9 products that are not worth eating and drinking after 9 evenings


Your dreams should be sweet, unlike your evening meal. Find out which foods and beverages are best avoided before going to bed, and how to replace them.

Author: Shannon Clarke

Regardless of whether you are trying to gain kilograms of lean muscle mass or strive for maximum fat burning with a deep relief drawing, after nine o'clock in the evening from certain foods and drinks it is better to stay away. Remember, you need to tune in for an eight-hour hunger period, also known as sleep. Therefore, if in the evenings you allow gross blunders in the diet, your body will not have a chance to compensate by burning additional calories.

Repeat these errors on a regular basis, and as long as you will see dreams about the adorable figure, the invisible changes in metabolic processes and the endocrine system will more resemble a nightmare. Moreover, the unsuccessful choice of products for an evening snack not only worsens the appearance, but also poses a potential threat to your health.

The good news is that in the late evening you can still afford a small snack, but on condition that you choose products that promote the development of muscle tissue and fat burning. In the article, we will not only tell you about products that should be avoided, but also offer an alternative useful to the figure.

9 products that are not worth eating and drinking after 9 evenings

Milk is considered a relatively useful source of protein and calcium. The problem of a glass of milk before going to sleep in lactose, which many people will be prevented from falling asleep due to a digestive disorder caused by it.

If you are lactose intolerant, milk is definitely on the list of foods that you should avoid.

In addition, lactose refers to carbohydrates, the excess of which in the evening menu you do not need. If you belong to the third of the adult population of the planet who has decreased glucose tolerance, the subsequent sharp decrease in blood sugar can wake you up in the middle of the night, as the brain, faced with a deficit of energy, will exclaim "I'm hungry!"

Than replaced. Make a lactose-free protein shake. He will still have a delicate creamy taste, which you most certainly like, but the protein content will be much higher than in milk. So you can grow muscles during a sound sleep.

9 products that are not worth eating and drinking after 9 evenings

The next item on the black list of products for a late dinner is pasta. If you are at the stage of massaging, a small portion of carbohydrates does not hurt, but before going to sleep you can make much more correct choices than a paste provoking a sharp increase in the secretion of insulin.

Calories of pasta are likely to settle on the waist and abdomen. Pasta is one of the most dense sources of carbohydrates from the energy point of view; you can easily get 400 calories and even more for one evening snack. In the daytime, the effect of a serving of pasta will not be so devastating, especially if you eat it before or immediately after training, when the body is in dire need of getting a lot of carbohydrates.

During these periods, your body is able to use carbohydrates as intended – as a source of energy for physical activity and for replenishing energy reserves in muscle cells. In this situation, pasta contributes to the achievement of long-term goals.

Than replaced. If you crave pasta in the evenings, try spaghetti squash instead. According to taste and texture, this dish is very similar to paste, that's only a lot of carbohydrates in it.

9 products that are not worth eating and drinking after 9 evenings

In chocolate, not just more sugar and fat than in any other delicacy for an evening snack. It also contains caffeine. If you are sensitive to this stimulant, chocolate can steal from you the precious hours of sleep that your body needs so much to recover as much as possible after heavy training sessions.

As a consequence, you will not see improvements in body composition that would otherwise be obvious. People who suffer from insomnia or constantly face a lack of sleep are much more likely to increase the level of cortisol, a catabolic hormone that increases the destruction of muscle tissue.

Than replaced. Whip up a chocolate brownie without chocolate, but with a high protein content. Just mix one scoop of protein powder with a chocolate flavor with one egg white in the blender and then put this mixture in the microwave for about 90 seconds. You will get a protein-rich dessert without caffeine, which will satisfy even the most irresistible craving for sweets.

9 products that are not worth eating and drinking after 9 evenings

Sometimes you dream of a fragrant pizza? You are not alone. Pizza is considered one of the most desirable products for everyone who follows a diet or strives to develop a quality dry mass.

But, if you are going to afford a small citmile and enjoy one or two slices of pizza, do it by day, no later than nine in the evening. In pizza too many calories to be eaten before going to bed. Worse yet, it contains a deadly amount of carbohydrates and saturated fats that will fill the stomach and make you toss and turn in bed, not allowing you to plunge into a serene sleep.

The carbohydrates you get with pizza will raise the level of insulin, which in combination with an excess of fatty calories drifting through the bloodstream will give you the ideal recipe for fat set.

Than replaced. Eat two hard-boiled eggs. So you will feed your body with a muscle-building protein without a mite in the form of a ton of extra and completely useless calories.

