61 advice on how to make fitness a part of your life

Looking for ways to change for the better? These tips will help you make fitness a part of your life, no matter what goals you set for yourself!

Author: Bill Geiger

You have firmly decided that it's time to start playing sports and make it your habit, but from the difficulties of the first steps and you want to quit all in a couple of months? Judging by the fact that in the gyms the January rush is replaced by the February lull, you are not alone!

The question is how to turn your decisions into action, which will last more than 30 days. Although our site offers ways to improve the effectiveness of training, we can not come to your home and force you to move forward. At some point you must make an effort. And no one will do it for you.

Before moving on to the enumeration of the 61 way to make fitness a part of your life, we want to hear from you two small promises:

  1. Promise that you will read this article to the end.

This list is divided into several sections and includes tips, where to start, how to gain muscle mass and how to lose weight. Many of these tips are backed by the collective experience of our editorial staff and our readers, so you can be sure that they will help you.

Let me assure you, I do not in any way want to write an article that will beg you to go back to training! Let's save a lot of time and continue to work hard.

Record your global fitness goals and describe how you want to look. Including body weight, percentage of body fat and body builds that you want to see. Now divide all by three. This is your guide for the next 90 days, during which you have to go through the third part of the way.

Find 60 minutes for daily physical activity. It does not have to be training with bars seven days a week, just try to give yourself some kind of load, even if it's just a dog walking or a leisurely cycling trip. Use good weather to practice outdoors. If you're new to fitness, start with two 15-minute workouts or three 10-minutes, until you get used to it.

3. Understand what brings you pleasure

Lifting weights is the best way to change the body for the better. Unfortunately, not everybody likes strength training. The most important decision for long-term fitness success is to understand how much you like this or that kind of load. Choose what turns exercise into pleasure! Learn new sports sections and activities to decide which option suits you best. For beginners, almost any choice seems difficult, but you will begin to see results from the very first week.

Train with a friend or girlfriend who is at your level of training and sets similar goals. When you are responsible for someone in the answer, the probability of dropping the idea is reduced many times. Healthy competition will be a good motivation, and you are unlikely to succumb to the temptation to shorten training time.

5. Surround yourself with people whose goals coincide with yours

Friends can help in many ways. In the office, in college or in your personal life, try to surround yourself with people who care about your health and go in for sports. People who have chosen a healthy lifestyle will become a good example. Conversely, if your friends hold the opposite views, they will most likely pull you back and take you away from the goal.

6. Do not compare yourself with others

Instead, compare yourself with yourself a week ago. If you every week become a little better than a week ago, you move forward and progress. Try to improve your performance by 5-10% compared to the previous week. Everyone will have a hard time if he begins to compare himself with professional athletes who plow in training for years and are not doing anything else. The only thing that connects you to these people is that they once decided to change their body, thought for a second, and started moving forward.

7. Read, learn, motivate yourself

The easiest way to find inspiration and learn new knowledge about fitness, exercise and nutrition – read online one article on fitness every day. Many similar articles are published on this site! You can not learn about everything in a week, but learning something new every day, you can better understand what and how to do in the gym, and why it should be done. Just remember that there are a lot of information garbage in the network, so keep to sites you can trust.

We all want to surround ourselves with comfort, but training gives the best results when there is little – or more than a little – uncomfortable. The body adapts to change when you ask it to do more than usual. To make progress, you must push yourself beyond the comfort zone. Over time, try to look for new tests, and you will see that the body responds to them.

Many drop out training because they do not get instant results. Physiological adaptation is a progressive process. Most likely, you will not get big changes – or none at all – in a week, but you will definitely feel the difference in 90 days. That's why at the beginning of the training course, you have to make a firm decision to take at least three months off. Only after that it is possible to compare photos and body volumes before and after.

10. Make a bet on the transformation of the body in 90 days

Want to see the best possible results? Make a bet with somebody! Do not argue for money; make it personal calls. The all-in bet in the presence of deadline daily gives you motivation that can become a part of your nature. Infinitely many people used this method to achieve incredible results, and you too can!

