8 exercises for hands that are worth trying out


Creating deadly muscles of the arms requires something more than a banal lifting of the bar to the biceps and the press of the upper block on the triceps muscles. Learn eight unique exercises for hands and tear the sleeves of old T-shirts into shreds!

So, you're not going to wait a whole year and are determined to pump up your arm muscles in just a couple of months? Excellent! Then I will ask you to do a few simple things:

  • In the weekly workout schedule, select a separate day for hands. Forget what the specialists in power training are saying, which you did not even see in your eyes! If your main goal is hands, train accordingly.

Only by fulfilling these mandatory conditions, you will be ready to cross the threshold of the gym and ask the hands of the most abrupt bullshit in your life.

Now let's get acquainted with the exercises that will help you add size where it matters most.

The share of the triceps muscle accounts for two-thirds the size of the upper arm, and therefore the triceps usually require more load volume than the biceps. In the era of craze dragging and the extension of hands with dumbbells in the slope, many old-fashioned, but very productive movements for the triceps are devoted to oblivion. Meanwhile, the triceps perfectly reacts to any extensor movements performed with dumbbells, as in comparison with the bar dumbbells provide a greater amplitude of motion.

1. French bench press with dumbbells

The French bench press with dumbbells will force you to resist the force of gravity and simultaneously fix your arms in the shoulder joint. Movement can be performed with the barbell, but the option with dumbbells and inward-facing palms is more effective in isolating the triceps, which promotes a more productive set of muscle mass.

8 exercises for hands that are worth trying out

Lay down on a bench with arms outstretched forward, palms facing inwards. Slowly lower the dumbbells until they touch the forehead. Take a second's pause, and then straighten your arms and cut the triceps. For maximum effect, it is important to keep your elbows still and control every centimeter of the trajectory of the dumbbell movement.

2. Extension of dumbbells above the head with a reverse grip sitting

This heavy extension above the head is aimed at that part of the triceps, which often lacks our attention. Performing the exercise is not easy, so many people avoid it and eventually suffer from inadequate development of the musculature.

8 exercises for hands that are worth trying out

Sit on a bench, take dumbbells with a back grip – as if lifting on a biceps – and extend arms or hand upwards while dumbbells will not appear above a head. Holding the flat back, slowly lower the dumbbells in the direction of the trapezoids until you bend your arm to 90 °. After a second pause, strain the triceps and lift the dumbbells to their original position. Keep hands turned around, and do not let elbows roll over.

Considered to be potentially traumatic and less useful in comparison with other movements, push-ups on parallel bars are dusting in the history dump. Meanwhile, with proper performance, they will help to gain maximum muscle mass on the back of the hands due to the ability to squeeze all the juices from all three triceps heads. To perform this exercise correctly and safely, hang between two parallel bars and use the triceps to raise yourself to the starting position with almost straightened hands (without full extension at the elbow joints). Slowly lower the body down, keeping the elbows pressed against the body, and the legs slightly behind, until the upper part of the arm is parallel to the floor. Make sure that you are on the right track, you will help the angle between the shoulder and forearm, which should reach 90 °.

8 exercises for hands that are worth trying out

A well-visualized inflated biceps inspires respect and is largely responsible for the overall power of the upper body. Many people dream of such beauty, but the requirements to the volume of training load are often exaggerated. Since the biceps indirectly participate in all the upper body exercises, 2-3 exercises per session with 2-3 approaches for 8-12 repetitions are sufficient for maximum impact. Add three relatively little-known movements to help your biceps reach a new "peak" of development.

Horizontal pull-ups are an excellent movement to increase the time under load, making maximum use of the contractile ability of both biceps heads. In addition, in this movement the emphasis is on the negative phase of repetition, which gives the greatest microdamage of muscle fibers (and their subsequent growth) in comparison with other movements.

8 exercises for hands that are worth trying out

Exercise is best performed in a power frame or in a Smith simulator. Set the bar low enough for your back to touch the floor with fully straightened hands. Grasp the vulture with your back grip, your arms are completely straight; then by cutting the biceps, pull the upper body to the bar until it touches her forehead. Maximize the muscles in the upper point, and then slowly fall into the starting position. After completing the maximum number of repetitions from this position, raise the bar one level up and immediately make another approach to failure. Continue in the same spirit until you reach the highest point.

5. Concentrated folding on the lower block

Concentrated flexion has always been a favorite exercise for athletes seeking an accented peak of the biceps. The rope simulator allows you to create the maximum load on the long head of the biceps and therefore involves more muscle fibers.

8 exercises for hands that are worth trying out

First of all, attach a one-handed handle to the cable trainer. Sit face to the simulator, rest your hand just above the elbow in the knee and perform the bending until the palm approaches the shoulder. Do not forget to slowly extend your arm and stretch the muscle when returning to the starting position.

6. Spider flexion (bend of Larry Scott)

Spider bends are named after the eight-legged bench on which they were originally performed. She gained popularity thanks to the first in the history of the title holder Mr. Olympia Larry Scott, who was able to pump unsurpassed biceps. The movement helps to stretch the long head for greater bulk and work out the short head to create the maximum width of the biceps.

8 exercises for hands that are worth trying out

Now the most interesting! Lean forward and rest your triceps in the vertical pillow of Scott's bench; hands completely straightened, which creates an excellent stretch. Now lift the working weight to the height of the shoulders due to the tension of the biceps and repeat the movement. Simple, but because no less effective!

In addition to the titanic biceps and triceps, no other muscular group is paraded with the same regularity as the forearms. Consisting of a variety of separate muscles, the forearms are notoriously infamous for training. Considering their involvement in almost all exercises, we need to load them with a high working weight and maximum training volume for accentuated work. The following exercises will help you in the shortest time to pump powerful and impressive forearms.

Isometric training (static reduction retention for 10 seconds or more) is an effective way of developing muscle endurance and provides fantastic muscle burning. Subjecting the forearm to such an effect, we can achieve truly outstanding results. Holding the discs with your fingertips is a classic and simple example.

8 exercises for hands that are worth trying out

Grab two identical discs (one mass and size) between the thumb and the rest of the fingers. On straight hands, hold them over the floor for at least 30 seconds, then rotate your hands to 180 degrees. More flat pancakes to keep more difficult, but because it is worth experimenting with discs of different thicknesses.

8. Lifting the dumbbell with one brush behind the back

Most of the muscle mass of the forearms is in the flexor muscles located on the inner surface. But instead of training them with traditional hand flexes with a lower grip, try lifting from behind with the upper grip. This non-standard movement pumps your forearms with greater benefit and gives the best result.

Take the dumbbells with the upper grip and completely straighten your arms behind your back a little wider than your shoulders. Hold the hand still, bend the brush and lift the weight in the direction of the flexors of the forearm; strain the muscles at the top. Slowly lower the weight and repeat the exercise.

Alternate exercises for the further growth of muscle mass

If your goal is hypertrophy, as in the Hulk, the right combination of exercises will be a key factor in stimulating the maximum mass gain. Remember that all movements contribute to muscle growth, but the nature of the training, the range of repetitions, the volume of workload and the working weight will influence the rate of this growth. Try to integrate the above exercises into your hands training or even raise the load by incorporating new movements into an existing program, and very soon you will achieve an increase in volume and shape improvement!

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