9 products that are not worth eating and drinking after 9 evenings

Do you think an impressive portion of chili concarne before bedtime is a great way to crown the daily ration with a generous source of protein and slow carbohydrates?

Think again. Chile con carne can be useful, provided that it is made from the right ingredients, but more often than not it is not. After nine in the evening, the situation is aggravated by the fact that chili – by default, an acute dish, which can lead to increased heart rate and difficulty falling asleep.

This is especially true if the recipe includes a hot chili, which in the evenings is best avoided altogether. Chili can accelerate metabolism. In the daytime it's good, but before going to bed can play a cruel joke with you – you'll lie in bed dreaming about how to fall asleep.

Than replaced. If you want to warm and cozy home food before going to bed, try a small portion of vegetable soup with the addition of shrimp. Shrimp will provide you with a protein that your body needs just before the night's starvation, and vegetable soup will become a hearty, low-calorie alternative, which will not lead to the deposition of fats.

9 products that are not worth eating and drinking after 9 evenings

Many people have a habit of including a large amount of protein in the evening meal. The logic is clear: you know that for the next eight hours the body will need amino acids to restore and grow muscle tissue, and you want to provide it with these amino acids.

You also know that protein has little effect on blood sugar, which makes it a suitable choice for a late dinner.

Although both statements are absolutely true, if you take it all too close to heart and eat from 250 to 350 grams of chicken for one sitting, I advise you to think carefully over your nutrition plan.

Before going to sleep, you really need to load the muscles with protein, because without it you can not protect them from catabolism and accelerate recovery, but large portions in the evening make the body work hard to digest food, which can lead to problems with sleep.

Digestion and assimilation of protein requires a significant expenditure of energy, so if you want to enjoy a quiet sleep, in the evening hours limit the portion from 20 to 50 grams, depending on the individual protein requirements.

Than replaced. To improve the results, get these 20-50 grams of turkey meat. The turkey contains an amino acid tryptophan, which helps to fall asleep.

9 products that are not worth eating and drinking after 9 evenings

If you really wanted ginger beef, and you decided to go to the nearest Chinese restaurant for the night, there is not the most pleasant night ahead.

This is another option for an unsuccessful choice for dinner after nine in the evening. The dishes of Chinese cuisine contain glutamate sodium, which has a stimulating effect, similar to the effect of caffeine. After such a dinner it will be very difficult to fall asleep.

What is even sadder, in the dish you ordered, there will certainly be too many carbohydrates and fats, and this runs counter to the rules of a healthy diet. In short, cookies with predictions could write something like "Your belly will soon be bigger".

Than replaced. If you are intolerably hungry for Chinese food, order a small portion of anything, but ask to bring it without sauce to avoid glutamate sodium. At the same time ask for a side dish of steamed vegetables instead of rice, so as not to unwind the carbohydrate counter.

Your body will thank you for it.

9 products that are not worth eating and drinking after 9 evenings

If you are on a strict diet for weight loss, vegetables are likely to form the basis of your current diet. Here is just one particular vegetable, namely celery, just not worth eating before going to bed.

Celery has the properties of a diuretic, which means that after it you will often urinate. Eat celery late in the evening, and numerous night jogging to the toilet you are provided.

Because deep sleep contributes to the secretion of the cascade of anabolic hormones necessary for muscle recovery and growth, frequent awakenings will negatively affect your results. Although, of course, in general, these green stems can help you look like a skeleton.

Than replaced. Broccoli and cauliflower are very rich in useful substances of vegetable origin. In addition, cabbage has few carbohydrates, which makes it an ideal choice for a late dinner. With skillful preparation, they can be as crunchy as celery. If you terribly want to chew something, these vegetables will help satisfy this desire.

Finally, the last in the black list of evening delicacies appear fruit juices: orange, grapefruit, cranberry – and other fruit juices too. They all have a high acidity and can cause heartburn in people predisposed to this scourge. Definitely, it is better to avoid such things before bedtime!

Although today this fact is already known to everyone, fruit juices contain a lot of simple sugars. Fiber, which could smooth out the peak secretion of insulin, in them little or no. Consequently, fruit juices can lead to nightmarish peaks and drops in blood sugar levels throughout the night.

Than replaced. Try fresh berries mixed with a cup of cottage cheese. The berries have a low glycemic index, while they are sweet enough to quench cravings for sweets.

9 products that are not worth eating and drinking after 9 evenings

Cottage cheese will become the source of slowly digesting amino acids, which will nourish your muscles throughout the night recovery period.

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