raise the energy value of the diet, and you can achieve more in the long term.

Caffeine not only increases the energy potential of the body and provides you with an additional inflow of energy to overcome exhausting workouts. According to studies on the problem of obesity, an increase in caffeine consumption promotes weight loss and stimulates fat oxidation, and in the female body, caffeine reduces the secretion of hormones that contribute to the accumulation of fats. Caffeine has a slight stimulating effect on metabolism, which means that a cup of coffee will help you increase your caloric intake.

Salmon meat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which stimulate fat oxidation during energy metabolism and thus contribute to the depletion of fat stores. Eat 100-150 grams of salmon twice a week, and you will get a weekly rate of omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, salmon is rich in protein and B vitamins, and also contains a daily vitamin D diet.

17. Include in the diet coconut oil

Of all the fats, only coconut oil has a thermodynamic effect comparable with the protein. Just eat coconut oil and you can burn more calories! Coconut oil contains triglycerides with an average chain length – a ready fuel for biochemical reactions of energy metabolism, and this also helps to reduce body weight.

Want to get rid of extra pounds? Walk on foot. Pedometer is an excellent tool with which you can track your daily movement activity and estimate the total calorie consumption. More movement is equivalent to more fat burned, so try to walk as often as possible!

19. Drink three cups of green tea daily

Think about replacing daytime coffee or soda with something useful. Rich in antioxidants, green tea not only helps prevent the development of diseases; people who daily drink three or more cups of tea a day, have a higher level of metabolism.

20. Put small plates on the table

Simply reducing the size of the plate will help reduce the amount of food consumed, so that it becomes much easier for you to stick to a healthy diet and control your body weight. According to a study by the University of Cornell, the participants in the experiment, who were given small plates, imposed themselves smaller portions. Choose plates no more than 20 cm in diameter.

Looking for additional tools to visually control the size of the portion? Use dark plates. The latest study showed that increasing the contrast between a plate and food leads to the fact that people begin to eat less.

21. Every day, drink whey protein

Not all proteins are the same. The British Journal of Dietetics published the results of scientific work proving that when it comes to the sense of satiety, the whey protein is not equal. An excellent solution will be taking the protein after a workout or adding an un-flavored whey powder to the morning fruit cocktail.

22. Group training in a training camp

Looking for a way to improve overall functional training? Think about group sessions in the training camp. As a rule, such courses combine strength training and endurance training, and this will help you dramatically increase the intensity of metabolism.

In addition, there you can meet many like-minded people who will support you during especially exhausting workouts and help you to overcome crisis days.

23. Always plan meals in advance

First of all, understand that light food should not be fatty and fried. Planning meals in advance, you can stay away from the temptation to have a quick lunch in a fast food chain. Try Sunday nights to prepare meals for the whole week.

The presence of tasty, useful, and already cooked food will help you overcome the temptation to deviate from the diet.

24. Cook with fresh herbs and spices

Instead of resorting to mayonnaise and other high-calorific dressings, raise your dishes to a new level with fresh herbs and spices. Adding oregano to food, a couple of sprigs of fresh basil or a pinch of ground pepper is an excellent way to brighten your food intake with bright flavors and at the same time increase the nutritional content of the diet.

Do not know where to start? Then consider the following options: oregano is rich in antioxidants, rosemary protects against damage to blood vessels, and ginger relieves swelling.

25. Wake up in the company of complex carbohydrates

Fiber-rich sources of carbohydrates are the ideal beginning of the day, which will energize the body and provide a stable level of glucose in the blood throughout the first half of the day. Oatmeal, cinnamon and buckwheat groats will be an excellent choice for morning meals. But a delicious bun with cinnamon will only raise the sugar level for a short while, which will soon fall to the lower limit of the norm.

A can of spices can become a true helper in reducing body weight. Cayenne pepper contains an active component of capsaicin, which for several hours increases the intensity of metabolic processes. Add it to your food at any stage of cooking.

27. Add the walnut to the salad

Even minor supplements to the diet help you get rid of extra pounds. Walnuts are rich in useful omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and protein. They will help you to be full and keep the sense of hunger in check.

You do not count the calorie intake? This is your first mistake. Careful consideration of the amount of food consumed will save you from unnecessary doubt: by determining and recording the size of the portion, you can go a long way in dealing with the problem of fat control. Think about how to buy kitchen scales, make measuring cups and spoons an integral part of kitchen utensils. Sometimes a simple awareness of the size of the portion is sufficient for a sharp increase in the results.

29. 10 minutes per day, keep a diary

Do not hold anything in yourself. By trusting paper problems that lead you out of a state of mental equilibrium, you clear the mind and soothe the soul, and this will help you avoid psychogenic (compulsive) overeating. Keeping a diet diary also helps you to find holes in your diet. Let the ballpoint pen show you the way to high-protein food.

Buying food on an empty stomach is tantamount to a walk around the bakery after a prolonged starvation. Everything seems insanely delicious! In fact, in such a situation, you are completely helpless before a massive attack of sweets and confectionery. Disrupt their plans, go for food only on a full stomach!

And one more tip: buy food only on the perimeter of the supermarket, where the fresh vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy products are laid out. This will dramatically increase your chances of buying real food, not the processed synthetic feed.

Sweet drinks can destroy all your plans to fight fat, and therefore the main role in the drinking regime should belong to the water. The extra calories and cosmic rise of sugar in the blood, provoked by sweet drinks, is the shortest way to increase body weight.

You can not doubt that only a couple of cans of soda per day will lead to a significant excess of the energy value of the diet. In addition, the sugar will cause a sharp rise in the secretion of insulin, which will not allow the body to use fats as a fuel.

