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Often, excess weight appears due to a malfunction of metabolic processes in the body. A slow metabolism can be triggered by a sedentary lifestyle, the abuse of alcoholic beverages and harmful food (fast food, sweets). In order to lose weight, first of all, you should accelerate metabolism, cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and toxins. The 90 day diet helps to normalize the metabolism, which helps to lose weight. It lasts 90 days for good reason. Over such a long period of time, the body is gradually reconstructed, the process of losing weight passes without harm to health.

The 90-day diet of separate nutrition

Nutritionists and doctors agreed and proved that products belonging to different categories require different time for digestion and assimilation by their body, and therefore they do not fit well together and they should be used separately. The 90 day diet was very popular. Among her admirers are many politicians, movie stars and musicians, who by their own example proved that eating separately can effectively lose weight.

The essence of such food is mono days. That is, every day you should eat only the foods shown. The days alternate between themselves: protein, starch, carbohydrate, vitamin, and then again. There are no restrictions in dishes, you can eat any food to your taste from the allowed products. To adhere to such a diet is recommended 90 days, with the aim of getting the organism adapted to a certain food culture.

Fundamental rules of 90 days diet

90 day diet

The rules of the 90 day diet are that you should use any products on the menu, but only from the list of allowed. During the 3 months, there is a cyclicity, consisting of alternation: protein, starch, carbohydrate, vitamin days. Once in 29 days, it is necessary to arrange a day of unloading, which involves the use of exceptionally purified water. The unloading day is carried out after the vitamin menu, and after it, it is necessary to saturate the body with proteins – the protein menu. When the food is separated, it is allowed to eat after every 4 hours while observing the protein, starch, carbohydrate menu, and every 2 hours during the vitamin ration.

It is necessary to comply with drinking regimen in the diet. Every day you should consume at least 2 liters of purified water. In addition, the use of tea, broth, but without sugar and cream is allowed. Fruit juice is considered a food intake, and therefore it can be drunk as a snack during a fruit menu. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

An important rule of a 90 days diet  Рbreakfast should be no later than 12: 00, and dinner before 20: 00.

The 90 Day diet – List of foods

Foods on a protein day:

  • any meat
  • any fish, seafood
  • eggs
  • cheese, cottage cheese, any dairy products without additives (you can not mix different kinds of protein foods and eat, say, meat with cheese)
  • mandatory 300 ml of meat broth for lunch (after solid food)
  • all vegetables except starchy
  • no more than one piece of whole grain bread (only for lunch!).

Mixing any kind of protein food is impossible!

Foods on a starchy day:

  • any legumes (including lentils and soybeans)
  • any grains
  • any vegetables, including starchy and potatoes
  • one piece of whole grain bread and 300 ml of vegetable broth for lunch.

Vegetables can be eaten raw, stewed and boiled.

Foods in carbohydrate day:

  • flour products: pasta, bread, crackers, vegetable pizza
  • buckwheat and barley cereals, millet
  • any vegetables and tomato sauce
  • for dinner required: 1 strip of dark chocolate (20 g), you can 1 cake, 3 balls of ice cream or 3 small biscuits.

Be sure to take bitter chocolate for lunch or dinner (a few slices).

Permitted foods on a vitamin day:

  • any fruit
  • any dried fruits (not candied)
  • fresh vegetables
  • fruit and vegetable juices
  • seeds and nuts (no more than 25 gr).

As for snacks, nuts and seeds are allowed (100 gr).

Recommendations of nutritionists

Nutritionists recommend that if you follow a 90 day diet, eat at least three times a day at regular intervals. Depending on how long it takes for the body to digest a particular food, intervals are determined. For example, on a vitamin day should be eaten every two hours, and in protein, carbohydrate or starch four.

The smallest portion of the daily ration is taken for breakfast, usually fruit and berries. Dinner with a separate diet is the main meal. For dinner, you need to eat half the lunch portion, however, without bread and broth. Snacks can only be allowed on certain day products (for example, on a protein day – kefir, in vitamin – fruit, in carbohydrate – dry biscuits, and in starchy – vegetables or bread).

The menu of a 90 day diet allows using in food all resolved products in any quantities. A variety of cooking options will allow you to maximize the variety of 90 days. It is important not to starve, not to overeat. To achieve the maximum effect of weight loss, it is recommended to combine a diet of a separate diet with physical activities: exercise, gymnastics, hiking, swimming, running.

The 90 day diet is contraindicated in people with digestive and excretory diseases, during pregnancy and lactation.

90 day diet menu

Consider options for the menu, which assumes a diet of separate meals 90 days. It should start with a protein day, which alternates with starch, carbohydrate, and vitamin.

A 90 day diet Menu:


  • An Apple. Banana;
  • Bouillon. Boiled chicken fillet. Coarse bread;
  • Hard-boiled an egg;
  • Baked fish. Cheese.


  • Grapefruit. Kiwi;
  • Green lean borsch. A bran bread. Cabbage salad;
  • Squash caviar;
  • Plinth pilaf. Vegetable Stew.

Afternoon snack

  • Berries: blueberries, raspberries;
  • Spaghetti with tomato paste;
  • Cracker;
  • Cake. Bitter chocolate.


  • Pear. Orange;
  • Fruit salad with nuts;
  • Berry fruit drink;
  • Baked in the oven apples.

While dieting 90 days it is important not to try to reduce the daily caloric content less than 1000-1200 kcal. According to the rules of separate nutrition should reduce the consumption of fats to a minimum. The acceptable daily rate of consumption of vegetable oil 30 gr.

Correct exit from diet

90 day diet results

For 90 days the human body gets used to the principles of separate nutrition, the regime of meals, the observance of the compatibility of products. And yet, the way out of the diet should be gradual, so as not only to not return the excess weight but also to prevent the development of gastritis and colitis. Ideally, the exit from the diet of separate food should be at least one month. You should continue to eat fruits and berries for breakfast, reduce the portion of dinner, which by volume should be equal to half the dinner.

For 3 of the month, the body is accustomed to using on the menu only certain products. With the right way out, you should stick to the same diet, but not by the days, but by eating. For example, for lunch, you can only use protein foods, and for dinner, starch. Periodically it is necessary to arrange unloading days (on water or only protein, starch, carbohydrate, vitamin).

Regular exercise during the exit from the 90-day diet of separate nutrition will help to be toned, to increase the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, to avoid streaks and stretch marks. Improved metabolism will have a beneficial effect not only on losing weight and maintaining the result achieved but also on the condition of the hair, nails, the work of all internal organs as a whole.

90 day diet results

The results of diets are simply amazing. Some people managed to lose weight in 90 days by 18-25 kilograms. At the same time, there is an improved metabolism, thanks to the alternate menu. With the proper exit from the diet, as well as with regular physical exertion, the weight stabilizes and does not return back.


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