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A set of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back, spine and neck

In today’s world, many people, regardless of age, have all kinds of complaints related to the back area. Some of them have direct problems, and the rest need regular strengthening prevention. A set of exercises that help relieve lower back pain, strengthen the back and spine, discussed below in this article will suit every person.

Anatomical features of the musculature of the back

Muscles of the back are arranged in several layers, and therefore are subdivided into superficial and deep. The most interesting for us in the framework of our article are the muscles that form the relief of the back. Consider the general description of these muscles, and then the exercises to strengthen them.

Trapezius muscle: a broad and flat muscle, located in the back of the neck, and even in the upper region of the back. The main function is to raise and lower the scapula to the vertebral column, using the action of the upper and lower tufts.

The widest back muscles: occupying the entire lower back area, and its upper part touching the lower end of the trapezius muscle. The main function is expressed in the fact that the muscle brings the shoulder to the trunk, and then draws the upper limb back to the median line, while rotating it inside.

The rhomboid muscles: lie directly under the trapezium, and are plates in the form of a rhombus. Located between the two lower cervical and four upper thoracic vertebrae, and also attached to the medial edge of the scapula. During the contraction, they pull up the scapula to the spine, fixing the medial edge of the scapula directly to the sternum.

The rectifying spine is the longest and most powerful muscle. It is located along the lumbar spine along, and is divided into three fragments: the vertebral-rib, the longest, and the so-called awned. Accordingly, with a bilateral reduction of this muscle, the spinal column is unbent, with one-sided it tilts to the side. An important role this muscle plays in maintaining the balance and the formation of a healthy posture.

Exercises for the back, general rules

Even though the exercises below to strengthen the back muscles do not always imply the use of weights, nevertheless, it is recommended that a number of general rules be followed. Especially these rules are important for those who already have obvious problems with the back, but embarking on studies.

Consider the general recommendations and rules for people dealing with the issue of strengthening the back:

  • Watch for sensations, and if any exercise for the muscles of the back is accompanied by painful sensations, then it should be abandoned;
  • Experiencing a certain discomfort, during exercise, the amplitude of movements should be reduced;
  • All movements must be carried out smoothly, slowly, carefully;
  • The complex of exercises is recommended to be performed regularly, without omissions;
  • It is strictly forbidden to exercise with back pain, and also, if the existing diseases worsen;
  • Anesthetics should not be taken before exercise;
  • Before performing any exercise or their complex, it is necessary to perform a series of muscle warming manipulations, which will be given below;

Before performing the exercises, you must first let the muscles and the body warm up, which will improve blood circulation, make the muscles more elastic and flexible. This will avoid the discomfort of pain, and even injury during training.

Here are some warm-up events:

  • We stand, spreading our legs across the width of our shoulders, and breathing deeply several times;
  • Five times you need to raise and lower the shoulders, and then shoulders several slow rotational elements;
  • Now we make circular motions;
  • After that, swings are performed by hands, with increasing amplitude;
  • Follows the circular movements of the pelvis;
  • Straightening your legs, you need to bend over to your knees, and reach for your feet, and then straighten up and make a deflection back;
  • After that, we walk in one place, while doing swings with our hands and raising our knees high;
  • In the end, you need to breathe deeply a few more times.

Exercises for the latissimus muscle of the back

Consider the following exercises for the muscle in question:

Pulling on the bar to the chest with a wide grip

  1. To begin with, you need to grab the crossbar so that there is an interval of about 80 cm between your palms, and you should also tighten your lower back and flex your back slightly.
  2. Bending your arms, pull yourself up until your chin appears over the crossbar.
  3. In this position, you should stay for a second, feeling, how the latissimus muscles contract and the shoulder blades converge.
  4. Then smooth descent to the original position.
  1. Taking in the hands of dumbbells, slightly bend our knees and lean forward, the back while not slouching.
  2. Getting dumbbell exercise should be smoothly raised closer to the waist, with the back muscles begin to shrink noticeably.
  3. Hold in the extreme position for a second, you should smoothly descend to the initial position.
  1. Before carrying out this exercise, you need to wear a weightlifting belt, and the bar should be placed in front of you on the floor.
  2. Leaning and holding your back straight, slightly bending your knees, take the barbell upper grip slightly wider shoulder level.
  3. Then smoothly pull the bar to the abdomen.
  4. At the same time, the shoulder blades converge, and it is felt how the trapezius and the widest muscles contract.
  5. The torso should remain stationary, and the elbows close to the trunk.
  6. Hold the bar in a tightened position for literally a second, then smoothly lower it back to the floor.
  7. During the exercise, the back should not be rounded, otherwise it will result in injury.

