A simple reception that completely changes the bench press with dumbbells


A change in the grip of the dumbbells in the press bench from the palm-forward to the palm-inward leads to consequences that you might not have guessed. Find out more!

Author: Bill Geiger

Dumbbell wrestling is a popular variation on the bench bench press, a worthy alternative to the gold standard, if you need new training incentives. But balancing dumbbells is more difficult than a barbell. This can lead to a reduction in the working weights, but at the same time it makes it possible to use a slightly larger amplitude of motion.

Most weightlifters do a press of dumbbells with a grip, in which the palms look forward, but sometimes there are athletes who use a hammer-style grip (palms inward). The question arises: do they spoil a great exercise or do they know a more effective way of doing it?

The answer depends largely on the position of the elbows. With the traditional grip of the palm-forward elbows during the dumbbell press go away from the trunk, which is very similar to the biomechanics of the bench press. The position of the elbows influences the loading of the middle parts of the pectoral muscles, and at the same time triceps and front deltas.

A simple reception that completely changes the bench press with dumbbells

If you change the grip on the palm-inward, watch the movement of the elbows during the lowering of the projectile. The elbows are forced to sit just under the dumbbells, and therefore they will stay much closer to the body, and this is more like a bench press lying narrow.

This insignificant difference has a tremendous impact on what muscles are involved in the exercise. The neutral grip in the dumbbell press redistributes the load on the triceps. What is even more interesting, he shifts the pectoral emphasis on the internal parts of the breast, which again imitates the bench press by a narrow grip.

In general, even minimal changes in the position of the hands can redirect the motion vector (although not completely, this should also not be forgotten).

Neutral grip dumbbells – an excellent basic exercise for triceps, which on the day of the triceps muscle can be replaced by bench press narrow grip. In addition, this is an exercise for the internal sections of the chest muscles, which can complete the training of the breast for the amazing pumping of the extensor muscles.

If you are doing an exercise on triceps, put it at the beginning of the workout. Try the 3-4 approach over 6-10 repetitions. In the case of the chest, move the dumbbell closer to the end – why are you tired triceps, if there are still so many basic presses ahead?

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