6 exercises for beautiful and slender legs


Attack the buttocks and leg muscles in all directions: create strong and sexy legs with these six exercises!

Author: Oxygen team

Regardless of whether you want to add volume, remove fat or simply "pull up" the hips and buttocks, the proposed training will work the lower body in all directions. All approaches are performed before 12 repeats. Beginners should confine themselves to one approach in each exercise, all the others need to do three approaches to each movement.

Deadlift on straight legs off the bench

Initial position. Stand on a stable bench and take a light bar.

Motion. Without bending your knees, slowly lower the bar as low as possible, so that the muscles of the back of the thigh fully stretch. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

Hint. Keep the bar close to the shins.

Initial position. Stand up straight, so that the platen of the machine is at the ankle level; every time start moving upwards only after the full straightening of the leg.

Motion. Bend the leg in the knee joint.

Initial position. Sit in the leg extension; correct the position of the leg cushion so that it is at the level of the shin.

Motion. Straighten and lower your legs; make sure that the amplitude of motion is as high as possible in each repetition.

Initial position. Grasp the neck in the Smith simulator so that it crosses your body at shoulder level.

Motion. Set the feet to a comfortable width, the socks slightly turn outward, descend into the squat, so that the hips are parallel to the floor or below this line. Climb and repeat.

Initial position. Rise with one knee to the bench, keep your hands on the edge of the bench for balance.

Motion. Secure the cuff at the ankle level and attach it to the bottom block; from the original position, move the leg back as high as possible. Lower and repeat. Try to work in the maximum possible range. Repeat with the other foot.

Hint. To squeeze the maximum out of each repetition, in the starting position, place the working leg as close as possible to the cargo stack.

Initial position. Lay down on the gym mat with face up, put a pancake at the level of the belt.

Motion. The distance between the stops should be comfortable; bend your knees and pull your feet closer to the buttocks, as in the picture. Raise as high as possible and lower the buttocks. At the end of the approach on the 12 repetitions, make another 12 "pulsations" (fast movements on 10-15 cm at the top of the range).

For beginners. Do not take a pancake and put your hands along the trunk.

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