6 exercises with kettlebells that you never tried

Pump up your muscles and burn fat with these difficult exercises with weight!

Author: Zuzka Light

Giryu is often called a "gym in miniature", and for that there are reasons. In fact, one weight is enough for a full training on strength and general functional training. What other shell will help you work out the muscles of the legs and back, buttocks and shoulders, abdominal press and body so effectively? I'm sure every type of load and burdening has a right to exist, but if I had to choose one type of sports equipment for the rest of my life, I would not hesitate to choose a weight.

I discovered dumbbells for myself six years ago and fell in love with them from the first ascent. They are the core of the training programs that I offer on my site. In 2013, I trained hard and eventually got a certificate of Russian Giri from Dragon Door, the main community of kettlebell lifting in the USA. Today I actively use the "big six" exercises with weights – mahi, squats, lifts, jerks, jerks and presses. I also integrated them into a unique combination of movements that will allow you to get a unique training effect even with a small weight.

The proposed exercises are unique in that they combine simple movements with weights into complex complexes of two or three parts. The unification of these movements complicates their implementation – but this is the essence. Try it yourself, and you will burn fat, become athletic, pump up muscle mass and increase self-esteem.

Accept the challenge to become better and grow over yourself!

Are you ready for this?

Beginners, who before did not do complex exercises with weight like jerk or press above the head, definitely should learn the basics, and then move on to these movements. Do not try to perform the proposed exercises, if you have never made a dash, because this is a technically complex movement that requires the utmost concentration and hundreds of repetitions for honing the technique.

The rest is time to take a weight of medium size – not the heaviest – and a gym mat. Go!

Before you, a dynamic combination of squats, rolls and press above your head. All movements must be performed smoothly from beginning to end, and not by individual jerks.

  1. Stand up straight, take the weight with both hands and lift it to the level of the collarbone.

This movement is much more complicated than it seems, because you will use inertia, shifting the weight into another hand, and this requires complete control. You do not want to hit yourself on the leg of a weight, drop it or lose control over the position of your back. But this is a very exciting movement, you just need to learn the basics of technology.

  1. Bend over, pulling the pelvis back, and lift the weight off the floor with both hands. Your back should be straight, almost parallel to the floor.

3. Rise to the chest with squats on one leg, curtsy attacks and overhead

I know it sounds very difficult, but a smooth transition between movements is logical enough, and you will master it in two counts. But be prepared, because in this exercise it is very important to maintain balance!

  1. Lean, pulling the pelvis back, and lift the weight off the floor with one hand so that the thumb looks back. The back should be straight, almost parallel to the floor.

This is a heavy exercise for the abdominal press, in which there are elements of a pullover and double twisting with weights. Do not expect to perform several dozen repetitions, as in conventional twists!

  1. Lie on the gym mat face up. Place the weight behind your head and grasp it with both hands.

The classic dash is itself an excellent exercise – I made it 100 times in 5 minutes during the RKC certification for kettlebell lifting – but it's also a great way to lift the weight above your head. And when she is there, you can perform any other movement.

Note on jerk: do not be afraid to use protection for brushes so that the weight does not hit you on the wrist. Ideally, it should not hit you, but it's always a good idea to have a spare option!

  1. Bend over and lift the weight off the floor with one hand. The back should be straight, almost parallel to the floor.

This combined exercise is important to perform on all canons of technology, so do not make the mistake of taking too heavy a projectile. Use light weight if necessary.

On the other hand, the easier the weight, the higher the probability that it will slip during push-ups, and so you can damage your wrist or face down on the floor. We do not need this! That's why it's important to choose the right weight for this exercise.

  1. Take the starting position for push-ups, but do not put your hands on the floor, but grasp the handle of the weight in the side part. Make sure the body is stretched out into a string. Squeeze the buttocks and strain the press.

Combine the combined exercises

If you want to combine these exercises into the coolest workout, do each at least 10 times and repeat the cycle three times. For the whole workout, you will need one single weight, but by the time you complete it, you will sweat and be exhausted. I wish you a good workout!

For me as a layman in this area very useful advice! Thank you!


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