Exercises for the rhomboid muscle of the back

Consider the following exercises for the rhomboid muscle of the back:

  1. The bar is on the floor, we come close to it, we set our feet in the width of the shoulders and parallel to each other.
  2. We sit down and take a straight grip slightly wider than the shoulders of the bar.
  3. The arms should be vertical and the shoulders should be placed directly above the neck.
  4. Deeply breathing, on exhalation we begin to pull the bar.
  5. When the bar passes the knees, it is necessary to straighten completely and to maximally reduce the blades.
  6. Then we carry out the movement downwards, with simultaneous removal of the pelvis back.
  7. At the same time, the waist flexes, and the scapulae are retained.
  8. Having passed the level of the knees, it is necessary to sit down and pancakes to touch the floor.
  1. Sit down on the simulator, the hips are located tightly under the rollers, and the feet are pressed to the floor.
  2. Next, we take hold of the handle with a wide, straight grip.
  3. Holding your back flat, on exhalation, we lower the handle downwards behind the head, while maximally bringing together the shoulder blades.
  4. On inspiration, the handle slowly rises to its original position.

Pulling by an average direct grip

  1. We take the crossbar of the horizontal bar with a straight, straight grip, while the palms are at shoulder width.
  2. We hang, slightly bending our back and crossing our legs.
  3. We start lifting upwards, bending our arms, taking off our shoulder blades, and reaching out, trying to touch the crossbar on the top of the chest.
  4. At the lowest extreme point, to effectively work out the dorsal muscles, we straighten the arms completely.

Regardless of whether your studies are conducted in the hall or at home, you need to remember some rules. Some of them have already been mentioned above, but we will give some more recommendations.

If there are already serious ailments associated with the back, or the spine, you should first consult with your doctor and coordinate with him your set of exercises. You can perform the complex 2-3 once a week based on your own abilities, and you can also distribute the whole complex of exercises for several training sessions for greater variety and better working out of individual muscular zones.

Exercises to strengthen the back muscles in home training

Consider the following reinforcing set of exercises that you can perform at home:

  1. In the initial position, you need to lie on your back to bend your legs.
  2. We press the feet to the floor, and hands are located along the trunk.
  3. Starting the exercise, we strain the gluteus muscles, tearing the pelvis and hips up from the floor.
  4. A few seconds in the upper position, you can go back to the floor.
  1. We lay down on the right side, straightening the body, and create a support, leaning elbows on the floor.
  2. Next, we begin to tear off the hips from the floor straining the abdominal muscles.
  3. As a result, the body should bend into one straight line.
  4. Approximately thirty seconds must be in this position.
  5. Then we return to the original state, turn over and on the second side repeat the movements.

  1. The starting position – the legs are located at the shoulder width level, and the hands are held on the waist.
  2. Next, make a fairly wide step forward with the right foot.
  3. Keep the leg bent at right angles, and keep the hips parallel to the floor.
  4. Then we return and, alternating legs, we carry out the exercise the necessary number of repetitions.
  1. Laying on the back, one leg bends in the knee, and the second we put under it.
  2. To perform the exercise and stretch the back muscles, you need to pull the legs to the chest and back.
  1. Lying on his stomach and holding his hands directly along the trunk, we raise and cross the straight legs.
  2. This exercise is carried out a dozen times, in two or three ways.