Any fitness enthusiast will tell you that it's much easier to keep a course when you've already followed a successful program. Success breeds success. Conversely, newcomers are much easier to get off the right track, because they have not invested anything yet. When your body changes and you see these changes, you will become even more motivated to continue. That's why the first few months are so important, why you need to make efforts, even when the mind persuades you that it's better to stay on the couch. Put all your strength into training for at least three months, and only then analyze the result. Only in this way you will be able to assess your real successes.

Have you heard the saying that life is a marathon, and not a sprint? The same can be said about fitness. Four hours of training in the hope of quickly getting oneself in shape brings more harm than good – and who in their right mind wants to spend four hours in the gym? Use a more rational approach. Take the rule of doing an hour a day. You will save energy and get better results.

If you have an old trauma that limits your ability, make an appointment with a sports doctor or physical therapist. They will help you recover from injury with the help of therapeutic gymnastics. Equally important is that they will tell you how to organize training to deal with without risk to health.

Train in the morning, until the day's worries have covered you with your head. Bonus: morning workouts give confidence for the rest of the day.

Sedentary work is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, not to mention the extra five or ten centimeters at the waist (and there is a close relationship between these things). Do some exercises every 30 minutes of work or so. Many workers go around the territory of the office building several times a day. Find other ways to break long periods of sitting at the table, even if it is personal communication with a colleague to whom you could send an e-mail. Stay Motivated!

16. Change the schedule to cope with the winter spleen

We are all subject to winter melancholy, especially the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere. Personally, I do not know why, I just can not find the motivation to train when the working day is behind, and the window is already dark. Therefore I train in the morning or during lunch break. Of course, such a break for lunch can stretch, so ask the boss to let you work longer in the evening.

17. Pass the stretching before training

Notice, I do not call you to neglect the warm-up. Too many trainers consider the stretch to be part of the warm-up, although it's best left to the ending. But 5-10 minutes of cardio loading will help raise the heart rate and disperse blood. You can even do some dynamic exercises part of the workout. But this is not the end of the warm-up; do not forget to make some very easy approaches in the first exercise. Now you are ready to take a lot of weight without the risk of injury, and you will be stronger.

18. Discard the sauna after a workout

When, after intensive training, you bleed later, your body cools. Send it to the area of ​​extreme heat, in order to "remove toxins from the skin", it is impossible. So you will only increase the risk of hyperthermia, in which the body temperature reaches critical numbers. It is also better to give up a hot bath until the body completely cools.

19. Go to the restaurant no more than once a week

While eating out, you consume more calories. Many of these calories are completely useless, represented by sweet drinks and desserts. It will be easier for you to resist the momentary temptation when you are at home, and at hand there are no doubtful desserts or sweet soda.

20. Try a new recipe for healthy meals once a week

Not everyone likes to cook. However, everyone can turn a simple recipe into a tasty meal that is useful and loaded with protein. Examples of recipes for tasty and healthy food can be found on our website.

21. Learn new kitchen appliances

Buying a new toy for the kitchen can make making healthy food more enjoyable. The right tools can reduce the time you spend in the kitchen, and in the long run will save you money.

22. Every month try a new product from the vegetable department of the supermarket

In addition to a powerful fiber charge, most vegetables contain few calories and are packed up with nutrients to the top.

23. Instead of fast buy slow carbohydrates

Slowly digestible carbohydrates, such as brown rice, whole grains, yams, sweet potatoes and kinoa, provide a continuous flow of energy throughout the day. They should account for the lion's share of carbohydrates in your menu. Rapid carbohydrates, such as sugar and white bread, provoke a sharp rise in blood sugar and a response release of insulin. Save them for eating after exercise, when your body can use excess carbohydrates to replenish fuel stocks and prevent them from turning into fat. And do not get carried away with sweet drinks!

24. Prepare useful, low-fat food for the next friendly party

In the company of friends on the table it is customary to put sweets and other nutrient-poor food. Begin by putting a few useful foods on the plate with the intention of going back for an additive later; this will allow the first portion to bring you a feeling of saturation. And the rule of "take a little bit of everything", which all are guided by such parties, it is better to forget.

25. Stop buying candy for the New Year, which you yourself eat

If you, like me, sweet tooth, do not buy candy for the New Year in advance, so that by December 31 the basket was still full of sweets. It is best to choose sweets that you do not like at all, so that there is no temptation to run a hand in them, even if something remains after the holiday.