32. Make snacks simple and useful

To help yourself make the right choice, always keep fresh fruits and vegetables in the fridge. What could be better than grated carrots, celery and sweet peppers, seasoned with a useful sauce of fat-free yogurt? Raw vegetables are rich in essential nutrients and yet contain very few calories.

33. While eating, put the plug aside

Rapid eating of food is completely inappropriate when you want to lose weight. And no matter how much you are busy, eat slowly and thoroughly chew food. In this way, your brain will be able to feel satiation before you send an extra second or third portion of the supplement to the stomach.

Get out of bed and put on sneakers. Exercises in the morning will help you stay toned and allow you to start the day well before your consciousness drowns in a stream of pressing problems. Spend 10-15 morning workout. Physical activity will ignite the fire of metabolic processes and at the same time help curb the appetite.

We used to live "on the run", and this turned unconscious eating of food into a very common problem. Break the vicious circle of thoughtless chewing and make yourself eat only while sitting. Thus, you can avoid completely useless and unnecessary "snacks on the go."

36. Choose one-component products

The basic rule for all who want to remove excess weight – try to consume only one-component, or whole foods. Such products are presented in its original form, do not contain artificial flavors, dyes and preservatives. This is the best way to satisfy hunger, curb your appetite and provide the body with all the necessary nutrients.

37. During the meal, nothing should distract you

If you are used to having dinner in front of the TV, looking through magazines or combing the vastness of the Network – stop. Anything that distracts you from eating slows the arrival of a sense of satiety and leads to overeating. Concentrate on food. Think about the flavor, taste and consistency of the food, and each time you will get the most out of the meal.

38. Cyclicality of the caloric content of the diet

Cyclicality of caloric intake is another great strategy. It will help you stay on course and stay true to a strict diet. When you take too long to eat a low-calorie diet, your body adapts to such a caloric intake by slowing energy metabolism.

Alternate low-calorie days with several days of high calorie content to maintain high metabolic rate and make the diet tolerable. By and large, you should choose only that diet, which is really effective.

Boring training sessions are one of the big problems, provoking people to completely give up training. Eliminate this problem due to weekly changes in the training program.

This does not mean that you must constantly go beyond the comfort zone. Changes can be minor. Think about enrolling in a fitness group or modifying your cardio workout – instead of an interval sprint, use a run up the hill. Such changes will help you refresh the boring training program, expose the body to the action of new stimuli and activate other muscle groups.

Meat soups are great for controlling the feeling of hunger and at the same time reduce the total calorie content of the diet. Make them the first course of every main meal. If there are a lot of vegetables in the soup, it will also help you increase the intake of fiber and antioxidants – all this is ideal for everyone who wants to lose weight.

41. Every week try new vegetables

The monotony of the diet is one of the main reasons forcing many people to give up on a healthy diet. To cope with this problem, try every week to include in the diet one new vegetable. So you add a new flavor, taste and consistency to the menu, while the calorie content of the diet will remain low and the nutritional value high.

Turn your favorite seasonal vegetables into a source of color, taste and aroma, or, as in the case of pumpkin spaghetti, use them as a useful alternative to carbohydrate foods.

42. Predict possible difficulties

To successfully overcome crisis periods, learn to foresee potential obstacles long before they occur. Having learned to predict in advance all the difficulties that may be in your way, you can develop an effective strategy to overcome them, and this will help you to succeed.

Are you afraid of the training crisis in the winter months? Find a training partner that will cheer you up and help you stay in the game. Do you know exactly that you are not a lark? In the evening, prepare a light breakfast so that you can eat quickly in the morning and start daily activities.

Before eating, take a minute to assess the extent of your hunger. Before you start rummaging in the fridge, ask yourself if you are really hungry, or your craving for food is led by completely different emotions – boredom, sadness, joy. This supplementary measure will help to see the difference between compulsive overeating and conscious eating.

When it comes to weight loss, the legumes go to the main roles. Beans are a slowly digesting source of complex carbohydrates, rich in fiber and protein, which is guaranteed to bring you a lasting sense of satiety.

If you want to quickly get rid of extra pounds, forget about the scales. Weighing is the shortest path to frustration due to constant fluctuations in body weight due to fluid retention. Instead of relying on wavyly changing figures, be guided by the definition of the percentage of fat in the body.

Refusal of gluten may be due to medical indications, but even in the absence of evidence such tactics will help remove a number of foods from the diet that often provoke health problems. A gluten-free diet is rich in protein and healthy fats; lean on fruits and vegetables, and you will provide the body with the optimal amount of fiber and antioxidants. Just do not overfill the diet with baked goods without gluten.

47. Study the menu of the restaurant on the Internet

Before you go to a restaurant, visit his website and learn the menu. Restaurants often publish nutritional value and caloric content of dishes, so that you can make the most useful and healthy choice in advance. In addition, remember the basic rules: avoid cream decorations of dishes, cream sauces, fast carbohydrates and sweet desserts.

At the very moment when alcohol enters the body, your fat burning ship begins to sink. Alcohol is charged with empty calories, in addition, it suppresses the secretion of hormones that stimulate the breakdown of fats. If you want an optimal result, it is extremely important to eliminate alcohol from your lifestyle. This step will help you to become slimmer and accelerate the recovery between training sessions.

49. Set the rhythm of the training session

Looking for a quick and easy way to increase the intensity of training sessions? Ask them a rhythm with the help of their favorite music. Scientists have proved that dynamic music increases the productivity and pace of training. Tune in to your wave to consume more calories, both during and after the training session

50. Inhale the fragrance (and sip) the tea with mint

The aroma of mint has the ability to reduce appetite. Taste the aroma of a hot mint tea cup when the body requires a dessert.

Chewing gum with mint has a similar effect, but tea is a much more useful choice.

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