Complex of exercises for the gym

Consider the exercises performed in the gym:

Thrust dumbbells standing in a tilt with one hand

  1. Neutral grip, take the dumbbell with your right hand, stand on the side of the bench, put your feet together.
  2. We rest our free hand in the bench, the torso is straight and parallel to the floor, and the back is slightly bent in the lower back.
  3. The right arm is straightened, the shoulder is slightly down.
  4. Taking a breath and holding your breath, we strain the back muscles and the rear deltas, and then strictly raise the dumbbell until it stops.
  5. At the upper point, hold the dumbbell for a few seconds, and, exhaling, gently lower it down.
  6. The exercise is performed by using each hand alternately.
  1. We take the arms of the simulator and, keeping our hands even, pull them to ourselves.
  2. At the same time, the back should be in an upright position, the bend in the area of ​​the shoulder blades should be preserved.
  3. Further, having inhaled and having held breath, simultaneously we begin draft.
  4. Elbows should be moved as far as possible, and shoulders should be pulled back as much as possible.
  5. Now we exhale and return the handle to its original position.
  1. We take the neck, the grip is slightly wider than the shoulders.
  2. In the initial position, the bar is at the bottom, held on arms outstretched.
  3. Keeping the trunk motionless, without inclinations and deviations, bending arms, we pull the bar upwards trying to reach the level of the chin.
  4. At the upper point, you should stay for a second, and then smoothly lower the bar down.
  1. We get straight, we take dumbbells in both hands, holding them on our lowered hands, and turn our hands to the body.
  2. In the initial position, the back remains flat, the shoulders are unfolded, the knees are slightly bent, and the pods are raised upwards.
  3. Then we begin to lift the shoulders, as high as possible, and at the extreme upper point we make a short pause.
  4. After that, gently lower your hands with dumbbells in the starting position.

Exercises for the back with osteochondrosis

Consider below exercises for the muscles of the back with osteochondrosis:

  1. Lie down face, and hands stretch forward. After exhaling, we lift the legs and arms, about ten centimeters from the level of the floor. Lifting is carried out smoothly and without sharp jerks. In the raised position, hold the limbs of the canopy for about five seconds, then descend.
  2. In a position lying down face, we spread hands in the parties, palms downwards. Then we lift the thoracic region, as well as the limbs. In position, on weight, we stay no more than ten seconds and return back.
  3. Folding on the stomach, hands behind the back we weave into the lock, and then we lift the body to the foot and waist. The lock is from the hands, at the same time, it is necessary to wind it back as much as possible.
  4. Lying on the belly, the legs of the legs are wrapped around our arms and gently pulling them on ourselves.

Exercises for the back in scoliosis

Consider below the exercises for the muscles of the back with scoliosis:

  1. We lay on our backs, and lift our feet over the floor at about an angle of thirty degrees. Next, proceed to perform movements similar to the work of scissors. Movement is carried out, both in the horizontal and in the vertical plane.
  2. We take the starting position – on all fours. Next, sit on the heels and make the palm rest on the floor. Next, with the help of hands, we begin to move the trunk sequentially to the sides. Movements are slow, and in each position should be delayed for a few seconds.
  3. Again standing on all fours, legs and arms are set on the width of the shoulders. Then we begin to slowly bend our back up, and then we bend it down.

The urgency of strengthening the muscles of the back

Complexes of exercises for strengthening the back and spine, discussed above in this article will suit every person. Due to sedentary and inactive work, as well as long sessions of interaction with the computer, many people have extremely negative consequences in the back area.

For treating, strengthening or preventing the back and spine, the above tips, exercises and recommendations will perfectly suit. They should be systematically performed by all who work long hours in a sitting position or overwork their back. You can also use the following video, which clearly shows how to do the exercises:

I must say that the muscles of the back must not only be flexible and elastic, but also strong. To strengthen the back, you can resort to special gymnastics, which will have a beneficial effect on the muscles, as well as the spinal column.

Timely prevention and strengthening of the muscles of the back and spine, will get rid of many diseases or even prevent their occurrence. In addition, with the help of special training you can establish a posture that is relevant for both sexes, not only in terms of health, but also in matters of shaping a beautiful body.

In this article was given information on how to strengthen your back muscles you can ensure her health. General provisions, recommendations and contra-indications were considered. They give advice on conducting a warming-up series of exercises, as well as a set of basic exercises.

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