A simple diet on dried fruits and nuts


Can I lose weight with only nuts and dried fruits? It is possible and even very easy. The diet on nuts and dried fruits has existed for more than 200 years.

Rules of diet on nuts and dried fruits

Usually, such a diet is carried out for 3-5 days. During it, you must follow certain rules.

  1. To pack in small bags a variety of dried fruits and nuts, so that their total calorie content does not exceed 200 kcal. In the calculation, it is taken that the caloric value 100 g of dried fruits (except raisins and dried bananas) is 300 kcal, and the nuts 450 kcal.
  2. Women in the day to eat five of these bags, and men seven.
  3. There are in 1.5-2 hours.
  4. Drink 2.5 l of water and green tea.
  5. The last undershot is not later than 19.00.

If there are problems with digestion, you can brew compote from dried fruits. The diet allows for heat treatment, but you should calculate the caloric value for the dry product and distribute the finished dish for several meals. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the amount of additional drink.

A simple diet on dried fruits and nuts

Pros of the diet

There are several positive aspects of this diet:

  • lack of hunger due to frequent meals and high nutritional value of dried fruits, and nuts;
  • the presence in the diet of virtually all the necessary substances and trace elements for the human body;
  • increased intestinal peristalsis and, as a result, good cleansing of the body from toxins and decomposition products;
  • psychological comfort during the course due to a balanced composition of food;
  • health and rejuvenating effect of the diet on dried fruits.

Reviews of the diet on dried fruits and nuts

In relation to the diet for dried fruits, all the above mentioned pluses are noted in the reviews, as well as its high performance – 3-4 kg for five days.

To the minus, some users consider the monotony of food.

In general, we can say that the diet on dried fruits is a simple and reliable way to get rid of excess fatty deposits.

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