6 exercises for large hands


How to create volumetric and relief muscles of the hands, without increasing the duration of training? Give 30 minutes of hard work and reap the harvest in the form of powerful and beautiful hands!

Author: Matt Biss

I was always attracted by the force that can be applied in practice. And I like to work with people and explain to them that hard muscular work often brings more joy than aesthetic pleasure with athletic reflection in the mirror. However, I often come across a problem that Bob Hoffman has described. In those days when bodybuilding was not yet formed as an independent sport, its wards weightlifters Olympians, were already obsessed with the size and shape of their hands. And instead of fighting maniacal obsession with biceps and triceps, I decided to channel this energy into a good channel.

Due to the different length and the presence of several points of the beginning and attachment of the biceps and triceps, you can accentuate to pump each head of these muscles by varying the position of the hands and the rotation of the wrists in the wrist joints.

And since your hands are actively involved in the work performed by the upper body, you just need to adjust your actions a little, and the shapeless piles of muscles will turn into relief jackhammers!

Half-hour strength training for hands

With this complex you will learn how to use various tricks and tricks to create powerful and evenly developed hands. We will perform three pairs of exercises, forming supersets from approaches to biceps and triceps.

Let's start with heavy work with large weights, and then smoothly proceed to a multi-repeat training to force maximum hypertrophy. Training will not take you much time, but it will give a powerful impetus to the growth of volume and the formation of the relief of biceps and triceps.

Every day alternate sets?

Every day you can not train! Either once a week, do it in your hands or in extreme cases 2 times, otherwise the body will not be able to recover.

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