Do not tempt friends with sweets for holidays and birthdays. They can repay you with the same coin.

27. Reduce losses from midnight bouts of hunger

Midnight attacks of hunger can cross out all the achievements of the day, so do not be tempted like the five worst products. A good choice before going to bed will be cottage cheese, hard boiled egg, meat delicacies or nuts. If you want something sweet, bite rich antioxidants fruits, for example, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or citrus. Grapefruit is especially good.

28. Transfer the workout from Monday to Sunday

In addition to the fact that you do not have to stand in traffic jams, and we know that this can be a real headache, the entire gym will be at your disposal, you can work on whatever simulators you want and without any problems perform supersets! In addition, you will be ahead of the training schedule for the whole day.

29. Bring workouts and food to MyFitnessPal or other application

Gone are the days when it was necessary to record workouts and food in a notebook on a spiral; Today, an application for a smartphone, for example, MyFitnessPal, will carry out all the tedious calculations for you. Taking into account the training sessions and caloric content of the daily menu will help you not to lose your course and strengthen your motivation. You can also score in the app your dishes, training goals and photos from accounts in social networks, where you can find friends of interest, who are always ready to support you.

30. Understand that large muscles are not equal to a healthy body

Fitness – it's more than pumped up muscles. Flexibility, the state of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, muscle strength and endurance, compositional composition of tissues – these elements determine how healthy you are, and each of them has its own activities and exercises. Ultimately, a balanced approach aimed at each of the items is necessary for a truly healthy lifestyle.

Great, training is behind, you did it. But think about the fact that you just took on a lot of pancakes, handles, dumbbells, pins, benches and simulators, and all this was kept in your hands by other visitors to the gym, who may have colds, flu, conjunctivitis or other infections that are transmitted airborne droplets. In the gym is warm and high humidity, microbes spread quickly. Kill them with soap and hot water.

32. Take the "vitamin of laughter" in high doses

Nowadays, news is driven into depression, especially when they are layered on the mountain of their own problems. Laugh as often as possible. A good "antidepressant" is a review of the episodes of your favorite comedy film. There are a lot of comedic movies that you can download and include to raise your spirits. But try to turn everything off at least for 45 minutes before sleeping – this also applies to the phone.

Strategies for gaining muscle mass

33. First of all, sharpen the technique

If you are training with weights, the most important factor is the study of the correct technique of motion, and not lifting the maximum possible weight! Many gyms, when you buy a subscription, offer installation training sessions with a personal trainer; learn the technique of exercises, or do one of the programs for beginners from the library of our site.

Correct technique guarantees full involvement of target muscle groups and reduces the risk of injury. Simply copying the technique of doing exercises for others, you will play Russian roulette: sooner or later you will run into a bad example. On our site there are exercises that teach the proper technique of movements.

Forever remember the fundamental principle of muscle growth. You train the target group of muscles, giving it a load and volume (approaches + repetitions), to which it is not accustomed. These are training incentives. But the muscle fibers must eliminate microdamages and grow; it takes a few days, during which they need make-up (especially protein and carbohydrates) and rest. What you eat and how to relax is an important part of the anabolic equation. You build muscle not in the gym; there you just start the process of muscle growth!

35. Beginners, start with the simulators

First, study the trajectory of movement on the simulator, and then try to repeat it with dumbbells and bars. Since in the simulator you initially occupy the right position, and he balances weight, it is much easier for you to control everything. Movement with free weight is more difficult to control, since there is no predetermined trajectory along which the shell should move.

36. Learn basic multi-joint exercises

The best anabolic stimuli generate basic multi-joint exercises, around which your training should be built. The term "polyarticular" means that more than one pair of joints and associated muscles participate in movement. For example, in the bench press, the shoulder and elbow joints work, which involves the muscles of the chest, delta and triceps. It is proved that such exercises have maximal muscle building efficiency due to an increase in the secretion of anabolic hormones. One-joint exercises in this respect and did not stand close.

Pay maximum attention to such exercises as bench presses, squats, deadlifts, pressures above the head and thrust. They can and should be the foundation of your training program. They must be performed first and with a noticeable working weight.

