7 tips for beginners


All young athletes are ambitious, but they need guidance. These seven tips should become a part of your personality, and then dreams will come true.

It's hard to be a young athlete – you have to listen to millions of advice every day, many of which contradict each other. We will help you: follow the seven rules, which will be discussed in this material, and you will win universal respect, which causes athletic build and unprecedented fortitude of the spirit. Follow the advice of people who have already passed this difficult path, and do not repeat someone else's mistakes.

Excess weight is the first danger that lies in wait for you on a thorny path, because there are many ways to gain unnecessary calories. We list the main mistakes in the composition of the diet, and if this story touches you for a living, then we say, including about you. But the path to healing begins with recognizing the problem, right?

7 tips for beginners

Stop eating all sorts of rubbish, refuse refined cereal for breakfast, do not buy buns and pies at the institute for changes, do not be tempted by fast food during weekly (or daily) trips to McDonald's with friends.

Never skip breakfast. Surely you've heard about periodic starvation and read fifty articles on this topic, which finally got you confused. So, the young guy's periodic starvation to anything. You should have three full meals with lunch and afternoon tea between them. And if the diet is dominated by high-protein foods with a low or moderate fat and carbohydrate content, you will be slim and fit.

Try to eat natural products that have high nutritional value. Your friends may think that you are abnormal and do not want to be "like everyone else," but do not you care? To be "like everyone else" – it sucks, representatives of the gray masses never become champions.

Learn this rule from a young age and never violate it. I've worked with hundreds of athletes and their parents for over ten years, and I've seen too many empty promises and all sorts of tricks. And I also saw famous athletes who could not keep a word, although they looked at thousands and thousands of people.

Shame and disgrace! An honest man in the day with fire you will not find. If you have already promised to do something – die, but do it. If you have given the floor, do not look for excuses, but look for opportunities to contain it.

3. All the forces leave in the gym

This is a matter of honesty. Honesty towards yourself. When you admire your reflection in the mirror after training, just ask yourself: "Did I train at the limit of my abilities?"

7 tips for beginners

This is the essence of the training process. You struggle with yourself, bring yourself to the limit and overstep the threshold of inhuman fatigue. You learn to endure pain and exercise, despite the pain. Update the records and always train so that at least 1% surpass the results of the previous training session.

4. Justifications pave the way to Nowhere

A true athlete can always find an excuse why he does not exercise more often than twice a week, and why he neglects a nutritious breakfast, but is regularly showered with lousy hot dogs.

Really? Do you really only do it twice a week, and the rest of the five days are painted by minute? Athletes who seek excuses for their laziness, just give green light to failures and defeats. Are you sure you want to succeed? Then you must be extremely honest with yourself.

Stop looking for excuses, take responsibility for all your actions. Adopt this rule today, and it will not only give you strength in your youth, but will also help throughout your life. Just always stick to the principle that "excuses do not belong here."

5. If something goes wrong, do not give up

You will fight against the wall, stumble upon obstacles, circumstances will throw you back and knock you down, but it is at these moments that the qualities of real champions manifest themselves. Sometimes athletes came to my gym with a plaster bandage on his arm or on his leg. They said that recovery will take from 4 to 6 weeks, and during this period they are unlikely to be able to deal with.

"Damn it, no!" – I objected, and immediately dragged the guy into the hall. If the shoulder or forearm was injured, he performed the exercises with a healthy arm, and then put on the straps and proceeded to the sprint with burdening. You can always train, you just need to collect the will into a fist and find a way to destroy obstacles on your way. Only with the right attitude to the case you will achieve high results.

7 tips for beginners

You have nothing to lose if you have made a step towards difficulties and gave your best. And you can walk with your head held high, knowing that you have made every effort to achieve your cherished goal.

6. You must be hungry before winning

In the training hall, fight with a guy who is ahead of you "half a wheel". The same strategy is followed in everything – in training, in studies and in life in general. Mediocrity does not achieve success in sports or in professional activities. When you train, you must work with maximum efficiency, so that everyone around you has to reach the altitude you set.

Similarly, do the same at work – do not limit yourself to fulfilling the duties prescribed in the "job description". Boldly go ahead and take the initiative, because it is this quality that distinguishes the winners from the failed losers.

This danger lies in wait for many young athletes. Because of the fear of failing, they set themselves very modest goals, believing that they were not created for big victories.

This does not suit you. First of all, tell yourself that you must achieve special, fantastic results. This task will force you to raise the intensity of the training process to a new height. For every repetition, every approach, every training and every meal, you will be approached with a double motivation that will set off on the way to achieving the goal and will not let you descend. And without big goals, you very soon wither and rested on an invisible wall.

During sports, do not just think that this training will make you physically stronger, pump the pectoral muscles, biceps and so on. Exercising in our room, we constantly repeat that we are fighting for the very life. Each training makes us better and stronger in all respects: physically, mentally, spiritually.

Each training should pull you out of the embrace of the "comfort zone" and throw it into the raging sea so that you learn to overcome obstacles and win not because of, but in spite of the circumstances. Do small feats daily, and you will realize that your opportunities go beyond the boundaries indicated at the beginning of the journey.

At each training you not only raise the sports results to 1%, but become stronger spirit. Perhaps you are at a loss and ask yourself how you can even cope with all this? Well, let me rephrase my own words and once again remind that it will be difficult: in fact, a daily test and voluntary overcoming of difficulties should become a "comfort zone" for you.

For example, set a goal to carry the weight not 250, but 500 meters, and perform 20 push-ups from the floor each time you lower the weight to the ground. For example, at the end of exhausting squats, reduce the weight and make 20 more ruthless repetitions. Run through the self-destructive sprint, add to it a competitive race with an opponent, and let the loser run through another exhausting hundred-meter, and the winners, as they say, are not judged!

Someday you will feel that doing sports is not only an increase in strength, but also the development of willpower and fortitude. From this very moment your training sessions will be much more productive, and this will help you to achieve success in sports and in life.

To become a successful athlete, you need to be in all respects a tough guy. This goes beyond the gym and the competition site, because in the first place you will have to work out the right psychological attitude: set a goal, and do not let anyone and anything get in your way.

Strong people of this world think big, set great goals and make every effort to achieve them. In the end, it depends on you, what place in this world you can take.

7 tips for beginners

7 tips for beginners

7 tips for beginners

7 tips for beginners

7 tips for beginners

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