7 Errors Destroying Your Diet

Accelerate fat burning and muscle growth, eliminating the seven errors of the bodybuilder diet, which often become the culprits of your failures.

Author: Brad Borland

In this article I will tell you about seven common mistakes that can get in your way to an ideal physique.

You know that intensive training requires adequate amounts of proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, but what about the details? What about those little things that constantly elude your attention and remain out of sight?

Below, I listed seven typical mistakes that put an end to your efforts, slow progress and in every way prevent the creation of the body that you are dreaming of. Learn how to identify these errors and not leave the pitfalls on the way to a better, more effective diet.

1. You constantly start from scratch

Do you belong to those who always "starts on Monday"? Are you constantly in the reorganization phase and with an enviable regularity review your training strategy? Where will this lead you? I think not too far. It's time to start with endless restart. It's time to start from the point where you are today and confidently stick to the planned course.

Your plan of action does not have to be flawless, thought out to the smallest detail. You just need to start somewhere. Take one step, take one right decision, and start from it. Discipline is not developed overnight; it is built on a brick for a long time, as long as you lay a solid foundation of useful habits and goals. From time to time you will fall and rise, most importantly, step by step, keep moving forward.

2. Your menu is overcrowded with refined carbohydrates

We are constantly imposed, so-called, useful products, promising a low content of salt and sugar in combination with a lot of useful properties. The truth is that advertising often lies. Many products are changed beyond recognition in comparison with their natural, natural appearance, and you get only a minimal nutritional value and, quite logically, a minimal result.

Nothing will ever replace natural food. The processed carbohydrates of starch raise the secretion of insulin, increase the resistance of cells to insulin and leave you with a feeling of fatigue and apathy. Be sure to get enough quality carbohydrates from sweet and ordinary potatoes, brown, wild and white rice, bread from 100% whole grains and natural oatmeal. Your body knows how to absorb these foods, and they are rich in nutrients that feed strength training.

Professional bodybuilders, bodybuilders and fitness models are united by one (among other things) feature: they are always ready. And you? The constant search for the right food at work, on a business trip or while relaxing with friends is not the best strategy when an impeccable body is at stake. Rely on the case can not be, you must be ready always and everywhere.

Start planning your meals at least 24 hours a day. Prepare a large portion of chicken, turkey, rice and potatoes on Sunday, so that you always have a ready-made dish at your fingertips. Take the habit of hammering the refrigerator with ready-made foods so that at any time you have a nutritious and high-quality meal. Enough to go out in the rain without an umbrella!

Like the previously processed carbohydrates, the ready-made meat delicacies are sent to the blacklist. Of course, on big holidays for them you can make exceptions, but on an ongoing basis – in no event. Fillers, preservatives (even if they are all natural), salt, various supplements and second-class proteins push meat delicacies to the very end of the list of quality products.

Sausage, sausages, sausages, ham and other ready-made meat products can be eaten sporadically, and then in a pinch. Instead of "garbage" buy chicken, beef, turkey and various kinds of fish. Do not be afraid to include in the menu unusual sources of protein, such as meat of bison and other wild animals. And, remember that at your disposal is a chic arsenal of non-meat sources of protein: Greek yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese and whey protein.

Excess sugar is a close relative of carbohydrates changed to unrecognizability. It introduces confusion in energy metabolism, limits anabolic potential, damages health and reduces the sensitivity of cellular receptors to insulin. Abuse of sugar is increasingly associated with thousands of health problems, from diabetes to elevated cholesterol.

A hobby for sugar puts a stick in the wheels of your efforts in the gym, steals your energy reserves and prevents the replenishment of muscle glycogen. But the intake of complex carbohydrates supports normal secretion of insulin and stabilizes blood glucose. Try to remove all excess sugar from the menu. Once a week, you can break the rule, but in general, your diet should be natural, without unnecessary sugars.

You can skip a protein-rich breakfast, have a quick bite to eat, and then squeeze lunch into a tight schedule? Not the best way to an ideal figure, and not the most correct way of life in general. The diet is not only a worthy completion of training with whey protein or post-training cocktail. Its essence is that you must eat the proper food at the same time from day to day. And the food should already be ready, so that you do not have the temptation to have a snack, than it is necessary, when it is most convenient.

Schedule a meal schedule for the day. If you are like other people, you are likely to work a lot, and your day is planned by the minute. Of course, during the day there may be unforeseen difficulties, but if you are prepared and pre-stocked with ready meals, you will see how easy it is to stick to the meal schedule.

7. You eat a few "other" products

So, you are faithful to the planned strategy, eat enough quality proteins and carbohydrates, are always ready and eat on schedule. What is left? By "other" products I mean fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and other trace elements that are essential for building muscles, burning fat and overall health promotion.

Check if there is enough spinach, asparagus, broccoli, green beans, lettuce, pepper and other vegetables in your menu. Antioxidants are rich in many fruits, such as apples, bananas and blueberries. Do not forget about the beneficial fats, which are contained in olive oil, nut butter and avocado. These nutrients will not only fill the gaps in your diet, but also bring a long-awaited sense of satiety during restrictive diets.


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