8 secrets of giant musculature

The widest and biceps do not grow too fast? Perhaps it's time to revise the training program. Listen to the recommendations for working on mass and terrain!

Author: Shannon Clarke

You are not the first month of sweating under the bar, but the results, let's say, slightly disappoint: you do not gain weight and do not get the desired relief. Your chest could be more powerful, your back could be wider. And you could have much more sinewy deltas and pinched biceps. Friends, you need a little push.

Although all the training programs for strength and weight are built on general principles, there are many techniques with which you can get the most out of each workout for hypertrophy. Take on the arsenal of eight clues how to create a relief and volumetric musculature.

For a superset, you'll need a couple of exercises that you have to perform one by one without resting between approaches. It is best to do supersets on antagonistic muscle groups, such as biceps and triceps, or quadriceps and hamstrings. Supertet is a great way to increase muscle volume because it stimulates the secretion of testosterone, a key anabolic hormone.

In addition, supersets stimulate hypertrophy by increasing the intensity of the training. Your muscles have to adapt to additional approaches, and to reduce rest. And since the muscles already work at the limit, they have to adapt, and this adaptation often consists in increasing the volume.

You can include in the superset and basic exercises, that's just they are not always suitable for creating a relief musculature. Basic exercises are good for working on strength and weight, but if you are trying to create a bodybuilder body, pay attention to the insulating movements.

2. Add high repetitive isolation exercises

Completion of training with high repetitive isolation exercises (for example, lifting on the biceps, extension to the triceps, dilution of hands to the sides or bending of the legs in the simulator) is an excellent way to dramatically increase muscle blood flow. Pumping will make you more visually during the training, and at the same time help to deliver key anabolic nutrients to the muscles.

And further. The implementation of high repetition approaches promotes complete depletion of glycogen stores during the training session, and your body will try to compensate for this by increasing the amount of glycogen stored in muscle tissue. This in turn will help you with the next workout to work with greater intensity. Ultimately, your muscles will accumulate more glycogen, and this will increase their volume.

In recent years, preparations for pre-training meals have changed dramatically. Leading manufacturers try to create their best drugs on the principle of "all-inclusive", and these powerful cocktails help athletes achieve maximum muscle growth. It is also true that the lion's share of drugs of this category relies on the action of stimulants, from which they catch their breath. But if it helps you focus and train harder, then forward – stimulants of cognitive functions can give you a tremendous advantage during training sessions.

Built only on proven ingredients of superior quality!

And that you are guaranteed to reach the checkered flag, most of the pre-training complexes include ingredients that directly affect the muscles and push back the fatigue threshold. Typically, this includes creatine, which supplies the phosphate groups necessary to fuel the anaerobic work, as well as direct volumizers of muscle tissue, which immediately make you larger.

There is also taurine, which is involved in the regulation of the contractile function of muscle tissue and directly affects the strength and volume of the training load. Among not less useful ingredients worth mentioning are beta-alanine, BCAA and tyrosine.

All that forces your body to do more work in less time spurts muscle growth. The organism has to adapt to the performance of an additional amount of work per unit of time. And, as in the case of supersets, as the rest decreases, more and more nutrient-enriched blood enters your working muscles.

Reducing pauses during exercise increases vascularization and sharply raises the intensity of metabolic processes. With an increase in the speed of anabolism, huge amounts of calories and fats will be burned even after a training session. And the secret of the relief physique lies just in reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat.

Between sets, rest 30-60 seconds. If it's too hard, take more time for functional training.

When you reach a failure in the standard approach, your muscle fibers are too depleted to move the weights in space. However, this does not mean that they are not capable of anything at all. Using the techniques of high-intensity training (rapid reduction of working weight) to extend the approach, you will be able to work even with heavily reeled muscle fibers.

To perform a drop-set, do one approach with the usual working weight. Immediately after completing the approach, reduce the weight by 2,5-5 kg and perform another set. Having finished the second approach, lose weight again and follow the third, final approach.

Drop-sets are great for the final stage of training. Do it right, and you will have to scrape yourself off the training bench.

Strictly speaking, work on endurance and work on force / hypertrophy are at different poles of the planet of bodybuilding. The counted units can work in both directions, and therefore do not require too much from the body, namely, that it adapts to diametrically opposed stimuli. If you do not believe me, look at the marathon runners, and then compare them with colleagues from the sprinters shop.

Intensive cardio sessions, for example, VIIT, are good for maintaining muscle mass, and if you want to integrate cardio into your training program, interval training will be an ideal choice. This kind of physical activity will lay the foundation for the growth of metabolism and at the same time will not steal from you muscle mass.

And do not worry, the available data indicate that intensive work on short distances (400 meters) gives a result worthy of many kilometers of jogging. Avoid monotonous cardio loads – they will not help you gain weight.

7. Increase the time under load

When it comes to hypertrophy, the load volume becomes one of the decisive factors. By increasing the duration of the approaches as much as possible, you force the body to continuously burn fuel and call for new muscle fibers to help the already depleted. Involving more motor units in the approach, you develop your muscles.

Moreover, increasing the period under load temporarily increases the hydration of muscle cells, due to which you will look pumped up.

To raise time under load, use drop-sets, shorten rest, try fire sets, increase the number of approaches and repetitions, perform movements at a slow pace.

In the gym work for wear, but do not slow down your progress by overtraining, malnutrition and lack of rest. If you find it harder to maintain strength, energy and load intensity on each subsequent workout, you probably need to stay longer between training sessions.

It is foolish to count on muscle growth if the muscles do not get enough time to rest. To restore and grow, the muscles need time. Build your body with a rich diet and quality, full sleep. And without a good rest you will find yourself at the broken trough.


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