7 ways to overcome the training plateau

Training turned into a routine and stopped producing results? Return to the path of progress with the help of seven destroyers of the training plateau!

Author: Tiffany Lee Gaston

The training process began to seem boring and monotonous? You rested on an invisible wall and stopped getting results? From one thought about the forthcoming hike in the gym, do you feel uncomfortable?

I have fresh news for you: you are only a man! We all occasionally encounter training ups and downs. Do not punish yourself – it's perfectly normal.

Being obsessive in training combined with a lack of interests outside the gym can lead to a sense of monotony and boredom – two things that should never sound in the context of your training program.

A problem can have a very simple solution. For example, you can take the training out on the street and enjoy the pleasant weather, or you can try a completely different style of training, like yoga or TRX. Measures to overcome the training plateau should not be desperate, changes only need to set new tasks for you and wrest you from the paws of despondency and spleen.

If you experience the typical symptoms of training stagnation, a small shake will help restore lost motivation!

First of all, redefine the purpose of your workouts. Do you want to lose weight? Increase muscles? Improve functional training? Are you working on flexibility? If you are on a training plateau, it may very well be that you simply have lost focus on the goals you are working on. Once the targets crystallize, write them down on paper and develop an offensive plan.

If you are looking for a new goal, choose something that excites and excites you. Train for participation in a mass race, triathlon, fitness or crossfit competition, in a team game.

Sometimes the best goals can be found where you would never look for them. Leaving the comfort zone will re-gain self-confidence and can become an excellent motivational incentive that will help to return to the right course.

If you are disciplined and responsible, you can train alone. I prefer to stay alone with my thoughts during my training. It is important for me that there is a clear vision of the current tasks and no distractions. Nevertheless, I noticed that from time to time, I do not give all the best I can when I'm training alone, especially in exercises where it's nice to enlist the help of an insurer.

If you notice that sometimes you are exercising at a low speed, it may be time to add a factor of additional responsibility and ask a friend to join you. As a bonus, he can hedge you in heavy pressures. Mates can motivate each other, make them try harder, run faster and complete those few additional repetitions. If we are honest with ourselves, we all – including myself – will only benefit if from time to time we will be spurred on from the side.

By enlisting the help of a personal trainer, you will receive the same benefits as from training with a friend, but also you will have access to the knowledge and practical experience of an experienced specialist. Trainers specialize in drawing up individual programs for their clients. Experienced coaches know what you need to achieve your goals, and how to help you get out of your plateau. When hiring someone, conduct your own investigation or use the recommendations. In the end, after all, you want to hire a specialist who will call you to account and help break through the shadows of boredom and monotony.

A great coach sees the limit of your abilities, but at the same time makes you become stronger and better. Even if it's just for a few training sessions, the orderliness of the schedule with the coach, as well as the need to meet his requirements, will help light the torch under your fifth point.

Regular training in the gym can really catch up with depression and turn into a routine. If all the available options are reduced to choosing a simulator, it's easy to get stuck in a training quagmire.

A breath of fresh air while working on physique and health is a great way to break away from the training plateau. If it's hot outside, swim a few laps in the pool or in the lake. If it's cold, put on a warm jacket and go running around the park lanes. Classes in the open air will help to breathe new life into your training program.

If you see the same scenery around you every day, in which you meet with the same people, the feeling of monotony will not keep you waiting. We all know the regulars of the gym, who are engaged at one time with us. We meet with them all the time, and at some point the dating acquaintances can grow into pleasant communication, which will reduce the concentration on current tasks and will destroy your training!

Changes in the script can become exactly what the doctor ordered, especially if you need to return a passionate desire to train. If in your gym too many acquaintances and too much chatter, the new environment will help to return to the true path. If you do not feel inspired and tired of your workouts, try to work out in the new room – even if it's only a few sessions – so that the exercises are again at the epicenter of your attention.

6. Make a decision and start acting right now!

Do not wait for the new year to make an important decision and start acting – you can take it right now! Christmas holidays are around the corner, and at this time it's very easy to lose sight of their goals. It is tempting to tell myself that you will return to them in January. Unfortunately, this train of thought postpones the improvement of body physics and the strengthening of health in the long box. Most likely, you will roll back far from your goals even before you take the first step in their direction.

Do not wait for the opportunity to start working towards achieving your goals. There will never be a better time to start to become healthier, prettier and better than here and now!


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