8-minute Tabata-training for weight loss: squats and push-ups

Primary goal: fat burning, a set of muscle mass

Level of training: elementary

Number of workouts per week: 3

Necessary equipment: barbell

Audience: men and women

Author: Brad Borland

Burn fat, build muscle and exercise relief with 8-minute high-intensity Tabata training, made up of squats and push-ups!

Can you find an 8 minute for training? Do you want to spend these 8 minutes with maximum benefit?

By now, you probably already know the term Tabata-training. Classical training in Tabata style is performed in 4 minutes, and it is a kind of high-intensity interval training (VIIT) with very specific characteristics.

Dr. Izumi Tabata developed this type of VIIT at a time when he was conducting research at the National Institute of Physical Education and Sports in Tokyo. He divided the participants of the experiment into two groups, which were engaged in different training protocols. The first group performed hourly training with a moderate load intensity of 5 once a week for 6 weeks. The second group performed 4-minute training with a very high intensity 4 times a week for 6 weeks.

The second group used the protocol, which today is known as the Tabata method: behind the 20-second approach, 10-seconds rest with maximum intensity. 8 such rounds of work and rest in the end constitute 4-minute training.

Result? After 6 weeks in the first group, an increase in aerobic endurance (strengthening of the cardiovascular system) was recorded, but there were no changes in the anaerobic component (muscle changes). At the same time, the second group demonstrated a more marked increase in aerobic endurance along with the strengthening of anaerobic systems.

So, how to make Tabata-training work for you? How to get from the outstanding training protocol the maximum dividends in the form of fat burning and simultaneous muscle building?

Below is an example of the Tabata training, composed of squats and push-ups, and designed to burn fat while increasing muscle mass.

Before the start of the training, be sure to warm yourself up on the stationary bike or a treadmill, do a few push-ups and squats with your own weight, and only after that start the VIIT workout. Remember that high-intensity training requires proper exercise – do not forget about the technique for a second!

Alternate 20 seconds squats with an average working weight with 10 seconds of rest. Do 8 rounds, strictly adhere to the schedule and keep within 4 minutes. After the end of the first part, rest 2 minutes and do the same with push-ups.

Classical Tabata-training "Squats and push-ups"

To raise the difficulty level, try alternating sit-ups and push-ups. That is, you do 20-second approach to squats, rest 10 seconds, then press for 20 seconds, rest and go back to squats. Alternate the exercises until you gain 8 rounds (4 minutes). When you have finished the first act, rest 2-3 minutes, then make another circle in 4 minutes and finish the workout.

Questions about training in Tabata style? Ask them in the comments to the article.

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