37. Choose an adequate weight and the correct number of repetitions

If you want to increase the volume, choose the working weight with which in each approach you can hardly complete 8-12 repetitions with good technique. Scientists have proved that this range of repetitions is most effective in terms of muscle growth. If you can perform more 12 repetitions, add a working weight to make fewer repetitions. If you can not even complete 6, reduce the load a little. It's simple, is not it?

38. Raise the training volume due to approaches, repetitions and load

On muscle growth affects a lot of variables, for example, the choice of exercises and range of repetitions (which refers to the "intensity" of training). Another variable is the training volume: the number of Approaches x Repeat x Load. Although you as a beginner do not need too much volume, in time you will add a number of exercises and approaches for each muscle group. It has long been proven that in terms of muscle growth training protocols with a large volume and many approaches are more effective than single sets.

39. Rest between sets of 60-90 seconds

Since muscle growth is partially regulated by the accumulation of substances that are produced during the training, too long rest intervals allow them to evaporate. But too short pauses are of little use, since the muscles do not have time to restore strength. That's why the experts of sports medicine recommend between the approaches to rest on 60-90 seconds.

40. Know when to end the approach

Although as a beginner you need to focus on learning the correct technique and learn how to control the projectile, eventually you will gain experience and learn to bring the approaches to what is called "muscle failure." This is when you can no longer complete a single repetition of all the rules of technology and without outside help. Training to failure is important for muscle growth, as they generate more anabolic stimuli than training to a critical threshold.

As you can see, when compiling a training program, many variables must be considered. At first, it is very difficult to keep everything in your head, and therefore it is much easier to just do one of the programs for beginners, which are adapted to your training goals, time resource and level of opportunities. Knowing exactly what you need to do at each workout, and why this should be done, you will be able to move in the right direction faster than if you just go into the gym and choose exercises on the principle of random numbers. Only a few have reached their goal, guided by intuition; the road map will help you get to your goal.

The phase of the projectile's downward movement is called "negative repetition," and when you become a little advanced, you will learn about the training techniques built on negatives. They will help develop more mass and strength than when you focus only on the positive phase. At the moment, just control the lowering of the projectile. Never let him fall down with a stone. And never rest at the lowest point.

43. Use the athletic stand in standing exercises

In this position, your legs are about the width of your shoulders, your toes are slightly outward, your knees are slightly bent, the body is straight (chest forward, shoulders back, small bend in the lower back), and the head is facing forward. This is a natural, stable and strong position, and it should be the starting point for almost all exercises performed while standing.

44. Focus on the development of a proportional body, not only the mirror muscles

Many guys focus on the so-called mirror muscles – chest, arms, six cubes of press. At a long distance, this approach can lead to muscle imbalance, problems with posture and increased risk of injury, not to mention ridiculous appearance. Training your legs is hard, and back training does not always increase self-esteem, but these two muscle groups, among other things, are the largest in the human body, and their training will help you burn a lot more calories.

One of the simplest ways to get used to power training is to do three whole body workouts a week with a rest day between them for recovery. Exercises for the whole body work out large muscle massifs: gluteal muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, back, chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, calf muscles and the press. Choose one exercise for each muscle group (multi-joint exercises involve several muscle groups) and exercise every other day.

46. After gaining experience, go to the "split"

When you have some kind of training experience, start adding exercises and the number of approaches (volume) for each part of the body to spur general muscle development. Instead of lengthening the workouts, divide all the exercises according to the principle of split, for example, in one day train extensors (chest, shoulders, triceps), and on the other day flexors (back, biceps). Leave the third day for the feet. Given that at each training session the muscles will receive more work, you will need more time to recover before repeating this part of the weekly split.

47. Include in the arsenal of nutritional supplements of recognized leaders

Although you can choose from dozens and even hundreds of additives, start with these:

  • Caffeine: fills with energy when fatigue is falling, helps to stay focused and do more work in the gym

When in your sports bag will these basic drugs, find out more about the best additives for strength training, bodybuilding and functional training. In the end, you will want to adjust the choice of supplements to your goals and your budget.

48. Gain knowledge to lose weight

If you want to lose weight, you have at your disposal thousands of resources, from which you can get useful advice, but very often they are given by sellers of some products. Better start with our rules of losing weight. We want you to do everything right, without any tricks and without risk to your health.

