7 ways to turn a boring workout into a strength test


Want to look forward to the next workout? Use simple ways to revitalize strength training and turn it into a strength test.

Another day, another training session. You've done it thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of times. And we will be frank, in time, strength training becomes a boring routine. Of course, from time to time you change the split, shake the exercises and take drastic measures to return the motivation. But nothing human is alien to you.

And what if there was an easy way to turn the trainings upside down and make them interesting and, more importantly, more productive? We offer seven "thematic trainings", which will help you with this!

If you are not very different from the majority, it takes you about an hour to train each muscle group. If it is a question of legs or a back, the obligatory program can be stretched hour for one and a half. At the next workout, shorten the intervals between approaches. Instead of resting, chatting, loitering around the hall and wasting time, keep working.

7 ways to turn a boring workout into a strength test

If you usually work on the chest, shoulders or hands in an hour, try to keep within 30 minutes. If your legs and back go 90 minutes, this time try to cope for 60. No, you can not take the usual working weight in all exercises, but get one of the best pampings in your life. And as a bonus in the process, burn more fat!

In any exercise, you can set an ambitious goal in the form of a certain number of repetitions. The chip here is that you have to select a quantity outside your comfort zone, and then perform as many approaches as you need to achieve the goal.

Let's say your goal is 50 pull-ups. In the first approaches you can pull up 10-12 times. When you get tired a little, the figure will drop to 6-8 pull-ups. Closer to the end, you will have to make every effort to perform several approaches on the 2-3 repetition and get to fifty kopecks.

Another plan: 50 repetitions in sit-ups or bench press with 60% of one-time maximum. Do as many approaches as you need to comply with the standard.

In all approaches, stop for 1-2 repetition to failure. Do not be afraid to use gum, or other devices, or to reduce weight. Rest periods reduce to a minute, not more.

Once the scheme "10 by 10" was in the bodybuilders in honor. It's time to bring her back to the gyms.

Choose one exercise for one part of the body – it can be bench press, sit-ups, rod pull in slope or army press. Blinov hang so that you do not kill the muscles for 10 repetitions, but look, that was not too easy. Use this weight in all ten sets.

7 ways to turn a boring workout into a strength test

Between the first approaches rest limit one minute. Then, when fatigue accumulates, you can stretch a little pause. Because of the cumulative effect of all these repetitions and approaches, muscle pain is guaranteed, so do not plan to load this muscle group again on the same day.

When mentioning personal records, most of us immediately recall the classic three powerlifting: bench press, squats and stanovaya. The question is, why limit yourself? Why not set a personal record in lifting the bar to the biceps, in the leg bend or even in the hands of the butterfly (pek-dec) train?

Of course, this is not for every day, and we are not talking about a real record "at a time". Confident 2-3 repetition with an unusual tonnage is a good goal. Make it a priority and put the exercise first when you are fresh and ready to give out the maximum power. Just be sure to get a good grip and do not sacrifice the technique for new records.

Have you ever tried to plan training around one projectile? You'll have to break your head a little, but you will succeed. And if you want to use high-volume training in different exercises, discard a pair of pancakes and add the number of repetitions.

7 ways to turn a boring workout into a strength test

Here are some recommendations for training with a barbell (no other shells). See how they fit you:

Some of us prefer dumbbells, because they are more versatile. You can do exercises that you can not do with the barbell, for example, raising hands to the sides, cutting hands or "hammers". And you can work out each side separately in exercises such as pulling dumbbells, dumbbell press with one hand, extension of the dumbbell from behind the head, concentrated bending.

As in the case with the bar, show imagination. Try the movements that you have never done before, for example, pulling dumbbells or squats. By analogy with the bar, on the whole workout work exclusively with dumbbells.

Under normal circumstances, you would use combined sets for a couple of exercises, no more. Unlike classic supersets that target muscle antagonists, in combined sets, both exercises load the same muscle group. The intensity as a result goes off scale, but sometimes this is not enough.

7 ways to turn a boring workout into a strength test

Try the proposed combined sets to inflate the pace of training and shock the muscle group. Or shuffle them and see which option suits you best.

Do one of the proposed tests part of your workouts, or save it for a rainy day, when there is no motivation for a normal workout. Then you will be pleased with this pleasant muscle pain!

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