6 reasons why your press is not visible


In the gym you spend hours working on the press, and the result was not, and not? Most likely, your mistake has crept in! Before you are six reasons that hide from the eyes cubes of the abdominal press.

Author: Alex Carneiro

The ancient Greeks and Romans considered the visible abdominal press a sign of health, strength and physical endurance. The statues of Zeus, Poseidon and Hercules are decorated with impeccable six cubes – a symbol of the immortal perfection and power of the gods.

In modern Internet culture, a magnificent torso, although it does not seem to be something supernatural, causes no less respect. Who did not run to the gym immediately after watching "300 Spartans"? Personally, I did it.

Owning six cubes is cool, but they are given by hard work. If after each workout you curl up a hundred times and still do not see the result, most likely you allow one or more of these errors. Next, I will list six reasons why you do not see the abdominal muscles cutting into the skin, and I'll tell you how to fight with these mistakes!

1. Fat reliably hides your muscles

Strong abdominal muscles are not a key factor in creating the visible six cubes, the main thing is a low percentage of body fat. If you have too much subcutaneous fatty tissue, and it covers the area of ​​the anterior abdominal wall with a thick layer, it does not matter how many hours you devote to twisting or lifting your legs – you still do not see six cubes as your own ears.

The most effective method for creating a relief abdominal press is a cardinal revision of its diet. When it comes to the abdominal press, intense training is only half the battle. Also, you should develop a competent nutrition program and remove subcutaneous fat that closes the muscles of the press; otherwise, all the sweat in the gym is irrelevant. So forget about McDonald's and hamburgers and make a more correct choice – go for a tasty and healthy food!

6 reasons why your press is not visible

2. Your training is not enough variety

In the majority view, abdominal muscles are small compact cubes in the center of the trunk, but in fact our muscular system is much more complicated. The abdominal group consists of straight abdominal muscles (six cubes), internal and external oblique muscles that lie on each side of the straight, as well as the transverse abdominal muscle located under the internal obliques. I would still include the front notched, because if you can see the muscles covering the ribs, you look like a real bodybuilder.

These muscles help to bend the trunk, unbend it and rotate along the axis. And more importantly, the abdominal muscles are involved in stabilizing the trunk during flexion, extension and rotation. Therefore, by training them only "on flexion" with the help of endless twists, you do not stimulate every muscle group in those directions in which it could grow. Like any other muscle in the body, abdominal muscles need to be trained at different angles in all planes to stimulate truly explosive growth!

For accentuated elaboration of abdominal muscles, include in the training a variety of exercises, so that the abdominal press performs all its activities. Try the bar, pulling with one hand and turning with a pancake.

Recently there was a strange opinion that abdominal muscles need to be trained with an absurdly large number of repetitions. Some people bend the stick and make more 500 twists in one workout. Of course, if you are training abdominal muscles for super-endurance, which is needed in some highly specialized sports, then please. But if you want to make muscles grow, you need to stimulate them like any other muscle group of your body. Will you perform 500 barbell lifts on the biceps in one workout to cause maximum growth? I think no.

Begin training abdominal muscles using weights so that they can develop similarly to other muscle groups, and vary the range of repetition in training sessions. For example, in one workout, do exercises with body weight with the number of repetitions from 15 to 30. In the next training session, reduce the number of repetitions to 8-12 and add burdens – while twisting on the floor, hold a disc or twist on the block. And add weight as you progress.

4. You pump the press in the hope of relieving it of fat

Let me clarify: you can not get rid of adipose tissue in a separate anatomical area due to more frequent training effect on this zone. If someone told you that by exercises for the press you will melt the fat on the front abdominal wall, spit in his face and explain that it is impossible to control the distribution of fat in the body. The only way to remove fat from the abdomen is to systematically remove it from the entire body through cardio training, diet and strength training.

Unfortunately, abdominal fat usually leaves the last, and returns – the first. The persistence with which he clings to your waist, can make you disappointed in the diet, and in training. The key to success will be systematic, consistent and gradual. The fact that the abdominal muscles can be shown to the world can take months or even years, but if you strictly adhere to a competent nutrition program, you will definitely see the result.

6 reasons why your press is not visible

5. You train abdominal muscles every day

This is a painful issue, as many representatives of fitness and power sports really train abdominal muscles every day at the end of the training session. However, they have built their abdominal press for many years, and what helps fitness professionals will not always be the best choice for you.

Since you are already using the muscles of the abdominal press during the execution of many exercises, such as squats, deadlifts, army press, etc., it is better to give them a brief respite within a week. Even if you do not work them out directly, abdominal muscles get stimuli during compound exercises.

For maximum results, train abdominal muscles no more often than 2-3 once a week. As the muscles grow and become stronger, you can shorten the duration of the complex for the press and include it in your workouts on a daily basis.

6. You are inconsistent in the diet

Very, very many people have gone through extreme diets and pre-competitive nutrition programs for the manifestation of abdominal muscles. However, they had to finish the competitive season or finish the diet, as they attacked the harmful food, scored on cardio-loads and said goodbye to their six dice. Instead, I propose to say goodbye to extreme diets, "dirty" work for the masses and inconsistency in their diet.

As I said, constancy is the most important element of our puzzle. Fitness should become the style of your life. If you eat properly and work hard at the gym all the time, you will be able to enjoy the engraved abdominal press for much longer than a few weeks. And staying dried all year round, you can do any self at any time – even if the competitive season is far behind!

6 reasons why your press is not visible

6 reasons why your press is not visible

6 reasons why your press is not visible

6 reasons why your press is not visible

6 reasons why your press is not visible

I only have an 4 cube press why so who knows))))

Relax and do the base!

I strain the muscles of the press-relief cubes, I relax-there's nothing ((What to do?

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