6 products that increase testosterone levels

Have you heard the term superfood? For a true athlete, there is nothing better than products that stimulate the synthesis of testosterone!

Author: Matthew Cady, a certified nutritionist

Risking a reputation as Captain Obvious, but still I say that for maximum effectiveness of each workout, you need testosterone, the main anabolic hormone of the human body. The more testosterone in the blood, the easier it is to gain a dry mass and burn fat tissue. Although less testosterone is synthesized in the female body than in the male body, ways to increase the natural production of testosterone may be beneficial for both men and women.  If you suspect you’re experiencing lower testosterone levels than usual especially if you’re a man, you must consult an expert because you may or may not need an immediate ed treatment.

The good news is that when it comes to building muscle, the ideal starting point is a trip to the supermarket. The explanation is simple: we regularly receive new scientific evidence that certain foods are rich in natural testosterone boosters and have a beneficial effect on muscle mass. After these words, it’s time to move on to making a shopping list that winds up your testosterone counter, for better results just try these testosterone supplements for men.

Throwing nets in search of seafood is a 100% way to be charged with vitamin D, which is closely related to testosterone. Scientists at the Harvard Institute of Public Health (Boston) have concluded that a high level of vitamin D in the body of a male correlates with high secretion of testosterone.

These discoveries explain the results of the scientific work published in the journal “Medicine and Science in Sport and Training”. Scientists have found that men and women with a high concentration of vitamin D in the blood tend to have greater muscular strength of the upper and lower body. So, the main idea is that if you want to develop strength and muscles, as a professional, you should not look at vitamin D patronize.

Unfortunately, many people experience vitamin D deficiency in winter, and this can cause a sharp drop in testosterone secretion.

Other sources of vitamin D: cod liver oil, herring, salmon, sardines, mackerel, organic chicken eggs.

Homemade pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of zinc, a microelement that is involved in a thousand enzyme processes that take place in our body, including the reactions on which testosterone production depends. It is hardly surprising to see the results of the study published in the journal Dietology. It turned out that men with zinc deficiency in the diet suffer from a lowered level of testosterone.

Add testosterone boosters like pumpkin seeds to oatmeal, yogurt and salads, or chop them and add to your protein shake.

In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, scientists found that healthy men who switch from a normal high-fat diet (13% saturated fat) to a low-fat diet (5% saturated fat) face a significant drop in the level testosterone.

We do not recommend adding a classic restaurant steak to a protein cocktail, but we recommend that you increase your saturated calories in 10%. This will help raise testosterone levels without the least risk to the health of the coronary vessels.

Other sources of saturated fats: butter, fatty dairy products, beef, lamb, red palm oil, chocolate.

Who would have thought that unremarkable wheat bran positively affects testosterone levels? Meanwhile, fiber-rich bran of wheat grains are an excellent source of magnesium. A study conducted by Turkish scientists showed that people who get more magnesium with food have a greater level of circulating testosterone. It should be noted that magnesium more effectively increased the level of testosterone in combination with high-intensity training.

Magnesium is necessary for hundreds of biochemical reactions taking place in our body, and one of such reactions is the synthesis of testosterone. You can raise the share of wheat bran in your diet, adding them to oatmeal, pancakes, fritters and protein shakes.

The basis of lasagna is one of the best sources of whey protein from dairy products, which makes it useful for guys and girls interested in muscle growth. A recent study conducted by physicians at the University of Connecticut showed that in the body of subjects who take whey protein, the level of the stress hormone cortisol during strength training is increased to a lesser extent.

Serum is a fraction of milk protein, especially rich in amino acids with branched chains. It is believed that they inhibit the production of cortisol during intensive training. This is a valuable property, given that cortisol can interfere with the synthesis of sex hormones, undermine the secretion of testosterone and promote the deposition of fats.

Other sources of whey protein: whey protein powder, milk, yogurt, kefir.

The fragrant berries of strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which has a beneficial effect on athletic performance. The intake of this antioxidant in high doses is accompanied by a decrease in the secretion of cortisol in response to debilitating exercise.

Cortisol is a catabolic hormone secreted by the adrenal glands in response to stressful situations, including in response to intense training. Unfortunately, cortisol vies with testosterone and at high concentrations inhibits the production of the latter, reducing its anabolic effect.

and that there is something about shrimp? anything more accessible?


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