6 gross errors of deadlift, which are rarely spoken of

The deadlift is technically complex, although we use it almost every day. Avoid 6 typical mistakes, and you will learn how to lift weights from the ground like a pro!

Author: Josh Bryant, Certified Specialist in Power and General Physical Training

Raise the child's arms. Move the couch. Empty the garbage can. The earth is full of heavy objects that you have to lift. With such movements you come across every day, and this makes one of the most useful exercises in terms of practical application. It can not be considered as an exercise for the back and development of grip strength. It forces to consistently join in the work of almost every muscle, this is an unrivaled movement for the development of intramuscular and intermuscular coordination.

Frankly, nothing develops the back muscular chain – the back surface of the body from the calf muscles to the trapezoids – like the repeated lifting and carrying of heavy objects. But when a technically complex movement is added to the impressive weight, the situation very quickly gets out of control!

If you are a beginner in deadlift, it's better to start with the publication "How to do the right thrust". However, if you are well acquainted with this movement and want to improve the technique, you should learn about six blunders that are rarely talked about and understand how to correct them.

1 error. Transformation of the camp in squats

The deadlift is not sit-ups with the barbell in hand, so that no one can say the internet trolls and office academics. If we compare stanovuyu with squats – and such comparisons though a dime a dozen – it is more like half, and not full-amplitude squats.

You have to start in a semi-squat position – yes, individual features impose an imprint, but you should not lift the bar from a very deep squat – with the shoulder blades located above the neck. When you start too low, the bar is far from the trunk, which is not very good for the waist and puts your lever in a weaker position.

2 error. Ignoring the position of the feet

Climb out of the chair. I want you to jump up from the usual standing position as high as possible; do not think about anything, let everything go in a natural way. The position of the feet when tearing away from the ground during the jump upwards is a great reference point for finding the optimal position of the legs during the stanovaya.

The majority of the feet will be about the width of the shoulders; if you spread them wider, your legs will block your hands when you tackle the neck. If the feet are placed too wide, the hands will be at the wrong angle, which will make the movement unnatural and increase the distance to which you should raise the bar.

Too narrow the setting of stops in gyms and in powerlifting competitions, I see much less often, but at any extreme, the sacrificial lamb will be your progress.

3 error. Ascent to the biceps during the hospital

Any full-fledged man under the age of 50 years (provided there are no injuries) will be able to take 140 kg in two years of regular training. And no one will do the lifting of the biceps with such weight. In short, you will not be able to raise a lot of weight in the police station if you try to do the exercise with your hands bent and "lift the bar to the biceps". Believe it or not, but the most common injury during the stanovoy is the biceps rupture! Fortunately, it is easy to prevent: do not pull the bar with your arms bent.

If you are doing stanovuyu with bent elbows, the bar will make the necessary correction for you and make you straighten your hands. At best, it will be pain in the elbow joint; at worst – you will get acquainted with a local surgeon as a traumatologist due to rupture of the biceps.

The solution is simple – pull the projectile with fully straightened hands. This is not only safe, but also reduces the amplitude of rod movement. As my brother says, Noah Bryant, "Your hands are ropes, and your hands are hooks. Block the elbow joints during the deadlift. "

Inefficiently zealous powerlifters often lean back during training and competition to demonstrate full control over the working weight. There is no need for this.

According to the rules of the competitions in powerlifting, knee and hip joints must be blocked, standing absolutely vertically. When the powerlifter leans back, guess what happens to his knees? They slightly bend. Experienced judges notice the mistake and do not count the attempt. Rid yourself of such disappointments and do not stray back. To add oil to the fire, I will say that the hyperextension in the loin during the deadlift opens the gate to diseases of the spine, for example, the herniation of the intervertebral disc. In the name of safety, efficiency and technical requirements, perform stanovuyu before blocking the joints and the vertical position of the trunk – buttocks are shortened, hips are straight – without excessive deviation back.

Leave tennis sneakers for the court! As a rule, tennis shoes have a shock absorbing sole. During a heavy deadlift, this is fraught with increased instability. If you are currently using sneakers on a thick sole, changing shoes – or you can just take it off for a while, it will instantly increase the weight that you can lift.

I recommend doing exercise in socks, snipers for deadlifts or sneakers on a flat and hard soles. This will add stability and evenly distribute the load on the foot. Moreover, high-soled shoes increase the amplitude of movement, and you have to raise the bar higher. During the powerlifting competition, every kilogram and every millimeter you are lifting a heavy shell on is accounted for!

6 error. Excessive slope over the barbell

Veterans of deadlift do not admit this error, but it often meets among less experienced athletes, whom no one has properly taught. Instead of a too deep squat, which was our first point, here we are dealing with an inclination above the bar and a barely noticeable bending of the knees. This technique is close to the Romanian deadlift, which is an exercise for the buttocks and upper parts of the hamstrings. Although it is still becoming, this is a single-joint movement in the hip joints, and it should not be confused with classical deadlift.

You need to bend over in the half-squat, and not just bend over. Although the Romanian deadlift is safe, you do not benefit from it from the multi-joint movement. In addition, during the Romanian deadlift, pancakes should never touch the floor between repetitions, because you need to keep your buttocks and hamstrings in tension all the time.

Stanovaya with a lot of weight pumping muscles, the existence of which you did not even suspect, and help develop the strength of the entire musculature. Avoid gross mistakes, and the results in the stanovaya will soar up! If it is still difficult for you to do the exercise according to all the rules, training with a personal trainer will be the most competent and the best investment in your life.


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