49. Look for inspiration at a click away

Read the stories of a successful transformation of the body on dailyfit.ru, for example, the story of Justin. He lost more than 40 kg. And what's stopping you?

50. Hang the "Selfie" in prominent places

Hang a photo of yourself "Do" on the fridge so you can see it every time you open the door. Sometimes, before choosing a meal for a snack, a little reminder of what you want to say goodbye comes in handy.

51. Communicate with like-minded people in social networks

Placing your photos and communicating with like-minded people can be a source of incredible motivation. Many of them themselves are in the process of getting rid of excess kilograms, so this is an excellent source of advice from real life.

52. Eat before going to the supermarket

Do not even think about going to the supermarket on an empty stomach! It's too likely that you will fill the cart with empty and useless food garbage, or buy more food than you need.

53. Say no to sweet drinks, teas and soda

Approximately 20% of calories of a daily diet we receive with a liquid so if struggle against adiposity is given to you hardly, there is a fine possibility essentially to cut down consumption of calories. Drink water with BCAA or low-calorie flavored drinks.

54. Estimate the cost of dessert in minutes

When you decide to order a dessert at the restaurant, transfer the money in minutes. Say, a dessert costs 75 rubles. Think about how much you have to plow in the gym to get rid of these calories. For rough estimates, take a simple formula: multiply the price in rubles by 10, then divide it in half – this is the number of minutes that you have to spend on burning energy. The "price" of pleasure in the form of dessert is much higher than its cost. A treat for 75 rubles will cost you 375 minutes of extra work. Still want to eat?

Write down everything you ate for a week, using a diary for food or an application like MyFitnessPal. You will begin to think seriously about the choice of products, and this should help you reduce the caloric content of the menu.

56. Remember that multi-repetitive strength training is not the best choice for losing weight

Strength training is the most important element of the weight loss program, but one should not think that multiplying sets with a light projectile are the best way to burn excess calories and fats. Muscles are a metabolically active tissue, they burn a bunch of calories throughout the day, even when you are resting. To build muscle mass, or at least maintain it during a diet, exercise with an average weight in the range of 6-12 repetitions. And make multi-joint exercises the basis of the training program.

It has been experimentally proven that if you want to maintain an elevated basal metabolic rate within 24 hours after exercise, there is nothing better than intensive training with moderate weight and multi-joint exercises. The total number of calories spent will increase significantly!

57. Use high-intensity interval training

To get rid of the stock of fats, you need to burn more calories than you consume. Cardiovascular exercise is one way to increase the calorie deficit. But not all cardiotions are equally useful. In particular, there is increasing scientific evidence that high-intensity interval training (VIIT), in which periods of very intensive work alternate with slow recovery intervals, can be more effective than any other type of exercise in terms of devastating fat stores. VIIT not only burns more energy per unit of time, but multiplies this figure by the effect of the PACE (increased post-exercise oxygen consumption), which persists for a long time after completion of training.

Most likely, at first you will have a hard time dealing with HIIT, but as the cardiovascular system improves, you can include short segments of submaximal cardio-loading (say, 30-60 seconds) and alternate them with less intensive rest intervals (30-60 seconds) . Your heart will thank you.

58. Use additives to stimulate energy metabolism and accelerate the burning of fats

No, supplements will not cut fat off you while you are sitting on the couch, but drugs that accelerate metabolism and energy metabolism will raise the effectiveness of your workouts and shift the balance arrow for a couple more divisions. They should be used together with a good diet program and a restrictive diet.

59. Every day do five things that help burn calories

Subtlety is not as important as this simple rule: when you burn an extra portion of calories five times a day, you become closer to your fitness goals and strengthen your health. A few simple examples:

On a date or during a business meeting, it is not necessary to go to a restaurant or a movie, where the entire territory is mined with useless food. You can ride a bike or go bowling. You will make a better impression if you offer something original, but at the same time get an additional portion of physical activity.

There is nothing more exciting than visiting new places in the city. So why take a taxi or ride a subway, when you can absorb the local flavor during a walking tour? Look for suggestions on the Internet – and do not forget to bring your sneakers.


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