7 arguments for running on the street

With the introduction of special, what is called "safe" simulators, people completely abandoned running in the street and running at all. At each corner, only one can hear: "Running will hurt your joints! If you want to be a healthy person, you are ordered to run! Choose simulators, not running! ", And so on. There are at least seven arguments in favor of jogging down the street, and if you refuse them, deprive yourself of 7 powerful factors that can make your body stronger and the metabolism higher.

Argument No. 1. Staying in the open air

People in megacities, cities with over a million people and just large settlements have long been rare in the open air. Their life from the office or workshops smoothly flows onto the sofa in front of the TV. And even those who attend gyms, still deprive themselves of sufficient fresh air. Running on the street can enrich the muscles with oxygen, which will only benefit the work of cells in your body.

This is not about jogging in the industrial areas of your city. The point is to get out:

It will be simply great if you have the opportunity to run on rough terrain, where human activity is minimal. Thanks to this you can significantly increase muscle tone at the same rate as on the treadmill.

Argument No. 2. Additional hardening

Those who make jogs on the street, practically do not get sick. Their immune system is strengthened by a constant stay in the fresh air. It is especially hardened when running during low temperatures or even rains. Yes, there are people who run in any weather? and it was thanks to this approach to training that they developed strong health and strong immunity.

However, in cold weather, you should follow certain rules:

  • Do not put on too much warm clothes

With regard to warm clothes – pick it up so that the beginning of the race was cool, because then the body will warm up, and you will feel comfortable.

Important! The sports suit should be light, but not be blown by the wind, otherwise the heat transfer will be too fast and you will start to freeze

In the life of the athlete there is nothing worse than a continuous hour and a half on the treadmill. To look at a wall or a window on flashing cars or passing pedestrians is interesting only at the first lessons, and then it becomes intolerable. You can listen to music, you can somehow distract the mind, but the wall before your eyes kills the desire to train.

Another thing is running on the street. You are free to change the routes the way you want. Today you can arrange a run from the square to the park, and then to the apartment, or simply arrange a race in the square. It is this diversity that does not allow to give up employment, it is an additional motivating factor to continue not only jogging, but also training in general.

Every athlete knows that treadmills can be unsafe for their users:

Running on the street also conceals a lot of unpleasant aspects in the form of pits or stones, but then you have a chance to run around or maneuver at the right time. In addition, such maneuvering among the holes only fuels interest, because the race is extremely straightforward, sooner or later bothers.

Argument No. 5. The ability to arrange a test

How can you change the run on the track? Change the slope and speed, but on this all the possibilities end. Another thing is running on the street. You can arrange a real test to further strengthen the joints and diversify the workout:

  1. You can run a cross-country race

Such trainings never get bored, so you will always be interested in them.

Argument No. 6. Improved pumping legs

From the above, you understand that running cross-country at times better works all the bunches of muscle fibers, in contrast to running in the treadmill. This is proved not only by science, but also by athletes and athletes from around the world. If you notice, then running on the street in your workouts includes absolutely everything:

  • Fans of martial arts, boxing and mixfight

Even people who are engaged in rowing and swimming, practice running and constantly include it in their training.

The golden rule of the development of the body is – you want strong hands, you should pump your feet.

Argument No. 7. Strengthening of joints

A lot of people claim that running on the street is dangerous for ligaments. Yes it is, even more it is dangerous for fat people, it is better to first engage in ellipsoids.

Remember that there is one "BUT!". It consists in the following. You will never strengthen joints and ligaments if you do not include running in the training cycles on the street. The body works in such a way that it seeks to overcome and get used to the load that it receives. It happens with the muscles, it also happens with the ligaments.

Tip: If you do without fanaticism while running on the street, you can not only work out the muscles of the whole body, but also how to strengthen the joints and ligaments.

Running on the street is many times more interesting than running in a treadmill. Remember the correct choice of the route, do not overwork yourself in the first two weeks of classes, dress properly, so as not to "mate" while jogging. Once you try running in the street, you will use the treadmill only when there is bad weather outside the window.


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