9 best exercises that you have not done yet

These exercises to build muscle for a long time were not part of your training program or you do not even know about them. It's time to meet them.

Author: Joe Wubben

It happens that the best exercises are those that you do not do. But why are such good exercises not part of your program? There are two possible reasons:

1) you do not know about their effectiveness,

2) they are so difficult that it's easier for you to avoid them and do something easier.

Exercises, which we will talk about further, are mandatory for all who are worried about their physical condition. You heard about some of them, and others are so unique that we can argue – they never came to your mind. In any case, it's time to add these exercises to your repertoire.

Squats with a barbell on the chest

"These sit-ups really helped me develop quadriceps, especially when I was preparing for the Ironman competition," says Phil Heath. "Most people do not sit up with a barbell on their chest, because they are uncomfortable, and there are easier alternatives, but this exercise is really better than the other loads the quadriceps, it must be done necessarily."

Press of dumbbells lying with pressing

"By tightening the dumbbells to each other as the movement slows down, the tension in the chest, shoulders, triceps and upper back increases," says Jim Smith, a certified athlete training specialist. "The more time the muscles are in a strained state, the faster they will grow, and more growth hormone will be produced."

Sit on the edge of the bench and take dumbbells. Lie down and hold dumbbells above your chest on outstretched hands, palms facing each other, dumbbells should touch. Lowering dumbbells to the chest, press them to each other as much as possible. After you lowered the dumbbells to the chest, lift them back, still pressing them against each other. Repetition should be slow.

Pulling up with a curved back

"This exercise involves groups of muscles that participate in vertical and horizontal traction – most of the same thrust exercises are aimed only at one group," says Martin Rooney (author of Warrior Cardio, a revolutionary workout system that accelerates metabolism, fat burning, muscle building and slender body). "It maximally involves the muscles of the cortex and the abdominal press. So pull-ups with a curved back involve more muscles than any other complex exercise. "

Vertical rod rod to chest standing with wide grip

"Vertical traction with a wide grip, when properly executed, works well to build a deltoid muscle," says Justin Grinnell, a certified athlete training specialist. "The wider the grasp, the more effective the exercise," he says, "with a broad grip, the load on the deltoid muscles is greater than with the narrow one." But, if you have damage to the shoulder joints, this exercise should be done with caution.

Stand up, hold the bar in front of the hips on arms outstretched, arms wider than shoulders. Slightly bend your knees, lift the bar, bending your elbows until it reaches your chest. Raising the bar, do not lift your shoulders, they should remain relaxed to work deltoid muscles. Hold the bar for a second at the chest level, then lower it.

Squats with a bar above the head

"Squatting with a barbell above the head is an exercise that should not be avoided", – Brian Stramp (owner of CrossFit Steele Creek and Premier Health & Rehab Solutions). "The exercise involves the total strength, flexibility, torso and shoulder casing. Due to the fact that many muscle groups work during this exercise, it increases the production of hormones necessary for muscle building and fat burning. "

Take a relatively light bar in the power frame with a wide grip from above, feet shoulder width apart, the back straightened, chest forward.

Lift the neck above your head, fully stretching your arms, the blades are folded. The bar should be slightly behind, not directly above your head and not in front.

While maintaining the position of the bar, slowly sit down, as if on a chair, chest forward, until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Bend your legs, return to the starting position.

Horizontal pull-up ladder

In addition to good pumping, horizontal pulling has a number of other advantages. "Horizontal pull-ups help increase the mass," says Jim Stoppani, Ph.D. (chief scientific editor and presenter of Muscle & Fitness Raw). "Firstly, they give a greater amount of muscle, compared to the usual biceps lifts (with only your body weight being used). Secondly, you concentrate on the negative phase of the movement in each repetition, which further stimulates growth. And finally, the horizontal pull-ups are based on the principle of drop-sets – the total number of repetitions increases, which ensures the maximum flow of blood to the biceps. One "ladder" and your biceps will be buzzing. "

Place the bar in the power frame or simulator Smith at about the height of the arms outstretched from the floor. The neck in this case will serve as a crossbar. Grasp the neck, the grip of a supine, the arms on the width of the shoulders, hang on your hands over the floor, the body should be straight from head to toe. From the starting position on the outstretched arms, raise, bending your arms, as high as possible, to touch the neck of the neck. Do as many repetitions as possible, then lift the bar one division up and repeat. Continue lifting the bar until you can repeat.

French bench press

"The long head of the triceps often remains untrained," says the certified athlete training specialist Ray Wetterland III (USA weightlifting coach and personal celebrity trainer in La Jolla), "mainly due to the heavy weight required for her training and head movements, which are not usually included in the training program. Therefore, the French press on the triceps in the sitting position is my on-duty exercise for training the long head of the triceps. "

Turns with the ball

"Both in life and in sports, we make movements in the axial plane, for example, fastening a seat belt or swinging a bat," says celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, a certified athlete training specialist (coach of celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis , Tom Brady). "Therefore, such exercises should be included in training in the gym. As they say in advertising: "keep making twists", but add turns from side to side to strengthen the effect. "

Sit on the floor and take the gym ball with both hands, hold the ball in front of you, elbows slightly bent. Start from the position with knees bent at 90 degrees and feet on the floor (those who are long engaged can lift their feet from the floor). Transfer the weight from one side to the other, constantly rotating from side to side, watching the eyes of the ball and letting the shoulders rotate. Try to ensure that your legs do not swing sideways during the exercise. This exercise is useful not only for coordination of movements, but also as additional work for strengthening the muscles.

"Good morning is really an effective exercise that most people usually do not do," says Guillermo Escalante, a certified athlete training specialist (bodybuilder and co-owner of the SportsPros Personal Training / Physical Therapy Center in Claremont, California). "These exercises are aimed at the largest muscles of the hip (buttocks, hamstrings and the paravertebral muscles), so they increase the overall strength needed when lifting the weight, they also reduce the risk of damage to the lower back."

Place your feet shoulder width apart, take a relatively light bar, hold it above the trapezius muscles. The back should be flat, the knees slightly bent, slowly straighten the legs with the movement of the hips back, tilting the torso over the floor. When the torso becomes parallel to the floor, move in the opposite direction to the starting position.

What if I do all nine exercises at once? Try this set of exercises for the upper / lower body – the result will say for yourself.

Exercise Good morning, done without a special strap for the back? Or with a belt? Thank you

"Good morning" with a lot of weight is not done, so the belt is not required. It is performed at the end of the training of the back or legs. Before tilting with the bar, it is better to perform all types of traction.

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